The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Eighty Seven

Leah's POV

Jordan returned home more than two hours later with a tub of my favorite ice cream and a bouquet of white lilies and white roses.

I saw his miss call and realize when he didn't call back that he must be dealing with his family so I didn't bother him.

"Somebody seems to have fucked up real bad," Jade chuckles at the flowers and ice cream.

"Yep and I totally love his apology." I responded with a smirk although there are things we need to discuss, I will leave it up to him.

Giving Jade a disgusted frown, "weren't you suppose, to be asleep until it was time to go for brunch?" Jordan snapped playfully at his sister.

Shrugging, Jade rubs her tummy.

"The worms were hungry." Jade chuckles, laughing out at Jordan's expression. "I had to feed them." She laughed, sashaying her hips as she waltz slowly up the stairs.

I walked into the kitchen to get a vase for the bouquet which I intend to keep in my room.

I heard the refrigerator door opening and closing confirming that Jordan is securing the ice cream.

As I adjust the bouquet, I felt Jordan pressed against my back and his mouth and nose on my neck.

"I'm sorry for fucking up." He whispers.

Leaning back against him, "isn't that why you bought the flowers and ice cream?" I mused, enjoying his wet lips against my neck positive I'm going to his grandparents with hickeys in the morning.

"Thank you." Jordan whispers softly.

Turning around to face him, I wrap my arms around his neck.

"For what?" I twerk my eyebrows playfully at him.

Palming my face, Jordan crashes his lips on mine.

Tightening my arms around him, I allow him to deepen the kiss.

I suddenly felt myself being pushed against the kitchen counter.

If this is how Jordan apologizes then we should fall out everyday.

I couldn't help myself and started giggling at the thought.

Drawing slowly away, Jordan frowns curiously at me.

"Mrs. Sanchez might walk in any second," I explain, "since we haven't had dinner yet."

Looking over my shoulder with an apologetic smile, "I had to eat at grandma." Jordan says and I understand.

"I guess I will be dining alone." I mused since Jade took her dinner upstairs with her.

Nodding upstairs.

"Why not take the flowers up and I'll be up in a bit," Jordan smirks mysteriously.

Confused at the change in his demeanor, "uh okay." Picking up the vase, I pecked him on the cheek with a light chuckle before making my way upstairs.

After securing the vase in our bedroom, I walked in to take a quick peek at Jay who was fast asleep as he should be since I fed him less than half an hour ago.

I was tying my hair in a bun when Jordan walked in with a tray filled with food and drinks.

"I haven't done this in a long time," he laughs at my surprise expression.

Frowning, "when did you ever serve me dinner in bed?" I wonder out aloud.

Twitching his lips, "I never did this before?" Jordan asks and I shook head.

"Nope." I smiled, grabbing his hand to sit and share a light dinner.

Leaning against his chest after we were done eating, "do you miss hanging out with friends and clubbing?" I always wonder but I never asked before. It's Saturday night and it's so much different from the way Jordan lived before me.

Shaking his head, "liming was just something to pass the time but now I have you and Jay and I won't trade you guys for a night out." His answer warms my heart.

"What about the guys?" I asked.

Jordan stopped hanging out with them after what Cole did at our baby shower.

When he didn't answer, I spun around to face him.

"I know sports night was a break from your routine and as much as I want you with me twenty four o' seven, I don't want you neglecting your friends, once it's only guys." I had to add.

Tilting his head with a light shrug, "I guess Vinnie and I should start back the routine in the new year." Jordan muses.

Smiling I nestle back against his chest when he whispered in my ear.

"Let's take a shower before Jay wakes up for another feeding." Jordan says, his tone insinuating so much more.

Jordan didn't mention what occurred at his grandparents yesterday and as he drove us over for brunch, I wonder what today would be like and if the topic would be addressed.

I hated not knowing the truth about my mother and I am sure that telling Jade the truth is the right thing to do, it is also isn't my place to say so, since I already did more than enough.

"Are you awake back there?" Jordan smirks as he makes eye contact with me in the rearview mirror.

"We're awake," I confirmed, smiling down at the baby in my arms, who seems to be enjoying his drive to his great-grandparents home.

Jade who was sitting in the passenger seat turned around to smile at Jay.

"Aww, that Mickey suit looks so beautiful on him." Jade gushes over the outfit she bought Jay on one of her many shopping trips.

Chuckling at her expression, "yes Jade your nephew looks awesome," I laugh at Jordan who hated the outfit and made me promise not to dress his son in any outfits that isn't Marvel or DC characters.

Grandma and grandpa were literally waiting at the door to receive their great-grand, while Jordan's dad greeted us, hugging Jade the longest.

"Isn't Evie here?" Jade looks around the sitting room.

Holding Jade's hand, "today's about us." Mr. Branson responds.

"Is something wrong dad?"

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