The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Eighty Eight

Leah's POV

Julien isn't very subtle in hiding his emotions which is why Jade quickly picked up the nervous vibes he was sending out.

I exchanged a quick glance with Jordan whose eyes averted to his sister.

Grandpa was observing them keenly while I felt guilty for starting all this.

I twisted uncomfortably in my seat, when Julien stood up, still holding Jade's hands.

"Dad can you excuse us while I speak to my children in the study?" Julien asks his father who nods his approval.

Jordan kisses me lightly on the lips.

"Relax," he whispers, having observed my nervousness.

Jade gives me a helpless shrug as she allows her father to lead her to the study.

I covered my face with my hands when they were out of the room.

"I am so sorry." I tell Jordan's grandparents.

Grandma was the first to dispel my fears.

"Shush," she hands Jay over to grandpa and puts an arm around my shoulder. "I know when you went to confront her you didn't expect this and I am glad you didn't hide it from Jordan and like I told them, it's time she knows the truth." Grandma's words are meant to soothe my thoughts but I feel guilty.

"Leah," grandpa sitting with Jay in his arms calls me softly from across the room.

When I lift my eyes to his, he smiles.

"I am sure that you were happy to find out about your mother even though she was no longer with you." Grandpa says and I nod because I was thinking the same thing earlier.

Nodding, "I am just worried about Jade." I admitted.

"She's got her brother and you, so stop worrying and tell me what has my great-grand being doing since I last saw him and tell me about this grand dress of yours." Grandma changes the topic to something lighter and I follow her lead, discussing the upcoming ball and our favorite topic, Jayden!

It was almost an hour when Julien emerged from the study still holding his teary eye daughter, followed by his grim looking son, my husband.

"Are you okay?" I mouth to him when I saw his expression.

Jade intercepted my words and chuckle despite her red eyes that's still brimming with tears.

"Your husband is hungry." She explained Jordan's facial expression.

Grandma stood up, "oh," she walks out of the sitting room as briskly as she could, no doubt to alert the kitchen staff.

Jade moves towards grandpa who was still holding Jay.

Jordan moves in to take Jay from him so that he could hug his granddaughter.

"Grandpa," Jade cries wordlessly as they hug each other.

"You're my baby girl and never ever forget that." Grandpa reminds her.

I wipe the tears I felt at the corner of my eyes.

Jade comes over to me and wraps her arms around my shoulder.

"Thank you Leah," I was about to apologize to her when she thanked me instead.

I didn't know what was the appropriate words to say at this time, so I just hugged her back and we wept in each other arms.

When grandma came to announce brunch was ready, Jade releases me to throw herself in grandma's arms.

"Now, now." Grandma wipes her tears away. "Don't cry." Grandma tells Jade even though grandma was weeping too. "You're our little princess and precious gem and grandma loves you." Grandma and Jade wiped each other eyes.

Lifting her eyes to Jordan, with one hand around Jade, grandma reaches out to him, "come give grandma a hug." Grandma cries.

Placing Jay in my arms, Jordan joins his grandma and sister in a group hug.

Despite the laughter and light conversation with everything being centered on the upcoming ball and Jade sharing her plans with the family, I still felt that there were things that were left unsaid that Jordan and his sister will pursue.

As soon as we entered the house, Jade bolted for her room but I expected that and stopped Jordan when he was about to follow her.

Handing Jay over to him, "let me." I said fully expecting him to object but he took Jay and after securing the front door, we walked up the stairs with him taking Jay to our room and me knocking on Jade's door.

I didn't turn the doorknob to see if it was open because I respect Jade's privacy.

"It's open." I heard Jade's muffled cry after my second knock.

I entered her room cautiously staring at the figure that's balled up on the bed.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Was the first thing Jade asked.

Shaking my head, "I didn't know if your mother was lying and I didn't want to create an unnecessary problem." I admitted which was the truth.

"So I told your brother who immediately left to visit your father." I explained which is all that I still know since Jordan didn't share anything after returning from his grandparents home yesterday.

"I know this will hurt Jordan and daddy but I need to know who my real father is," Jade cries.

I froze at her words fully aware that I cannot encourage her to pursue this.

"He clearly didn't want to be involved in your life which is why he left you with the Bransons." I hope that my response wasn't harsh but I had to discourage her.

"Or the worst possibility is.." the words are at the tip of my tongue but I couldn't say it out loud.

Wiping her tears, Jade sat up.

"My mother was just sleeping around with random men and don't know whose my father?" Jade asks softly.

Unable to respond, I simply drew her into my arms hoping Jade won't search for someone who could bring more hurt and pain into her life.

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