The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Eighty Nine

Leah's POV

I laid quietly in bed after putting Jay down but I couldn't sleep as once again I struggle with my conscience.

Should I alert Jordan about the possibility of Jade seeking her mother out to get information about her biological father?

My biggest fear is his reaction and this time it will be different, especially since he won't make any promises.

He still hasn't shared his feelings about Jade and I don't want to probe but I worried that if pushed too far, he will trip.

"You're still awake?" I heard Jordan asking.

Turning around with a small smile hovering on my lips to greet him.

"How could I fall asleep when you're not here?" I pat the empty space beside me instead, sliding seductively upwards to sit up but Jordan was faster and moved towards the bed, pinning me under him.

"Heyyy.." I giggle as he dropped his head on my chest.

Taking a deep breath, Jordan sighs.

"You don't need actions to seduce me, I'm hooked by just the thought of you." Jordan chuckles.

I grew red as I blushed at his insunitation.

"Where were you?" I changed the conversation, since I was curious to know what he has been up too since he seem to have distance himself since returning from his grandparents home.

Jordan didn't respond immediately even though he heard me and I didn't question him further, as he ignored my question, to slip his hands under my silk nightwear, to pull it over my head.

"No bra," Jordan chuckles. "Nice!"

Jade and Jordan apparently threw all thoughts of Jade's paternity behind their backs to focus on the Annual Bransons Ball!

Everyone were busy with the Branson's Ball except me, as I remain on baby duties but I love every minute of mummy and baby time.

"Leah," Mrs. Sanchez walked towards me dangling the cordless phone in her hand. "Jordan will be coming to pick you up shortly since the designer from Paris is here with your dress." She smirks as my eyes widen in excitement.

Laughing nervously, "I have never been this excited for a dress before, not even my wedding dress." I admitted, handing Jay to Mrs. Sanchez as I ran up the stairs.

By the time Jordan pulled up in the driveway, I was already out the door and shooing him back in when he open his door to step outside.

Frowning at Jay who was nestled safely in Mrs. Sanchez arms.

"Let me just say hello to my son." Jordan ignored my silent glare and made quick steps to towards Jayden, kissing him relentlessly, ensuring that Mrs. Sanchez was safely locked inside with his prize possession.

With a slight wave to the security guards at the booth, "my wife and I are out for a short while, please have a security closer to the house." Jordan instructs the head of security.

He is always on high alert since Angie and Rawle were stalking outside our house.

Taking out a container with the lunch Mrs. Sanchez made earlier.

"I bought you lunch and I know you didn't eat at the office since I had Rosie check for me." I explained.

Chuckling deeply, "you're going to feed me then since I am driving." Jordan winks with a smirk.

"Ooo," I laugh out, "you're going to love the desert I bought for us." My mind went to the strawberries that's in another container.

I started spoon feeding my husband the noodles and grilled chicken.

"We're definitely going to be the best dressed couple at the ball." Jordan muses in between bites of his lunch.

I share his sentiments, excited for the night of the ball and wanting it over already.

In anticipation of the Ball my nerves are a wreck.

Jordan parked in front of the hotel where the Ball was being held.

"So we're through the front because Jade is in there and I don't want her seeing us during our dress rehearsal." Lifting an eyebrow, Jordan gave me a knowing look.

I secured the lunch container but stared at the uneaten strawberries.

"Can we be late?" I nod at the strawberries.

Taking the container from my hands, "for desert with my wife, always." Jordan laughs mischievously.

Jordan and I literally ran towards the elevators since we not only late but we didn't want to be seen by the team that were assisting Jade with the final touches.

"Monsieur Branson and the beautiful mademoiselle Branson," Monsieur Henri gently lifted my hand, bringing it closer to his lips under the watchful eyes of my husband.

Realizing his intention, Jordan slapped his hand away, "we're here for a dress fitting, not for you to flirt with my wife." Jordan glares at Monsieur Henri as he starts chuckling.

"Your husband is very possessive." Monsieur Henri waves a finger at me, while indicating that we should follow him further inside the suite.

The dress fitting for Jordan and I was perfect on our first attempt.

I stare at the girl in the mirror, barely recognizing her.

Despite recently having a baby, the gold gown hugged my upper body, while the lower part, flowed loosely around me in a dress fit for a princess. The off shoulder cut adds cleavage to my full breasts.

"You're not leaving my side at the ball." Jordan says seriously as he eyes me from head to toe.

"Exquisite!" Monsieur Henri kisses his fingertips then claps his hand, his eyes on me and then my dashing prince charming standing beside me wearing a scowl.

With an arm around his waist, "you look amazing," I whispered planting a kiss on his firm lips.

Jordan led me to the banquet hall where the Ball is being held.

I am sure that my mouth must be hanging open at the sight in front of me.

"This is absolutely amazing!" I exclaimed.

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