The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Ninety

Jordan's POV

"Oh my God!" Leah woke me up with a loud exclamation.

Jolting upright, I turned to stare anxiously at her, grabbing the hand she was fanning herself with.

"What's wrong? Where does it hurt?" I covered the hand she held against her chest.

Her wide eyes slowly closed as she appeared to be relaxing.

With a guilty expression, Leah shook her head.

"What is it Leah?" This time my question was less frantic and more firm.

"I was dreaming about the ball tonight and had a Carrie at the prom moment." She says faintly, as she tries hiding the smile that was hovering at the corner of her lips.

Releasing the breath I was holding, I release her and threw myself back against the pillows of bed in our suite.

Cradling my head, "come on Leah!" I whispered harshly, turning on my stomach and using another pillow to cover my head.

"That's why we booked into the hotel yesterday, so you could adjust to the place and get over your anxiety, faster." I moaned in agony.

Leah pulled the pillow off my face, "really?" She asked, pulling the other pillow I was trying to cover my eyes with again. "You spent the entire night with Vinnie and now you're nursing a hangover,"she angrily pointed out the obvious.

Climbing over me, she started opening the drapes to let the light into our room.

"I'm going to check on Jayden." She says over her shoulder before walking out of our room to the adjoining room where Jayden is asleep.

Covering my eyes once again, "Carrie at the prom," I mumble trying to blink away the headache that's increasing because of the light in the room.

As I felt myself drifting off to sleep once again, my annoying wife came to sit beside me and nudge me awake.

"Take these," her voice irritated every nerve in my head. "Your grandfather is already screaming at Vinnie since he needs your hands and ears right now." Leah tried lifting my head but I could hear the light chuckle in her voice.

I didn't need help to sit up.

"Grandpa's here?" I frowned, ignoring Leah's smirk at my dishevelled appearance.

Nodding, she gave me two advils and a bottle water.

"Can you bring me some coffee?" I hope she already ordered some for me.

"Okay." Leah laughs as I stumble towards the bathroom.

Vinnie and the guys came over last night, including Jade's new beau and we had a bit too much at the bar.

But tonight is about grandpa and ensuring that he is honored properly but having his grandson nursing a hangover and his granddaughter-in-law going all Carrie on us wouldn't suffice well.

Leah was waiting in our bedroom with a smoking hot cup of coffee which is suppose to awaken my senses.

As we walked out of the bedroom, "you know tonight won't only be perfect but it is a new beginning for us at Bransons, right?" I stared down into the beautiful eyes of my wife, which looks golden brown in the sunlight.

Chuckling, "yes but we have to get it over and done with first." Leah agreed confirming her nervousness.

"Finally," grandpa's grumpy voice greeted me as we entered the large sitting room off the suite we were staying at.

I searched the few faces in the room, relaxing when my eyes fell on my son who was being held by grandma.

Shrugging slightly, "yup, finally." I repeated, massaging one side of my temple.

"When you're done with that," grandpa nods at the coffee in my hand. "Let's go down to the ballroom and bring your speech with you." Grandpa was already on his feet.

I exchanged a quick glance with Leah and Vinnie.


Patting my heart, "I didn't write anything down, I decided to go with what's in here." I explained before gulping down the scalding liquid.

"What's that?" Grandpa points behind the stage where part of the wall is covered with a large gold fabric.

Aware of Jade's tribute to our grandfather, "it's something Jade prepared for you." I admitted with a contented smile. "It's a surprise," I said to stop him before he tried to take a peek.

This is where we started taking shots last night before we ended up at the bar.

Grandpa led me around the banquet hall and the dining area until he was satisfied with everything.

Checking his time, "your grandma will be waiting for us to have a short nap before we get ready for tonight's festivities." He chuckles. "I hope Leah's ready to take the mantel from grandma?" Grandpa asks.

Shaking my head, "nope!" I chuckled. "She woke me up this morning claiming she had a dream about being Carrie at the prom." I snickered at grandpa's confused frown.

"Have you ordered lunch yet?" I asked as I entered the suite Leah and I shared.

Leah sat on the bed, staring at her entwined her fingers which were tightly interlocked with each other.

Sitting beside her, "I promised to be at your side for the entire evening," I slowly untangle her fingers before entwining it with mine.

Lifting nervous eyes to me, "I don't know why I am so afraid." She says before averting her eyes. "I was always the girl in the background, the unimportant one." Leah explains clutching my fingers.

Lifting her hazel eyes again, "I marry you and now.." Leah's voice trails off as she stares around the suite.

"You were unimportant to the people who were around you before but now you're my wife and you're the most important girl in my life and my son's life." I whispered softly, wondering why Andrew kept her hidden for so long.

"Lunch is here!" Vinnie shouts from behind the bedroom door.

"I'm ready."

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