The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Nine

Jordan's POV

I got up early as usual and using the back door of our bedroom, I strolled into the adjoining rooms, testing the wooden flooring, ensuring that all the boards are in place.

Since it was dark out when we arrived, I couldn't introduce Leah to the scene from out here, overlooking the lake and the trails that lead to the rivers and the waterfall.

"Darn!" I muttered, bending to pick up the bottles Vinnie and Michael left lying around last night.

Through the tinted flexy which is the wall, I notice Jade jogging towards the back door.

"Fine morning for a jog," I chuckle to see her blowing already. "You are so out of shape," I mocked my baby sister, as I yanked open the door that leads to the well kept lawn.

Ignoring my comment, "where's Leah?" Jade asks and I point to the connecting door that leads to the bedroom.

"Still asleep," I frowned, looking towards the sky as if I can read time from the sun. "Why are you out so early?" I moved as she pushed past me to get inside.

"We have a problem," she whispered, opening the bedroom door to peek inside.

"You know my wife could be naked, right?" I mocked and with a smirk, Jade turns towards me.

Chuckling, "well my husband wants to start working on a family so that our kids can grow up together." Jade informs me. "So I would like to know what a pregnant body looks" Smiling mischievously at me. "I don't want my husband to get turn off when I get fat." Jade explains and I had to search her face to see if she was joking.

Frowning, "are you for real?" I couldn't help asking. As Leah's body, never turned me off.

Even when she wasn't aware that I was watching, I saw her moisturizing her skin, especially her growing belly and upper thighs.

"Leah's body is perfect," I said proudly, sitting opposite Jade. "Why didn't you bring coffee?" I asked, as she covers her mouth, her eyes widening.

"Oh I forgot why I came." Jade moves to sit beside me, lowering her voice as she explained her problem.

With my jaws clenched I listen, getting angrier by the second as Jade spoke, wishing my father was in front of me so that I could punch his fucking face in.

"What time did they get here?" I asked, standing up to pace, which is what I do best when I have no control over situations or when I am trying to find a solution to a problem.

"Seems like about an hour or more but the second problem is that Mrs. Sanchez came as a guest and because of Leah," Jade was saying but I too angry to listen until she fully explained herself.

"But she's going to have to wait on dad and his guests which is not why she is here." Jade's words finally rung through my disturbed thoughts.

Looking around the small kitchenette attached to what grandpa use to call my man cave.

"Then we'll just use here for us and dad can use the main kitchen and hire extra staff." I decided immediately.

The last thing I need is Leah having any extra stress and dad inviting the Ambrose family to Leah and my getaway is, crossing the line.

"Ooo, this is going to be fun." Jade headed towards the doorway, "I'll bring the kitchen in here." she said.

Before I could ask what she's up too, she was out the door and now I have to inform Leah and Vinnie, about our unexpected guests.

Thank God, Leah planned on staying in the bedroom so she won't have to encounter mom and their guests, although I wonder how dad could do this?

How could he bring Carl Ambrose and his family here, while we are here?

Leah was already showered when I entered the bedroom, wearing a soft smile as our eyes met in the mirror where she sat combing her long hair.

"Hey," I whispered, moving to secure the bedroom door that leads to inside the cottage.

Putting down the brush she was using, Leah walks towards me.

"I heard Jade's voice and when I attempted to join you, I heard what she was saying." Leah's words surprised me but what surprised me the most was how casual she was about it all.

Drawing her into my arms, "I'm sorry," I whispered softly. "I wanted you to have a relaxing weekend and now we've got disturbing company." I was apologizing when Leah covered my mouth.

"Don't," she whispers. "I planned on spending the weekend in bed with you and that's exactly what I intend to do," Leah was saying when her eyes travelled over my shoulder.

"How come you didn't show me around," moving out of my arms, Leah walks into the adjoining room, with a kitchenette attached.

Chuckling I followed her. "Well to be honest, you were more interested in the bathroom and indoor plumbing." I reminded her, watching her open the bare cupboards and refrigerator that's filled with the drinks Vinnie ordered.

Turning, Leah frowns at me, "why would your father invite them while we are here and why is your mother even here?" Leah asks, although she knows that I am just as confused as she is.

Dad loves his daughter-in-law and is excited to spoil his first grandchild and now this?

By the time I join Leah on the patio, the room is already filled, with Vinnie, Rosie and the girls, with Mrs. Sanchez and Jade behind the stove and Jade ordering Michael around the kitchen.

Slapping my flat stomach, "I'm starving," I joined Michael at the small table.

Lifting his eyes to mines, he points to Leah. "That's your wife, not me," he shoos me away.

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