The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Ninety Two

Leah's POV

I grinned at Jordan's confused expression.

I am nervous as hell but I can't afford to be timid and I've got Rosie and Jade lurking around waiting to encourage me along.

"Okay what gives?" Jordan asks suspiciously while I browse around the room for Rosie.

Pouting my lips, "did you hear them?" I point to the open doors we just entered. "We're an office romance?" I mocked. "We worked together." I tilt the champagne glass, emptying the entire glass in one long gulp.

Jordan reaches out to take the glass while I look around for another waiter.

"Oh no you don't," Jordan grabs my hand and looks around before leading me further inside the hall.

"How can they suggest that we had an office romance?" I still couldn't believe the questions ask by the reporters.

Did Jordan's staff gossip about us to the media?

"I mean you made me cry so many times at work," I frowned at Jordan.

"How many times did I walk out on the job?" I tried to remember if it was more than twice. "And let's not forget how many times you made me cry." Lifting my dress, I started walking briskly towards Vinnie and Rosie who was making out at a table close to the stage.

"Leah," I could hear Jordan fighting a chuckle. "Come on," I felt his arm around my waist, as he met up with me.

I don't know how I must look right now but Vinnie and Rosie stopped eating each other's face out to stare curiously at Jordan and I.

Rosie's surprise change into a broad smile.

"Leah you look amazing," Rosie says as she stands to hug me, then drew away to giggle at Jordan. "And look at you," she chuckles, moving in to hug him. "You look like a gentleman." She tells Jordan while Vinnie continued staring curiously at me.

"Do you know what the reporters said out there?" I hissed softly.

Rosie smile slowly evaporates.

"No hun what happened out there?" Rosie asks while exchanging a frown with Jordan.

Vinnie was on his feet in an instant, "come and tell uncle Vinnie what those reporters said," Vinnie guides me towards the chair Rosie just vaccinated.

And that is all the coaxing I needed!

Vinnie nod as I relayed the reporters questions and just shook his head when I was done.

"You know Jordan's mother could have something to do with those rumors, right?" Vinnie whispers in my ear.

The thought occurred to me but I was too embarrassed to think beyond his office staff.

"The staff knows very well not to discuss you after that incident at the club when you first arrive here." Vinnie reminded me of how seriously, the workers were dealt with by Jordan.

Taking a deep breath, I smile in embarrassment. "I am being stupid." I muttered, only for Vinnie to draw me into a hug.

"You look amazing," he finally comments on my appearance.

Smiling politely, "I can't wait for tonight to be over and done with." I responded, gazing around the crowded room, with my eyes falling on my husband last.

"Me too because after tonight, we get to go on with our happily ever after." Jordan reaches for my hand.

"I will address those questions the reporters raised but in the meantime, let's greet our guests." Jordan drew me closer to his side.

Nodding, I took a deep breath before joining my husband as he greets his grandfather's guests.

After hearing what Vinnie had to say, I became suspicious of the women in the room as Jordan let me around.

Of course Vinnie is right.

The former Mrs. Branson would definitely have friends in this room from over the years and now that she knows Evie is also here, she would try turning the tables on me and in doing so, irritate me to the point of me irritating my husband.


"Jordan it's lovely to see you," a woman in her fifties greeted Jordan, while watching me from the corner of her eyes.

I instantly figured out she was a 'friend' of his mother.

"Mrs. Stanley," Jordan greets the woman. "And where's that husband of yours?" Jordan smirks politely, while his eyes continue roaming around.

"This is Leah, my wife." Jordan draws me closer as he makes his introduction.

Smiling politely, Mrs. Stanley greets me but her eyes isn't on me.

"How is it, that suddenly you're married to someone else and your parents marriage ended with your father now hooking up with someone else at this years ball?" Mrs. Stanley only got a light chuckle after throwing a blunt question Jordan's way.

Hugging me tightly to his side, "my mother not being here is all on her and the decisions she has made, or maybe it's her choice of wrong friends which led her down this path." Jordan answered truthfully .

Mrs. Stanley reddened in embarrassment at Jordan's words.

It suddenly dawned on me that Mrs. Branson or the memory of her won't just go away because she walked away from her family.

She's a memory we have to live with and I need to stop allowing her to have the better of me.

"Do you have any children Mrs. Stanley?" I asked politely, drawing her attention away from Jordan.

Smiling brightly she turned to face me, "of course, I have two wonderful boys." She admitted proudly.

Chuckling with her, "wow, I guess you have already chosen two wonderful girls to match your boys?" I laugh but I watch her eyes widen in surprise.

Shaking her head, "gosh no!" She smiled. "My boys wouldn't allow me to chose for them." Her eyes widen as realization dawned on her at her words.

Smiling apologetically at me and then at Jordan. "I am sorry for listening to gossip and jumping to conclusions."

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