The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Ninety Three

Leah's POV

Jordan and I continue making our rounds around the floor meeting and greeting.

I was suspicious of every woman in the room who have been here over the years and I tried to hold my tongue whenever a friend of Jordan's mother spoke to us, forcing me to share my two cents whenever an insulting question was asked.

"So Leah, I heard you and Jordan met at the office when you started working with him?" Mr. Francis asked me while his companion appeared bored beside me.

Chuckling lightly, "oh how I wish the rumors were true." I laugh, getting his companion's attention.

"Actually Leah and I met a few days before she started working with me and I fell in love with her while she stayed at my apartment, before joining Bransons." Jordan responded smoothly, surprising Mr. Francis and earning a giggle from his companion.

Mr. Francis blonde companion chuckles along with me, "how boring it must be to the gossipmongers here this evening." She laughs at Mr. Francis who is now growing crimson red as we made light conversation.

Shrugging, "I guess the new CEO falling for an employee makes him appear as fair game for future employees," I said giving Jordan a sly smirk.

Laughing out, "when I saw her with my housekeeper walking along the sidewalk, I knew she was the one for me." Jordan joined in cheerfully.

Mr. Francis companion continued her playful bantering, "yes and we all know that the elusive Jordan Branson never fell in love." She mocks playfully, "except now." She genuine smile touches me.

Frowning, I glance between the both of them wondering what is the past between them.

Tilting his head to the side, "and you would know first hand." Jordan adds.

With a hand on my shoulder, "Jade arrange a blind date for Jordan and I back in the day and after that one date Jordan said, there won't be a second and over the years I understood him and became friends with him and Jade." She explains.

Nodding softly, pretending to understand.

"Jade did mention something like that." I laugh, clutching Jordans arm. "After one date he knew it wouldn't work, so he cut it there an then." I add.

"Hey guys," I turned at the sound of Jade's soft voice.

"Dee" Jade greets Mr. Francis companion with an affectionate hug. "I see you met my sister-in-law." Jade tells her friend.

"Yes and I can see why your brother is so smitten," Dee says while both women smile at me, examining me from head to toe.

"Yes she is amazing," Jade agrees "but my nephew is the best." Jade continues.

Dee appeared to already know about me, "oh my, do you have any more new photos to share?" She asks Jade, who turned to me, lifting her eyebrow curiously.

"His daddy took some new ones tonight," I was saying when Jordan proudly took out his phone, smiling in contentment when Dee starts gushing over Jayden's photos with Jade already demanding to get copies before the night is over.

"So grandpa is ready for his official greeting and whatever else he has to share with his guests," Jade informs her brother with a roll of her eyes.

With a mysterious smirk, he clutches my hand before leading me towards the stage, followed closely behind by Jade.

"I can sit with Vinnie and Rosie," I held back when Jordan tried to usher me up the stage.

Chuckling, "don't be shy, we are all going to be standing at grandpa's side tonight." Jade, helps to usher me forward, earning a thank you from Jordan.

"By the way," Jade leans closer to my ear. "You look absolutely gorgeous." Jade compliments me. "And that necklace," she smile in admiration. "My brother really have great taste." She winks at Jordan who stood silently listening to our conversation.

"Yes she looks beautiful," Jordan agrees with his sister, leaning to kiss me softly and gently on the lips.

"I love you," Jordan whispers against my lips.

"Okay you too, stop making out and come help me greet our guests." Grandpa laughs as he motions for Jordan and I to join him, grandma, Julien and Jade on the stage.

Blushing deeply, I giggle while walking closer to the group on the stage.

Lifting his free hand, Jordan gave a slight wave to the sea of faces staring expectantly back at us.

I followed his gaze around the room, smiling deeply as my eyes fell on Rosie and Vinnie whose hands were lifted giving me the thumbs up.

Feeling a sense of appreciation from some of the faces smiling back at me, I blew a kiss to Vinnie and Rosie.

"Ladies and gentlemen," grandpa voice echoed through the microphone as he greets his guests.

"Thank you for joining us another year for this charity event when goes a long way towards helping the less privileged children in the city." Grandpa continued as his guests cheered.

"This year you can see a lot of changes in our family dynamics on the stage but the strong sense of family among the Branson's group hasn't wavered." Grandpa adds, in a subtle way assuring his guests that things hasn't change with the former Mrs. Branson missing on the stage.

Stretching out a hand towards me, "this year we are joined for the first time by my beautiful and brilliant granddaughter-in-law, Leah Branson," grandpa motions for me to join him.

Giggling nervously at Jordan, I leave the safety of his arms to hug grandpa and grandma.

"This gem entered our lives knocking Jordan off his feet in a instant." Grandpa laughs, winking at Jordan who shrugged of his comment with a smirk.

Leaning towards the microphone, "like grandpa said, I saw this angel walking on the sidewalk with Mrs. Sanchez and I haven't been able to take my eyes off her since then." Jordan laughs.

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