The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Ninety Four

Jordan's POV

This is my opportunity to clear the rumors around the media about the beginning of my relationship with Leah, which clearly bothers her.

Once she realizes having the world favor her isn't her peace of mind but having the full support of her family and friends will go a longer way.

"And now lets have Jordan share a few words before we sit down for that amazing dinner my granddaughter Jade has prepared for us." Grandpa's words broke through my thoughts.

Taking a deep breath, I moved towards the microphone, taking a nervous Leah with me.

If she only know how much I hate standing in the fucking limelight but from tonight onwards it is expected that I stand to the forefront as the face of Bransons with my wife beside me.

Tapping the microphone lightly before I started speaking as the applause slowly dies down after grandpa introduced me.

"Goodnight family and friends," I started and as usual I have no speech prepared but I turned to my wife.

"On behalf of this lovely lady in my arms, we would like to thank you for supporting this event which is a benefit for the children of the city." I wasn't sure where I was going with the speech but the children is the reason we are here tonight.

"It was the afternoon of my son's christening that I understood what is to not only financially support the children but to be hands on." I remember that afternoon and the humbling experience I felt when I distributed lunches for two of the children homes.

"Since that afternoon, I pledge to become more involved in assisting the children, not only for christmas but all year round." I couldn't continue because of the applause that followed my words.

Leah leaned against my chest as she wraps her arms around my waist.

Kissing the top of her head I continued sharing from my heart.

"My wife put our son's life before her own and I never understood the sacrifice she was making until I held our son, Jayden in my arms." I felt tears burning the back of my eyes. "And like Jayden, the children in our society needs more than money from us. They need some of our time and they need our attention." I continued. "I have already discussed it with my father and from tonight onwards, we pledge more than just money to help the children. My family and I pledge our time to the kids and tonight we are celebrating in a grand way in here but my sister and my father, ensured that the kids out there celebrates with us." I added.

I couldn't stop the tears that started flowing and I didn't try to hide it either.

Through my blurred vision, I am sure that there were teary eyes in the room as our guests shared their love with a hearty round of applause.

I felt a light tap on my shoulder and extended my free hand to embrace my father who joined me.

"We can't have tonight without giving a thought for the children we are here to support," my father took over and for the first time ever, I am hearing him speak at this gathering.

"On behalf of my family," dad paused and invites Jade into his open arm, "we would like to thank you for your generosity which goes a long way and too also invite you to support our outreach program for the children all year round." Dad bows his head lightly before drawing Jade and I into a tight embrace.

And a long pause grandpa spoke into the microphone again, "and on that note, I invite you to take your seats and prepare to enjoy what has been prepared as a thank you for your support." Grandpa nods to Jade who was already making her way off the stage to get her workers in place as the room grew noisy as our guest started dragging their chairs.

Leah and I made our way down to a table where Evie and Justin were waiting for us.

"Call Mrs. Sanchez," Leah quickly urged me while wiping the corner of her eyes.

Smiling, I pulled out my phone after taking our seats and quickly dialed Mrs. Sanchez before handing the phone over to Leah.

"Mrs. Sanchez," Leah greeted Mrs. Sanchez. "How are the kids?"

I watch Leah smile and nod as she listed to whatever she was being told and with a contented smile, she cut the call and turned to me.

"They're all fine and Jay's asleep." She tells me what I was waiting to hear.

As our plates were being place in front of me, I turned to her, "I am sorry I didn't get to correct the assumptions of the press," I was apologizing when she cut me across.

"It's okay," Leah presses herself against me, "I was just being immature before, I am fine now." Her smile conveys that she was being truthful.

Surprise though by he confession, I lift an eyebrow as I wait for her to continue.

"I am a wife and a mother now and if I am to be a positive support to you, I can't allow myself to slip everytime I hear the negative people say about me," pausing to correct herself, about us." She twitches her nose and her mouth.

"Jade come and sit down," dad waves Jade who was bustling around to take her seat.

A restless Jade joined us but her eyes and attention were on the servers she hired for the event.

"Everything is fine." I heard Justin chuckle from the other side of her, hopefully his words would reassure her and get her to settle down.

I listen as my family interacted with each other over our dinner and smiled in satisfaction at my father and grandfather, who both appeared relax and contented.

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