The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Ninety Five

Leah's POV

I sat massaging my heels as I wait for Jordan to call it a night but from the looks of it, the night is far from over.

I smile as grandma and grandpa Branson moved around chatting with their old friends, carrying dad along with them, introducing him to their friends.

"Hey sister-in-law," I lift my eyes to Jade who decides to join lonely me at the table.

Jordan was mingling but I am confident his eyes never left me.

Leaning across, I hug Jade and smiled as my eyes danced around the room.

"This.." pausing I smiled in adoration at the splendor laid out all around us. "Is absolutely stunning." I chuckle.

"I want you to know that you don't need to hold your breath any longer." Jade changes the topic, losing me in the process.

Frowning at her comment, she laughs at my expression.

"You know," Jade lifts and eyebrow. "About my plans after this function." She finishes, reminding me of her plan to seek out her mother to find out who her biological father is.

Jade laughs out, nudging my shoulder with hers.

"I am not going to search for someone who didn't seek me out before and I am going to try not to be blackmail by my mother, like she did with Michael.

Feeling lost and out of loop with this conversation, I could only nod and pretend I know what she's talking about.

"Justin reminded me that I am a Branson and you all are my family. I won't risk losing my brother, my father and my grandparents love and support to run after something or someone who doesn't exist for me." Jade whispers softly.

Chuckling in relief, I drew her into a tight embrace.

"Gosh, I can breathe clearly now." I responded, happy that Jordan won't have to watch his sister run after someone he didn't want in her life.

"So you and Justin," I lift an eyebrow staring at her mischievously. "How's that going?" I giggle like a schoolgirl, excited to hear about my sister-in-law's love life.

Blushing Jade lower her eyes. "We're getting there." She answers, her eyes lifting to stare at Justin whose sitting at a table with his mother and Rosie.

"He's a real catch." I told her and as if he sensed he was being watched, his eyes and smile turned in out direction.

Giggling Jade and I looked away, guilty of being caught staring.

"You ladies want some company?" Justin pulled a chair beside Jade, while Rosie came to sit beside me, with a bottle of champagne and three glasses in her hand.

"Isn't Justin drinking with us?" I joked and laughed at Rosie's wide eye expression.

Placing a glass in front of Jade, she hesitates with the third glass she was holding.

Reaching out, I took it from her hand.

"I can have at least one glass tonight." By my count I only had one earlier, so another one before bed won't be detrimental.

"Looks like I need to find myself a glass," Justin stood up, his eyes directed to the back of the room where the open bar is located.

"Bring another bottle when you're coming." Jade grabs his hand and pulls him down for a quick kiss before he walks away.

Rosie pours the champagne into each of our glasses, giving me the least amount.

Lifting her glass at Jade.

"To Jade, on another successful event." Rosie eyes showed her genuine appreciation for Jade.

Joining in, "to Jade." I whisper before we clinked, our glasses, with me being the first one to down my drink.

Justin returned to the table with another bottle of champagne, three glasses and two extra guys.

"You ladies having fun without your main squeeze?" Vinnie jokes, drawing out a chair for Rosie to sit closer to him and for Jordan to take her place.

Jordan frowns at the empty glass I was holding but he didn't comment on it.

"You good?" He asked instead and hugging his arm, I leaned my head on his shoulder.

"I'm great now that you are here." I answered, fighting a yawn.

Chuckling at me, "you're getting old." Vinnie laughs but I was ready for him.

"I'm a nursing mother, what's your excuse?" I responded as a light banter continued between us.

As the night grew longer and the guests started leaving, Jordan's family and my father joined our table.

"Jade, I must commend you on a successful evening." Grandma Branson smiles at her granddaughter.

"So what's the next event?" Julien asks.

All eyes flew across the table to Vinnie and a blushing Rosie, which answered Julien's question.

The conversation took another change with Vinnie and Rosie having questions thrown at them from the parents around the table, while Jordan and l listen in.

"Let clock in." Jordan whispers, much to my delight.

Lifting my head off his shoulder, instantly agreeing with him.

"So, my son is waiting for us to tuck him in." Jordan adjusts himself to stand.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Vinnie was the first to respond to Jordan leaving early.

Grandma who was sitting beside him, slapped his arm.

"Language." She admonishes Vinnie who glance at us confused.

"There isn't any kids around," Vinnie whined.

Slapping his arm again, "there's an elderly couple at the table." Grandma responded.

Frowning at grandpa, "I learned to curse from him." Vinnie points at grandpa, who glares at him.

"I know he was your teacher but I don't want you passing it on to your kids." Grandma give grandpa a stern look.

"You had my husband last night," I reminded Vinnie, as I hug Jade and move around the table to hug Rosie and grandma.

Twisting his wedding band for Vinnie to see.

"Right, so we will remain until everyone leaves."

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