The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Ninety Six

Leah's POV

Jordan was still sleep while I prepared Jay for the breakfast ahead with the family.

The suite was a madhouse with Rosie using up the little energy she had remaining from last night to get the girls up.

Jordan was happy to leave the unmarried couples to attend to the guests who lingered on for food and drinks that was served into the late hours of the morning.

"Justin is already downstairs and I am only now waking up." Jade threw herself on the daybed with a loud moan.

Yawning, Rosie drops herself on another sofa.

"I don't think doctors need a lot of sleep to survive," Rosie mutters thoughtfully.

Shaking my head, I had to laugh at their hangover expressions.

"Well the grandparents will keep him company until we get there." Nodding to their rooms, "why don't you start organizing and the sooner you start the earlier we will finish breakfast." I said to encourage them but I was skeptical about grandpa allowing us to just eat and run.

Rosie looks around the room, "and where's that husband of yours?" She asks curiously, smirking at the hickeys, I tried unsuccessfully to hide this morning.

Fanning myself playfully, "he's all worn out." I laugh to hide my crimson cheeks.

Nodding, Jade and Rosie exchange a wicked smile, "uh huh," Jade chuckles sitting upright to stretch. "Vinnie was right," Jade tells Rosie who nods in agreement.

Curious, I had to ask, "right about what?" I asked but was shock when I heard Jade's response before they burst out laughing.

"He said his friend had enough action in the ballroom so he left early for some in the bedroom." She laughs out at my shocked expression.

Frowning in embarrassment, "Vinnie insinuated that?" I asked in disbelief.

"What do you think?" Rosie asks making an attempt to stand tiredly. "I am going for a cold shower to wake up my brain cells and then get the girls moving." She came closer to peck Jay on the head and me on the cheek.

"Get use to it sweetie and don't worry, Jade's turn is coming." She whispered before leaving the room followed by an exhausted Jade.

"God I hate Sundays!" Jade moans.

Still embarrassed at what Vinnie said to the girls last night, I ran towards our bedroom with Jay clutched tightly in my arms.

"Get up, it's late," I dragged the blanket covering my naked husband.

Moaning grumpily, Jordan tried to retrieve the blanket that was already on the floor.

"Your grandparents are already waiting for us downstairs." I reminded Jordan, who just groaned in exhaustion.

"Fuck!" He pulls a pillow over his eyes, "we should have sneaked out the hotel last night." He mutters sleepily.

"Well you had to get some action in the bedroom so there was little time to leave the hotel." I said, despite my trying to remain calm.

His eyelids quickly flickered open.

Reaching out, he drew the bed sheet to cover up a bit.

"What are you talking about?" He frowns but I didn't have the energy to deal with my first embarrassing moment of the day.

"Just go and shower, while I rounds up everyone else," I turned with Jay in my arms and left to knock on every bedroom door, leaving a confused Jordan staring after me.

By the time we all arrived in the dining room where the family were waiting, I notice two strange faces sitting among them.

I leaned closer to a sleepy Jordan, "Who are they?" I ask curiously at the brunette who sat beside a blue eyed hunk as they laugh at whatever grandpa was saying.

Frowning curiously at the guy with Jade being the first to speak.

"That's Aidan Knights from the Knights Foundation." She chuckles with a light twinkle in a her eyes. "And that must be the girl who took him off America's sexiest bachelor list." She added with a whisper as we approached the table, which became a circus as everyone started finding seats.

"Morning." Jordan smiled and politely greeted his grandfather but his eyes at still staring curiously at the guy, Aidan Knights.

Lifting his eyes cheerfully.

"Morning you sleepy heads," grandpa responded while reaching for peek of Jay whose lying comfortably in his carrier.

"Oh grandpa," Jade moaned, taking a seat beside Justin to her head on his shoulder closing her eyes. "I am exhausted," she groans.

Placing a shot glass in front of her, "and that's why I got this," Vinnie chuckles.

Suddenly I remembered why I was upset with Vinnie. "Hmm bad influence early in the morning too." Sensing Jordan's eyes on me, I choose to sit far away from Vinnie, so I took seat to the side of grandpa and opposite Aidan Knights.

Exclaiming in confusion, "what did I do now?" Vinnie asks but I ignored him while Jade instantly woke up and started giggling from the other end of the table.

Hearing the chairs shifting opposite me, I lift my eyes to see Aidan Knights and the grayed eyed brunette as his side slowly standing up.

"Well my wife and I will take your leave now and it was lovely to meet you," Aidan Knights smiles at grandpa.

Waving his hand, "what nonsense." Grandpa responds. "You are already here so stay and join us and Hailey still have to meet my grandson and his wife." Grandpa indicates Jordan and I on his right.

The girl Hailey looks across at her husband, "thank you for the invitation but Aidan and I recently moved into our home and I still have my library to move." She explains softly.

"Nonsense," my father says from the other end of the table. "We still have plans to make and Jordan would be happy to be involved." Dad says.

"We can't impose on your family..." the girl Hailey was saying when Justin interrupted her.

"Be a good sport Hailey and sit down plus you have to meet my girlfriend." Justin joins in.

Hailey's eyes flew in Justin's direction and the girl sitting beside him.

With a smirk, she takes her seat.

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