The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Ninety Seven

Jordan's POV

I recalled having seen Aidan Knights around when I did my fair share of clubbing but I haven't seen him in quite a while but then again, I haven't been out and about, the way I used to be.

I also remember seeing him fight in the underground chambers I frequently visited and he was good in the ring.

Personally I never met him before and I am curious about the reason he is here and by the way Justin addressed his wife Hailey, I guess they are acquainted.

"Well wifey has decided," Aidan chuckles as he takes his seat beside his wife, whose countenance somehow reminds me of Leah.

"Excellent." Grandpa claps excitedly while grandma leans closer to whisper something to Hailey, which brings out a soft chuckle from her.

"I already ordered for everyone," grandpa was saying to me when he smiles and nods in Aidan's direction.

"So let me introduce you," grandpa tells me.

I nod and wait for him to make his introductions and most of all to explain why we have guests at the table this morning while we are all nursing hangovers.

"Jordan this is Aidan Knights and his beautiful wife Hailey. They came to drop a cheque off for the children after hearing excerpts of your speech last night." My eyes widen in surprise at grandpa's introduction and explanation.

I nod politely at Aidan.

"It's a pleasure to actually meet you," I responded, extending a hand across the table, while turning to Leah. "And this is my wife Leah and our son Jayden." I introduce the most precious people in my life.

Smiling at him, I continue. "I am glad you accepted my grandfather's invitation to join us for breakfast," pausing I look around at the tired sleepy faces around us.

"That is, if this group suffering with hangovers don't run you off." I chuckle lightly.

"He's hasn't run away from me yet," his wife joins in, giving him a gentle hug from the side. "So hangovers don't bother him." She jokes.

Lifting an eyebrow at the timid looking girl, surprise at her words.

"It's good to meet you too." Aidan throws an arm around his wife's shoulder. "I saw you around events before but we never moved in the same circles." Aidan shook my hand as he greeted me.

Chuckling, "yeah I've been to the underground chambers and I must say, Vinnie and I were impressed." I let it slip about seeing him fight.

His wife was quick to respond, "underground chambers?" She lifts her eyes curiously to her husband, who gave me an awkward smile.

Realizing she may not know about his underground fighting, "yeah it's a club for spoil, rich bachelors." I answered, earning a light chuckle from Aidan, while his wife nods but doesn't seem to buy my explanation.

Laughing from the other end of the table is my best friend who were with me when we saw Aidan fight.

"Yeah but you have another thing in common, other than being members of the spoilt rich bachelors club." Vinnie winks at me.

Both Aidan and I turn to stare at him curiously.

Lifting an eyebrow, "tell him where you first saw and fell in love with your wife." Vinnie tells me.

Grandpa and grandma laughs but I shook my head.

I can't tell a couple I just met how I met my soulmate.

"We don't want to bore him with our personal life." I said as Leah shifted to place Jay's carrier on a baby chair a waiter brought for us.

"Like it said, it would be amusing." Vinnie didn't give up but his attention was drawn to the plates the waiter were placing in front of him.

When I didn't elaborate about how I met Leah, Hailey Knights lift smiling eyes to Leah.

"So tell me when your husband knew you were meant for him," Hailey giggles lightly at my now blushing wife.

As we ate, Leah ended up sharing what I have shared many times, leaving us in stitches when Hailey repeated about her first meeting with her husband but the table grew quite when she explained about parting ways after their first dinner when because they already set to marry other people.

"Oh my God, you guys were destined for each other," Leah gushed when Hailey reached the part about being shocked when she found herself standing in front of the altar facing Aidan.

"How did that arrange marriage come about?" Grandpa ask curiously in between bites of his waffles.

Aidan shares a small smile with his wife before he responded to grandpa's question.

"Our fathers started a business together and" Aidan with a sad expression lowers his eyes. "with Hailey's parents being deceased my mother said that it was always a dream of Hailey's mother for her daughter to marry me." Aidan's jaw clenched as he spoke, his fingers tightening around the fork he was holding.

Placing down his fork, grandpa appeared genuinely intrigued.

"You are Ryan Knight son, right?" Grandpa ask and even though Aidan appeared uncomfortable, he nod politely to grandpa.

"Yes sir, I am." He says, meeting his wife's soft attempt of a smile.

"I am sorry about your parents," grandpa says softly to Hailey but he still pressed on which left us all feeling a bit uncomfortable.

"What is the name of the company your fathers worked at together?" Grandpa returns his gaze to Aidan whose eyes were on his wife.

"SullaKnights Investments," Aidan responded even though he appeared uncomfortable.

Grandpa was definitely stunned by Aidan's answer.

"Are you David Sullivan's daughter?" Was the only question grandpa asked in disbelief.

Surprise, Aidan and his wife raised their eyes to grandpa.

"You.." pausing to take a deep breath. "You know.. know my father?" Hailey's stammered, grabbing her husband's arm tightly.

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