The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Ninety Eight

Jordan's POV

Grandpa still shocked at Hailey's question, nod his head slowly before exchanging a concern look with my confused grandmother.

"Yes, our paths crossed years ago when he was starting off with Knights," grandpa frowns. "You said your father died?" Grandpa appeared surprised.

Nodding sadly, "I.. I th.." Before she could finish answering grandpa, Aidan stepped in.

"Yes," Aidan responded firmly to grandpa. "We were told that my wife's parents both perished in a vehicular accident when she was five." Aidan responded to grandpa without batting an eyelid.

Hailey turned to glare at her husband whose eyes remained glued on my grandfather.

Lifting his napkin, grandpa wipes his mouth while lowering his eyes but unable to hide his shock at Aidan's response.

"Is it true?" Aidan persisted when grandpa didn't immediately respond.

"I.. I.." For the first time I saw my grandfather at a loss for words.

Even though I don't know what the fuck is going on, I realize it was serious and I had to intervene.

"Aidan," I spoke softly to get his attention. "I have no idea what is going on here but maybe we...." Hailey stood up hastily and smiled nervously at me.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry for imposing on you like this." She tried but failed to blink her tears away and instead, she opened her handbag and started digging through it.

"I heard your speech last night and I am always willing to contribute to the children programs," her voice breaks as she speaks quickly.

I stood at the same time as her husband, "oh please don't leave," I reached out a hand and touching her hand that was searching her handbag.

"I just wanted to say that whatever you need to know from my grandfather," pausing I turned to grandpa. "He would be willing to meet with you at anytime and speak with you." I lift my eyes to Aidan's as I spoke, to receive a grateful smile from him.

"Hailey," Aidan addresses his wife, "why don't we tell Jordan why we're here and make plans to meet again." Aidan, softly tries to coax his wife into agreeing with him.

Even though she didn't seem convince, with her eyes still downcast, she nods and sits down but she continues to search her handbag.

"I am sorry for the turn of this conversation." Aidan apologizes to grandpa.

With a napkin against his lips, grandpa still frowns in confusion.

"No, you don't need to apologize but," grandpa paused to stare at Hailey's bent head. "I can see that both you and your wife have questions and by what you said," grandpa stares at Aidan now as he speaks. "I have a feeling that you have been misled." Grandpa finishes.

"I can't find the check for the children." Hailey lifts frantic eyes to her husband.

"You already gave it to me," dad reminds Hailey softly from across the table.

With a sigh of relief, Hailey smiles. "How forgetful of me." She chuckles at my father before lifting her dark gray eyes to me.

"Mr. Branson, I heard.." I quickly cut across Hailey with a light chuckle.

Indicating my grandfather "Jordan please," he's Mr. Branson." I corrected as I try to lighten the sullen mood around the table.

With the same smile, Hailey nodded. "Yes Jordan." She started again.

"I heard your speech at your charity event and working with children is very dear to my heart, so I ended up dragging Aidan over to drop a cheque this morning." She laughs before looking to the end of the table at Justin.

"I met Justin a few years ago at the home I volunteer at when he came to share his time and medical expertise with the children and he convinced me to wait for you." Hailey continued.

Laughing nervously, she turned to my father-in-law, Andrew.

"Plus I met Mr. Morrison and already hired him to build and extend the children's home at the church, in the city." Hailey explained in a mouthful.

"Is the land to the side of the church available?" My father joins in the conversation.

Laughing, Aidan drew Hailey into a hug. "Not anymore." He smiles proudly at his wife.

I wonder if this is how I look to others, when I staring lovingly at Leah?

Tilting his head to the side, "you own that land?" Dad seemed surprised.

Shrugging, "well I bought it for the children." She admitted.

Nodding his head, as he twitches his lips. "I tried but couldn't get the city to even consider selling it to me." Dad admitted.

"Hailey does legal pro-bono work for Social Services so she just kept running into the right people in court," Justin laughs and drew Jade closer.

"By the Hailey, this is Jade, my girlfriend," he smiles proudly at my sister, "Jade this is Hailey Sullivan." Justin introduces them from across the table.

"Knights," Aidan corrected him. "Hailey Knights." Aidan emphasises with a smirk.

Pointing his two index fingers Hailey, "right, Mr. and Mrs. Knights." Justin laughs.

"Pro-bono?" Leah asks.

Returning her attention to Leah.

"Ah yeah." Hailey answers. "I have been working with children in abuse families and with the court to get them into safe homes." Hailey's voice soften as she describes what she does in a nutshell.

"Wow," Leah exclaims. "That must be heart wrenching." Leah adds, giving Hailey a proud smile.

"And dangerous too." Justin joins but clamps up when Hailey glared at him.

Lifting his hand in surrender. "Sorry." Justin apologizes. "It's the stale booze on the table." He shrugged awkwardly.

"Is it really dangerous too?" Leah ask but Aidan answered for Hailey.

"That's why she doesn't venture out without a bodyguard or me." He tells Leah.

Without going into details, I realize by the way Justin blurted it out, that something must have happened and hence Aidan protectiveness.

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