The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Ninety Nine

Leah's POV

Our unexpected meeting with Aidan and his wife Hailey started off pleasant but after they left, everyone around the breakfast table remain quite, each lost in our own thoughts about this chance encounter, which left grandpa in a solemn mood and Justin, quieter than usual.

For the first time, I notice that not even Jordan could lighten grandpa's mood or maybe it was because Jordan didn't seem motivated too.

I could see meeting this couple troubled Jordan and he would definitely be accompanying grandpa to his meeting with them on Monday afternoon.

"You seem far away or are you still tired?" Jordan asked as I placed a wriggling Jay into his crib while I organize ourselves after just returning from the hotel.

I turned my head to Jordan when Jay starts whimpering softly.

"Hey mister, you had enough hands this weekend so relax." I said in a soft stern voice and as if he understood what I said, his lips curled down in a pout as the whimpering continues but since it's not a wail, I decided to leave him for awhile.

Walking towards Jordan, wrapping my arms around his neck while his eyes remain fixated on Jayden. "I was thinking about you and how quiet you became after Hailey Knights spoke to grandpa," I responded softly before laying my head against his chest.

I felt his arms encircle me hugging me tightly against himself.

"I've see Aidan Knights over the years in clubs and bars and even in the ring." Jordan was saying when I lift my head from against his chest, narrowing my eyes at him, "but the guy I saw this morning isn't the same person and from his expression as his wife spoke, he's deeply concerned about her." Jordan expressed his concerns about our encounter with the Knights. "Plus Justin appeared equally concern." He takes a deep breath before kissing the top of my head.

The ringing of his phone broke us apart as he reaches to retrieve the phone from his pocket.

"Grandpa," he mouths as he walked out of Jayden's nursery with one last glimpse at Jay.

While Jordan returned downstairs to take his call I remained upstairs unpacking our suitcase and selecting items for the laundry and items for the washer downstairs.

I place my dress and Jordan's tux from the function into the garment bags to send off to the laundry while taking peeks at Jay who was still awake but at least he was gurgling.

I ducked out of the room before he could see me and took the baby monitor downstairs to start organizing a light lunch because we consumed so much last night and this morning.

"What are you doing?" I exclaimed when I saw Mrs. Sanchez already busy in the kitchen. "You should be resting." I scold her but how can I really scold someone whose become a mother to me after all this time.

Chuckling, "I hate sitting around and I know you have your hands full with that son and husband of yours." Mrs. Sanchez chuckles but at least she wasn't preparing anything heavy.

"Chicken soup looks good." I said as she chopped the vegetables. "Want some help?" I was already selecting a cutting board.

With the baby monitor close by we worked in silence until it dawned on me.

"Why are we cooking so much?" I frown at the stock pot she was putting on the stove.

"Vinnie called." Was her only explanation as she starts laughing at my expression as I go limp over the table, sighing tiredly.

When the pot was on the stove I left to check on Jay but smiled when I saw him lying on his father's bare torso, asleep.

I decided to take a shower and join them while the pot was bubbling and do the laundry tomorrow.

I woke up to an eerie silence to find myself alone in bed.

Not bothered about only being dressed in my bra and underwear, I peeped into Jay's room to see his empty crib.

Guess he's hanging out with the big folks, I sighed still tired, eying the bed longingly but choose to freshen up before finding Jay to give him a feeding.

The noise from the kitchen echoed through the house.

No wonder Mrs. Sanchez made a huge pot of soup, I thought as I yawned more exhausted from my sleep then before I went to bed.

"Hey sleepy head," Vinnie of course had to be the first one to greet me as I entered the kitchen.

Instead of verbally responding to him, I blew him a kiss as I search for my husband's eyes among the gathering around the table.

"Try sleeping beauty," Jordan corrects him as he stands to greet me with a kiss.

"I didn't want to wake you up but our uninvited guests arrived and they were raiding the kitchen." Jordan laughs at the swearing of our guests who sounded more like an arena filled with people.

"I'm hungry but I want to feed Jay first," I moved to take him from a tired looking Jade.

"Aww mommy's taking baby from aunty." Jade cooed with a fake cry.

"Can I come with you?" Shanelle was already on her feet to accompany me to Jayden's room, needing no invitation.

"Wait for me!" I heard Janelle yelling from behind us Jordan shift for to pass.

Having the girls with me when I nurse Jay is a norm so I was no longer as uncomfortable as I use to be in the beginning.

"Mum's nervous about getting married." Janelle stares at the closed door as she leans in to tell me.

Frowning, "nervous?" I repeated.

Gossiping with the girls is not something I practice but their faces convey that they are concerned.

Adjusting Jay in my arms, chuckling at the loud slurping sound he makes.

"Afraid of marriage!"

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