The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter One Hundred

Jordan's POV

"What's bothering you now," I stood in front the mirror but my eyes were fixated on Leah as she sat on the bed watching me dress. I know she is curious about the impromptu meeting grandpa called about, yesterday afternoon.

"Are you meeting the Knights this morning?" She asks curiously but I shook my head with a light chuckle.

Tightening my tie, I stood in front of her pulling on a royal blue jacket to complete my Armani suit.

"I know you're curious because you care but I promise to call if they come in today." Smiling, I leaned down pecking her lightly on the lips.

Still curious about my early morning whereabouts, "then where are you going this early in the morning" Leah persisted.

Shrugging, unsure of what to tell her, "you wanna call grandpa," I offered, chuckling as her eyes widen nervously.

Lifting her hands to me, "I'll wait till you contact me." Leah pouts.

Nodding to the doorway, "coming?" I asked.

Jumping off the bed, we peeped at Jay who laid with his outstretched arms and a light smirk on his lips.

"He looks edible." I chuckle lightly moving to kiss him but Leah held me back.

"Kiss him and you wake trouble," she tells me.

With my arms around her shoulders, "guess you'll be getting all the goodbye kisses this morning." I whispered against her ear with my lips travelling to her lips.

"Grandpa's here," I whispered when I felt a single vibe on my phone.

Moaning with a pout, "miss me," Leah instructs me as we walked downstairs towards the front door.

"Always," I responded as she waves to grandpa and Jade whose out in the driveway waiting for me. "Secure the door behind me," I tell her, pushing her back in.

Sticking out her tongue, I wait until I heard the two clicks and her punching in the alarm code.

Satisfied, I join my grandfather and my sister in his town car as we make our way to the lawyer's office to deal with my mother whose in lock up and has been since she was caught shoplifting at a supermarket!

I know she got her monthly allowance from dad but after the stunts she kept pulling, I stop the allowance I was giving her but to steal from the supermarket?

What the fuck is she doing with her life or is this another stunt of hers to mess with the family.

"What are you going to do at the lawyer's office?" Jade asked the burning question.

With a worried look, "I don't know, which is why I bought the two of you along with me. She's your mother and I don't want you to think that I am being unfair to her, so whatever the outcome is today, it will be your call." Grandpa's explanation confirms that he's given this some serious thought.

"She could rot in there for the rest of her life for all I care." Jade glared out the window at the early morning traffic.

Chuckling, I shook my head to look out the other window.

"When will all this end?" I mutter mostly to myself.

Staring straight ahead, grandpa laughs.

"Remember one thing for the future," grandpa stares straight ahead, "in this life, troubles will never leave you but how you respond to it is the important thing," my wise grandpa educates us.

Jade's expression confirms that she's not ready to listen to grandpa's words of wisdom but since becoming a father, my insight into things I took for granted in the past has taken a three sixty.

"I'll remember to throw what needs to be thrown behind my back and face what needs to be faced, head on." I responded.

"Jade?" Grandpa calls her when she didn't respond.

Chuckling, I glance at her not bothered by the daggers she's sending in my direction.

"Let's discuss it over breakfast," Jade suddenly smirks at me.

For the first time since entering the vehicle, grandpa turned slightly in his seat.

"We don't have time for that," he explains but Jade just shook her head.

"She waited all night, what's one more hour?" I know Jade was doing this to punish mom plus when she is bailed out, she's going to get herself in problems, again.

"Jordan?" Grandpa calls for my opinion and of course I had to agree with Jade.

"Breakfast," I winked at my sister.

Shaking his head, "trouble that's what the both of you are," grandpa muttered dryly as he tells his driver about the detour.

We didn't make it to the lawyer's office because of our long breakfast so we ended up meeting mom and grandpa's lawyer at the police station where my mom was still in lockup.

I know mom is not on drugs but the sight in front of me was a woman who appeared dishevelled and dirty.

"What happened to you?" I frowned in shocked at my mother while Jade shock her head in disgust before walking out.

With tears streaming down her face, "you abandon me and sit there asking me what happened?" Mom weeped but what I heard, was my mother trying to manipulate me through tears.

Standing up, I turned to grandpa.

"This is a problem I throw behind my back." I said. "let the court handle this." I said and without another look at my mother, I realize that is the last I will be meeting my mother but what I am leaving behind doesn't compare with what's waiting for me at home.

The girl I thought to be homeless and a con-artist in the beginning is the reason for me becoming a better person and a man who looked forward to spending eternity with her.

"Leah," I whispered walking away, happy that she waiting at home for me.

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