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America the Poor: A Wanderer's Tale, Vol Two

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My strange life story continued. My committment and imprisonment in an insane asylum for the young, and all the colorful and crazy loonies I befriended there, including many of their stories as well. An insane, tragic, weird and funny tale.

Drama / Humor
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Intro: Welcome back to a Still Uncommon life

Hello again my friends. Glad to see you’ve decided to continue our unique journey together. If you are here, you’ve officially become an addict. Congratulations! You are a being of true elegance, class, taste, and distinctiveness. You are one in a thousand, possibly even rarer.

I applaud you wholeheartedly. You know an amazing story when you read one, and you are one of the very few who want to really know what happened to me. If a UFO showed up on your street, you’d be one of the very few adventurous souls to want to actually step inside, and therefore a unique type of soul. Well I will not disappoint you friends. I intend to provide an insane story unlike any you’ve ever read. Even far more so than Volume One.

I will thrill you, and make you question literally everything you’ve seen in your life. This volume will be a complete tale of insanity, lunacy, comedy, tragedy, and may make you wonder about your own perceptions of reality. If you do, I’ll have done my job right.

My personal reality has never been that solid anyway. Who can truly say what our existence truly is? Certainly not me. I don’t claim to know what reality actually is, I doubt any living human knows it.

I intend to continue telling what I’ve observed, as well as the things I’ve done. Not all good, in fact, many quite the opposite of good. This is ultimately my story, and though other strange characters will come and go, ships passing in the fog, I am the main attraction, and the spotlight is ultimately mine, as it should be.

I am the definitive drifter, almost a timeless figure, and far more a witness to all of mankind’s follies than a true participant, but this is still my story. I have many strange things to tell you, some you may disbelieve, but not all these stories are mine. I intend to speak for those no longer able to speak for themselves. Many of these lost souls are long gone, and others don’t have voices to speak anymore, so I will tell their tales as well as my own.

Maybe it was ultimately destined to be that way. So are you ready? Got your strong drink to sip, and a comfy chair while you read about insanity in the early 80s? Because here we go, ready or not. We’re heading back in time to 1983 into the heart of a mental asylum for crazy young people like I was then.

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