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This is a story of a young woman named Abby Bernard born in a brothel , brought up in their and forced into a life she never dreamt of, wanting to escape this life she tries everything but in this place women are regarded as assets and can not be set free , looking at her life she's feels trapped , in an attempt to escape she meets are saviour Isaac Richards a reporter who has gone undercover to reveal deep secrets of this place, he meets her and falls in love with Abby at first sight, their is a twist though is isaac a man he really appears to be and is Abby ready to trust a man claiming to help her escape . Follow the story of Abby and Isaac in this story.

Drama / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 Abby's pov

Today for the first in 19 years of my life in this hell hole I had a wonderful dream where I dreamt I was living a free life ,I went shopping and talked to people as I left the mall. I felt free and I wish I could live like this onwards, however ,I was awaken by a loud banging on my door, I looked and the clock and it was only 4 in the morning, I groaned frustrated that my dream as been disturbed I got from my bed and walked to the door to see who disturbed me , the moment the door opened I received a slap on my face and my eyes went flying open trying to register who did that.
As I adjusted my eyes came in contact with my evil step mum as I call her , the woman who has robbed me off my freedom, she came in pushing me aside and asking why I kicked my client out of the room, at this point I was doomed because I forgot I had no choice in this hell hole and knowing what was coming I as my punishment I turned around waiting for slashes on my back for being disobedient, I got 25 slashes and my back hurt like hell,she left my room and I feel limp on the floor crying, why was I born in this place? Why did mum die leaving me here with no where to go, I now have to leave a life of pleasing men I didn't know, how I wish I can leave this place?

Hello their am new at this, it's my first book , corrections are welcome and I believe I will will write better in time to came, I will try to write atleast three chapters a day
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