Under His Touch

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Katherine Prescott, a quiet, guarded, working woman, finds an escape from her past, working for Liam Harrington, a moody, perfectionist, and famous architect who seems to be able to build anything, except a successful relationship. Being drawn to the enigma that is her captivating boss, she soon realizes nothing good can come from falling for a man who isn’t capable of love. **This story is my original work, it belongs to me. Any form of copying, or reposting this story as your own, will be reported accordingly. Be honest and don’t take credit for others work.**

Drama / Erotica
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Mja's Message

Hi, if you’re an original reader of this story welcome back, and if you’re a new reader thank you for giving my story a chance. Under His Touch was the first book I have ever written beginning to end, this story and its characters are very near and dear to my heart.

The original version of this book will stay up on my profile, but if you’re a new reader, I would highly recommend reading this one instead of the original. This book will go into far more detail, have different plot changes, and will overall be the better version of this story.

In the beginning, I had an update schedule of every Friday, but that no longer works out for me due to my work and grad school schedule. So, now I try to update at least once a week or whenever I have something worthy of posting. Please, don’t post on my wall or in the comments to update, it won’t make me go any faster, and they will get deleted.

With that being said I hope you enjoy diving (or re-diving) into Katherine and Liam’s love story. Thank you again for the support.


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