Dark Places

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Chapter 10

A few days later on Saturday October 5, Elaine was sitting in her favourite café with Charlotte. She really needed her friend’s support and advice again. Elaine’s visit to the see Mike in prison was praying on her mind. It was not so much as the visit to the prison but it was the other thing that had took place. Why had that kiss happened? She had only gone to the prison to get the divorce papers signed by Mike so that she could place an end to the situation she was in but now things had got even messier. Had she enjoyed the kiss? Yes, she could not deny that Mike still had that spark in his kisses but that did not make things right between her and Mike and this is why she needed to talk to Charlotte.

Between tea and cakes Charlotte asked, “so what did you want to talk to me about?”

It was going to be a long story for Elaine but she needed to confess in someone and that someone as always was Charlotte.

“Where do I begin? I went to see Mike in prison a couple of days ago. I needed to get him to sign the divorce papers and that was the only reason I turned up there on visiting hours. We talked and then he gave me a hug and I feel so guilty but it felt so nice to be in Mike’s arms again, even though he has lost a lot of weight and started to grow a beard since his month in prison and also somehow he has lost that Mike smell. I know that sounds weird. I cannot deny I still love him but as you know I could never trust him again. Imagine my surprise; shock; however you want to describe it when he kissed me. Mike kissed me and do you know it brought things back to me? because that is how the rape began with a simple kiss. I pushed him off but secretly in my heart I wanted it so much with him but there is still that niggling doubt that I cannot trust him again. What am I to do?”

“Wow”, exclaimed Charlotte “Gosh girl when things happen to you, they sure do happen”. Charlotte had to pause for a while whilst she tried to work things out in her head.

Elaine continued, “the worst thing was before I left Mike asked me if the divorce was what I really wanted. What could I say to that? I could not answer him so I just had to say goodbye, as I never intended to be at the prison as long as I was and now of course I do not know what to do. My mind is a mess again. Why did I have to go and allow Mike to mess with my emotions again?”

“I do not know darling but he was and has always been the one for you. You were right from the very day you both met all those years ago. I know what Mike did to you was horrible but we both know that was not the Mike of old. I can talk to him as a neutral person if that would help. He might or might not talk to me about your relationship but I am willing to try, if you want me to”.

Elaine was complimented by Charlotte’s concern for her but was a little sceptical with getting Charlotte involved with her battle with Mike.

There had been a long silence so Charlotte spoke again “I know you probably have no idea what to do and therefore I would understand if you said no to what I suggested. Maybe we could go to the prison together and talk to Mike; at least we would have both of us for support. Mike knows me pretty well; probably not as well as you know me but I am sure he would listen to what his wife’s best friend had to say”.

“You really are the most special friend that a person could ever wish for and I thank you for that and yes okay we will see Mike together. I would feel more comfortable with you being there with me, that way Mike would think twice about trying on what he did the last time I saw him”.

“Name the date and time and I will be there”, replied Charlotte. Following this Elaine and Charlotte bid each other farewell and Elaine headed home. She did not really want to think of the cottage she stayed at as home, since she was still in the marital home that she had shared with Mike. There were still too many memories of him and a few things lying around that served as memories but she was as much entitled to the house as he was and he was in prison so at the moment had no fixed abode, nowhere to call home but that was his problem and certainly one that Elaine was not going to dwell on especially as she had paid most of the deposit when they first brought the cottage together. Elaine was not aware that Mike would one-day return to the flat he quickly had to rent when she had walked out on him.

Elaine was confused. She longed to see Steve. She really genuinely liked him but could not make herself see him, which was unfair to him as she was keeping him between a life with or without her. He had certainly made her feel special the night they had first met but there would always be Mike. She would think the same thing that of course she loved him but could not trust him again. What a mess she was in, all she wanted was a quiet life and now she was in this dilemma.

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