Dark Places

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Chapter 12

Elaine was sat with Steve for their first proper date at the New Inn in Blagdon. It was a really nice pub and Elaine felt relaxed, both in the pub and with Steve. It was October so the dark nights had set in but the panoramic view of the fishing lake was still very relaxing and as it was a cold night there was the roaring open fire, which was lit and made the pub cosy and warming. Elaine was happy, the happiest she had felt for some time.

The couple both agreed that they had the most delicious food ever and Elaine was enjoying a glass of wine, whilst Steve had his pint of beer and she was so warm and comfortable being in Steve’s arms, she was enjoying snuggling up to him and never wanted that warm feeling to ever end.

This was their first proper date since they had both met in the nightclub and it certainly would not be the last date they would have. Both were enjoying the evening and Elaine was enjoying Steve’s company very much. He was handsome, chatty without being boring and the perfect companion and yes she had to admit it she was very attracted to Steve and could also feel herself falling in love with him and that she could already imagine a future with him.

Steve was forty-five years of age and he was tall, dark haired and dark eyed, confident and very chatty. He clearly worked out at the gym so was fit and had the right amount of muscle and had a cute bum, which Elaine sneaked a look at when he excused himself for a toilet break. She was really attracted to what she was seeing and so was pleased when he confirmed he definitely liked her and had since he had first seen her in the nightclub and also confirmed that, that was why he was prepared to wait for her that night.

Elaine did not want the date to end, despite it becoming late, because already she could not bear the thought of not being near Steve. Steve did not want Elaine to leave either, he wanted to be with her all night and decided to be brave and ask her what her intentions were for the rest of the night.

“Would you like to come back to mine for coffee?” suggested Steve.

Elaine felt like a teenager in love, feeling guilty because she knew what coffee could lead to and though she was still anxious about being alone with a man she so wanted to see more of Steve.

“Yes Okay” she smiled before being helped into her coat by Steve. He definitely was the perfect gentleman. He showed her to his car and then drove to his flat before letting Elaine into his sitting room.

Elaine was sitting in the sitting room whilst Steve made the coffees’ and thought what an adorable flat Steve kept. She could see parts of Steve in just this room and she definitely liked what she saw.

Steve served the coffee and then sat down on the settee next to Elaine before saying “what a lovely evening that has been”.

Elaine smiled before speaking “yes it has, the food and drink was lovely but the company was better”, that comment made Steve smile, the compliment made him love and want Elaine even more.

Steve reached out and stroked Elaine’s hair. She liked that feeling, as he had a really soft and tender touch.

“Please tell me if I go too far”, said Steve “but I cannot help it I want to hold you, kiss you and make love to you. I know you need to trust a man in the bedroom again and I can only give you my word but I promise to be gentle with you”.

Elaine was a little embarrassed by what Steve was saying but she felt the same for him too and told him gently “I want the same as you”, with that Steve led her into the bedroom.

“Come here, sweetie”, said Steve holding open his arms to Elaine. They shared a long, warm and endearing cuddle and then quite naturally the kisses came. Elaine was enjoying every moment of them, relaxing with each tender kiss, not once thinking that the last time she was touched like this she was…well she did not want to think about that, she was too excited and touched by the moment.

“Please tell me if this is all too much for you Elaine”.

Elaine did not answer in words but started to unbutton Steve’s shirt, just the top of his chest turned her on so by the time his shirt was open and she was seeing his toned body she was feeling weak at the knees.

Steve liked it when Elaine stroked his chest and again he genuinely commented, “please tell me if this is all too much for you Elaine”, to which she put her finger to his lips to quieten his words. It was evident that they both wanted what was about to happen.

Steve undid his trousers whilst Elaine undressed before he pulled her into bed, smothering her with more kisses and caresses. One thing led to another and they were making love, soft and gentle love and they were both in heaven together. It was eventually over and Elaine was tired but happy and what made her happier was that she heard Steve in the bathroom and then he got back into bed next to her. He had made special love to her and said ‘you have made me the happiest man alive. I love you so much and I want the chance to spend the rest of my life with you’.

Elaine had had a lovely evening without thoughts of Mike and she had made love to another man without worrying about Mike or freaking out following the rape but there was just one little niggle in her mind and that was that she and Steve had made love without protection. She was forty-five but still had not started menopause and so could still be fertile but there was no more time for what ifs before Elaine fell asleep with Steve in her arms.

Whilst Elaine was in a deep sleep, she was not aware of the deep sleep Mike was having. How would she react when she heard what he had done?

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