Dark Places

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Chapter 13

It was the afternoon following Elaine’s date with Steve and now as always she was sipping tea in a café with Charlotte, discussing how things had gone for her and what she thought of him.

“I think I am going to constantly say this but Steve was the perfect gentleman. He was prepared to wait for me when we first met and there was no pressure and yes and we did it, we took the plunge and made love to each other, which was so special. I did not feel the urge to turn him away and he kept saying to me ‘Please tell me if this is all too much for you Elaine’, which showed to me he really did care for me but you know what? It was not too much; in fact I confess it was everything I wanted it to be and more. It was a lovely evening and he was genuinely complimented when I said I had enjoyed the meal and especially his company.”

“Do you love him?” replied Charlotte excitedly for her friend. Charlotte already knew that answer, as she had been the one that noticed Steve watching Elaine and encouraged her to go for it. For once Elaine did not have to stop and think about the answer to that question.

“Yes. Yes, I do and I know he loves me too. I really did not think I would be so comfortable and happy with another man but Steve has made me feel like a princess and I genuinely do not want to let him go. It pained me to leave his flat and him this morning.”

“I am really pleased for you. I had feelings at the club that something special was waiting for you and it sounds like Steve was that special something of which you were waiting for.”

Elaine was happy, the happiest she had been in a long time. Suddenly her mobile rang; she did not recognise the number but decided to answer it anyway. It was HMP Bristol informing her that Mike was in hospital after stabbing himself with a kitchen knife and that he was in French Hay Hospital again. Elaine finished the call and said “why, why now?”

Charlotte did not want to pry but she wanted to know why before her call Elaine had been really happy and now she had a worried expression on her face.

“What is wrong honey?”

“That was one of the staff from Mike’s prison. He is in hospital again, this time apparently when he was getting ready for his football session he took a long time to change and when the prison guard went to check on him, he found Mike lying unconscious in a pool of blood with a kitchen knife by his side. Why is he doing this to me Charlotte?”

“I do not understand what you mean. Are you telling me that Mike tried to commit suicide again but this time by trying to stab himself?”

That was exactly what Elaine was trying to say and she was not sure why but she burst into tears. She was no longer with Mike and so should not really care what was happening to him but she had spent so many happy years with him that she could not allow herself to let Mike be alone. She could throw up her hands and confess that Mike had put the loneliness he was now suffering on himself but she would never forgive herself if anything were to happen that ended his life. She was becoming divorced on paper from him but she would not be able to erase him entirely from her mind. Elaine knew that she should not be feeling like this about Mike and that she had Steve to consider now but that only made her decisions even harder to make where the two men in her life were involved.

Charlotte rose from her chair and went over to Elaine and gave her a comforting hug. “Oh, my best friend, yet again Mike has made you cry and traumatised you all over again, that is terrible and I do not know what is happening in Mike’s head to do that again but he cannot keep messing with your emotions like he is doing. What is he trying to solve? He is crying out for help as he cannot cope without you but he seems like he is failing to realise that what you and he had are over. He is clearly trying to drag you down with him but what are you going to do?”

“I wish I knew Charlotte. Why can I not have happiness in my life for more than a fleeting glance now? I had a lovely evening with Steve and was on a high and then I get that damned phone call and my world falls apart again. I have had enough of Mike ruling my life. I would never have been so vindictive and heartless before the rape but now all I can think is I hope he dies in pain and misery and lets me get on with my own life”.

What could Charlotte say in reply to that? She could certainly see where Elaine was coming from. It was a bit harsh but she could understand why her friend had thought and said that she wished Mike was dead and who could blame her?

Elaine certainly did not wish Mike to be dead but she did have to agree with Charlotte that he was trying to drag her down because he had lost his soul mate. That was something that was not really her problem. The saying goes ‘if you make your bed, you lie in it’ and that definitely applied to Mike but Elaine could not really leave him alone could she?

“I do not know what to say to that. I guess you will have to figure that one out yourself but as always I will always be here no matter what you decide. Are you going to see him in hospital?”

“I am still married to that beast and his suicide attempt are playing for my affections, which is what he wants. I was reluctant to go to the hospital to see him so soon after what he did to me the first time he tried this. I went but was never happy with the decision. I then turn up to the prison for him to sign the divorce papers and he kisses me and that convinced me that the man I loved back then is not the man I should still be in love with now. I know I am his next of kin still but I do not think I can sit there by his bedside pretending to be his happy little wife so at the moment no I am not going to visit him. I just wish I could wash my hands of him but like a bad smell he keeps coming back for more”.

Charlotte could not blame Elaine for the way she was feeling and had never dreamed that the perfect couple Mike and Elaine Fear would be in this situation where Elaine quite clearly had started to hate her husband. Charlotte knew the divorce was well on its way to going through and she hoped they would remain friends but Charlotte doubted very much that that was what Elaine would want. She had heard the hate for Mike in her friend’s voice when she said she wished that he were dead. She could understand the mess that Elaine was in but she was only the main person who would have to deal with it.

Elaine now needed time to think and said goodbye to Charlotte before heading back towards her house but halfway there her phone rang again, this time it was Steve. She answered the call.

“Hello my little sweetheart”

“Hello Steve”, Elaine could only squeak out the words without crying to him down the phone.

“Are you alright, Elaine?” asked Steve realising that Elaine was not herself and that she was fighting back tears.

“Where are you honey?” asked Steve concerned.

“Heading home; that is if you can call it home”.

“I am coming to see you my honey because I know from your voice you are upset and I want you to know how much I love you and want to be there for you in the happy and sad times”.

“Thank you so much Steve. See you soon”.

Elaine was only just taking her coat off when the doorbell rang. She answered it knowing it would be Steve. When she opened the door to him, he discovered her in floods of tears. He followed her into the sitting room and sat down with her.

“What are all the tears about?” he asked giving her a comforting hug.

It took a while before Elaine finally answered, “It is Mike. I know I should not let him affect me but he keeps doing this to me. I had a call this afternoon from Mike’s prison that he is in French Hay Hospital again. He tried to commit suicide once again but this time he stabbed himself”.

Steve was immediately shocked. “Oh honey. I do not know what to say. Mike has obviously upset my princess again. I know from what you have told me he is a depressive and has dark moments but he cannot drag you down to his lows and I am not going tolerate it”. Steve was angry now. “If he was not already in hospital I sure would be going around to his and putting him there myself. You are my princess now, he had his chance and I should not judge but he is a very weak and jealous man”.

Elaine was a little worried by that statement. Maybe Steve was not the sweet man that she thought he was. He immediately knew what he had said and spoke again.

“Oh honey. I should not have said that. You must think I am a violent man but believe me I am not. Fighting over a woman is not something a true man does, but I will fight for you only not in that way. Mike is definitely jealous because he cannot bear to see you happy. We both know he has dark moments and he is clearly trying to drag you down to his world and I am not going to stand for that. He had his chance with you and he lost that. I want you to know how much I love and adore you and that you are my princess and I will never hurt you”.

Following the speech Elaine started to cry again so Steve gave her a long and tender cuddle. Elaine felt a lot happier and liked it when he called her his princess. Steve wiped her tears away with his finger. He could not wipe away her heartache but gave her a tender and careful kiss, to which she responded.

“I love you”, Elaine whispered tenderly to which Steve replied just as tenderly “I love you too my princess”. They continued to kiss, with every beat of her heart and kiss on her lips she knew that Steve was the one and she felt like she was a girl again feeling the first butterflies of teenage love.

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