Dark Places

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Chapter 14

It was now the end of November so the dark mornings and nights had begun and it was certainly starting to feel a lot fresher with a nip of winter that was looming in the air. Elaine preferred summer, with all those warm days and the fun, which could be had in the sun but she had to admit that she liked autumn too. There was nothing nicer than snuggling down on the sofa, with a nice cup or glass of something warming and this was all made extra special knowing that an extra special person was making her feel warm inside. She was still very much in love with Steve, and these feelings grew stronger each day that she saw him, which was virtually every day but even so she could not bear to be parted from him. She knew what she wanted from Steve and he knew how much Elaine wanted him.

Elaine was sitting alongside Steve in his car on the way to Bath to spend a couple of nights with him at the Christmas market. Christmas was another favourite time of the year for her so she was looking forward to spending a few days away, starting to think about Christmas and best of all she would be sharing more special moments with Steve and again this warm feeling made her feel like an excited school girl, who was having her first romance.

Elaine was even more excited as she had no idea where Steve had booked them to stay so imagine her surprise when she saw the luxury hotel, where they would be staying.

As a setting Abbey House was situated in the main city centre of Bath and the hotel had the twenty first century feel but could also boast a heritage and style from the eighteenth century and when Steve opened the door to let Elaine in she could not believe her eyes as the room they had been given was amazing.

“This must have cost a fortune”, commented Elaine “but I love it as much as I love you”.

Steve simply smiled before closing the door and allowing Elaine to look around the room with an astonished expression on her face. She truly was in heaven. The room was spacious and well equipped and a personal touch was that there was a chocolate mint waiting for them on each of their pillows, which both found as a nice exciting surprise and then there was the hospitality trays supplied by the owners, which had a well thought out selection of British sourced goodies, which included chocolate, nuts and a several other items but what made them more special was the fact that each one had Elaine and Steve’s name on them so ensuring that added personal touch. Added to this they also had an excellent view over Bath from their window.

Elaine went over to Steve and gave him a great big hug saying with it, “Steve, thank you so much this is really special. What good memories I will have. I love you so much”.

“I love you too Elaine. All this is for the most precious and special lady to me”, with that they shared a loving and tender kiss. Neither Elaine nor Steve could have dreamt that they would find the perfect partner and be this happy.

After a couple of hours relaxing Elaine and Steve headed to the Christmas market. They discovered that this was set in the picturesque streets surrounding Bath Abbey, which made for a perfect and magical location. The market consisted of 180 British makers of products including clothes, jewellery, and decorations and of course food and drink. The chalets were all prettily lit with lots of twinkling white lights. Elaine was so happy she could cry.

As they walked around the market, Elaine and Steve remained arm in arm and close to one another never wanting to let go of each other.

The couple found the ice skating rink and though neither had skated in some years they both decided it was an opportunity that was too good to be missed and soon discovered that they had never really forgotten how to skate.

They then saw the Victorian carousel in Stall Street, which was great for kids and those young at heart. Elaine took lots of pictures to remember these magical few days together.

“I am hungry. How about we find something to eat?” commented Steve, “we can come back tomorrow and see more”.

Elaine had to admit that she was hungry too. It had been a long time since her sandwich at lunch.

They both agreed on Chinese and had the most amazing meal. Elaine sat back full to the brim. She was so happy and contented with Steve.

On the walk back to the hotel, the couple laughed a lot and were enjoying one another’s company and shared kisses. They were oblivious to being in the middle of a City Centre; they were so blindly in love that nothing else mattered.

When they got back to the room and were sitting down relaxing. Both were now very tired but Steve needed to speak to Elaine about a few things.

“I know you have had a magical day but I need to ask you something, which I hope is not out of turn but have you thought about Mike at all?”

“I have not thought of him one bit. I have had an amazing day with an amazing and gorgeous man. We have a few more days of fun together and I do not want that man ruining that. I do not know what to do with that man. We are nearly divorced and though I still care I cannot make myself fall to his needs. I may well check his progress but only because we were married and not because I still care”.

Steve understood and they shared another long and lingering kiss together before Steve commented “I am shattered but I wondered if this would not be too far but would you take a shower with me? We do not have to do anything but I have always dreamt of having a shower with the woman I love”.

Elaine was touched and whispered, “yes okay”, which pleased Steve very much. They shared a long and hot shower together with lots more cuddles but nothing more. Though they had had sex together, the couple did not need to have it often to show they loved each other; their hearts were engraved with each other’s name.

When they had dressed for bed Steve could wait no longer. He had another question to ask and this one had nothing to do with Mike.

Steve got down on one knee and somehow produced a little blue box, almost out of thin air and said “Elaine Fear, I never knew I would meet a woman who would make me so happy that I could not bear the thought of never having her by my side. What I am trying to say is I would be honoured if you would be my wife and will you marry me?”

Elaine certainly had not imagined that one coming. She too could never have imagined that she would have another man after Mike but she too felt happy and proud to be with him. Everything they did was fun and natural so there was probably only one answer to that question.

“Yes I will marry you”.

“Thank you, Elaine. I know we need your divorce with Mike to go through first but I would marry you tomorrow if I could”.

The couple shared several more kisses before climbing into bed, exhausted but happy. Elaine lay back for a moment and thought how happy she was right now and how very much in love with Steve she was but there was a little doubt as to whether a certain someone would put a dampener on things, for now she was just going to enjoy these couple of days and worry about that later.

“Good night, my darling Elaine”.

“Good night, my sweet heart Steve”

Both then fell asleep in each other’s arms, warm and comfortable and extremely happy.

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