Dark Places

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Chapter 15

Next morning Elaine woke up and turned over and snuggled up to the warm body of Steve, he was still asleep so she did not want to wake him but she wanted to be close to him forever.

Elaine was on a high. She had enjoyed her first night at Bath Christmas market, it had been as magical as it promised it would be but what was more magical was how she had been with Steve, all that laughter and all those loving kisses. She did not know at those points that the night could get any better than the day and evening had been but it had when Steve had proposed to her and made them an officially committed couple. She looked at her ring and felt even more excited. It had been a long time since she had committed herself to Mike but she never remembered being this happy with him when they had become engaged.

Elaine was just texting Charlotte to arrange to meet when they got home but she did not let on what she wanted to discuss with her. She wanted the engagement to be a special moment between just her and Steve for the moment and what was more she had another day and night with him in Bath.

Steve awoke, a little bleary eyed but immediately put his arm around Elaine and whispered “good morning my darling Elaine”. Elaine was not able to speak before they shared more passionate kisses.

“I guess we should be getting up for breakfast”, said Steve though he wanted to be able to lie like this next to Elaine forever.

Elaine tickled Steve’s nose with a kiss she had put on her finger and replied, “yes we should”.

“You stay there for a while, whilst I go and have a shower. I will not be long”.

Steve got out of bed and Elaine could not help watching that fit naked body of his whilst he walked around the room naked.

Sensing that she was watching him, Steve said in-joke “well I have not left much to be desired have I?”

Elaine just giggled before Steve entered the bathroom. Whilst he was in there Charlotte replied back to Elaine’s text and was curious but excited to hear what Elaine had to tell her and while she was waiting for Steve she could not help but admire and play with her beautiful engagement ring.

Steve and Elaine were soon ready and had breakfast and were out into the Bath City Centre again.

The couple visited The Royal Crescent, a row of 30 terraced houses which were built in a sweeping crescent in the 17 hundreds and housed a Georgian Museum of how the houses would have looked inside and needless to say Steve and Elaine were fascinated by what they had seen.

They had lunch at Bea’s Vintage Tea Rooms, which they were impressed with as they had stepped back in time to the 1930s and 40s and had a lovely lunch with tea in proper china tea cups and the décor was authentic to the times and then had a day time visit to the Christmas market and got a few presents. They then returned back to their hotel for a while and chilled out together, sharing more kisses and special moments.

“I love you so much Elaine and I have not had so much fun like this in ages especially with a pretty woman like you”.

Elaine was slightly embarrassed but replied back “I love you so much too Steve and I cannot believe how happy and special I feel especially with all the things we have done in our two days so far”.

In the evening Elaine and Steve went back to the Christmas market and had another look around, had a cup of mulled wine and remembered the magic they had shared last night and how they had not cared about showing their emotions so fondly out in the open. They had another amusing but fun ice skate before dinner, which had been the most amazing and different meal ever being a taste of Thailand at Koh Thai Tapas.

Elaine and Steve were walking back to their hotel arm in arm when Steve commented again how much he enjoyed these last few days with Elaine and that now they were engaged he could not wait to have Elaine forever by his side. The couple shared a little kiss.

The couple again returned back to the hotel ready to relax before retiring for the night, they kept the lights low as they lay on the bed together, sharing more special cuddles. Elaine unbuttoned Steve’s shirt, she just could not get enough of seeing or stroking Steve’s toned body.

Steve giggled “you naughty girl”, but he liked Elaine being naughty with him. Then he unbuttoned her blouse and gently caressed her warm and soft breasts and whispered “I confess that I am just as naughty as you” and then quite naturally he undid his trousers and Elaine naturally dropped her underwear and one kiss lead to another and then they shared the special moment together. When it was over Steve leaned on this elbow watching Elaine and smiled lovingly at her. He was so happy that he no longer needed to put it in words to Elaine.

As soon as they had fallen asleep it was time to get up, have breakfast and pack ready to return home.

“Oh Elaine, my sweet Elaine you have made me even more happier with these special few days than I could have ever imagined and thank you for making me feel the luckiest man alive to be able to make sweet and precious love to you. I know it must be hard sometimes for you but I would never hurt you my precious Elaine and I am sorry to mention hurt and I should not be saying this but Mike lost a very precious woman but his loss is my gain. I repeat I love you so much”.

Elaine had loved what Steve had just said but she had put Mike out of her mind but the mere mention of his name had stirred up memories that she wanted forgotten and of course she knew deep down there was the small matter of Mike being in hospital. She was happy now but would Mike shatter that for her?

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