Dark Places

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Chapter 23

It was now New Year’s Eve and like Christmas Day, Elaine and Steve were seeing the New Year in with his family. Elaine was looking forward to the New Year, new starts and continuing another year with the love of Steve and their forthcoming baby. Elaine was determined that this would definitely be the year for change and where situations would be happy.

Elaine had never been so happy but then she started to have stomach cramps, the kind that appear when a female is having periods but Elaine was scared and anxious because being pregnant she was sure something was not right and took herself off to the bathroom and when she looked down she was bleeding. Elaine could not think of much else than not wanting to lose the baby, as she knew this could be the early signs of a miscarriage.

When Elaine returned back to the room, Steve noticed that his fiancée was worried about something so commented “what is wrong my sweetie?”

“I need to talk to you and need some help”, Elaine started crying so Steve immediately took her hand and led her to the more quite conservatory.

“What has happened? You were so happy a few moments ago and now this”.

Elaine was so upset that she just about squeaked out “I know this is a silly question but do you know if anyone will have any sanitary towels?” Steve thought this was a strange question to pose of him.

“I am sorry to sound stupid but how come? I am sure someone here will have some but why do you need them when you are pregnant?”

“I am so scared Steve. I might be losing our baby. I have got cramps and bleeding like you get when having a period and I have never felt like this with my other two pregnancies so I guess I am naturally a bit worried.”

Steve did know what to say at first. It took some time before he said “first we will sort supplies out for you and then we will sort the other thing out okay?”

“Thanks, Steve”. Elaine did not like mentioning all this to him but she knew he cared and understood.

“Why is everything happening to me when it is holidays?”

“I do not know sweetie but we will sort this out. Now you go and look for someone who can help with supplies and I will see what I can do about the other problem, deal?”

Elaine smiled and kissed a ‘thank you’ on Steve’s cheek.

It did not take long for Elaine to have sourced what she was looking for and so felt in that regard more comfortable but how to solve the other problem so quickly?

Steve did a little research on the Internet and found a few things, which they would be able to carry out for the welfare of the baby.

“I do not know what you are feeling right now and I do not care that it is New Year’s Eve but I am getting you to a doctor and we are going to sort this out but from what I read you should be okay and the doctor may send you to an early pregnancy unit”.

“What does that mean?” Elaine had no idea of what she was facing as she had never suffered from bleeding during a pregnancy before so was naturally scared.

“The doctor or nurse, from what I have read will most likely ask you questions about the bleeding and the pregnancy. They may well need to do an internal vaginal examination, along with a urine and blood test. There may well be an ultrasound scan to check baby. I know that this is a lot to take in and you must be so scared but at the appointment I am sure all will show to be fine and I wished I could do more for you but I know Charlotte will be there for you as always so do you want me to have a word with her or do you?”

Elaine really appreciated Steve’s help but smiled and said, “I will speak to her and thank you again”.

Steve replied with a smile and gave her a hug, which made Elaine feel a little more relaxed and loved.

It had taken Steve a lot of time on the Internet to be able to find somewhere he could take Elaine without having to use an accident and emergency department of a hospital but had little success so A&E it would have to be.

“Now I did not want this for you but I cannot find somewhere which will offer help and advice other than Weston General Hospital’s Accident and Emergency”.

“Thank you so much for looking for that information for me. I would like to go just to put my mind at ease, even if it is a far distance to travel to”.

Steve entered the living room with his arm around Elaine’s waist and whispered to his mother that he would like a word with her in private.

Steve’s mum followed her son and daughter-in-law into the kitchen before Steve spoke again, “Elaine and myself are going to excuse ourselves for a while. We just have something we need to sort out that cannot wait”.

“Is everything alright? Does this something to do with Elaine’s request for sanitary items?”

“Oh mother you guess everything. Yes it is something to do with that and we both want peace of mind”. Steve paused whilst he whispered to Elaine “you okay with this”, to which she nodded.

“Yes it does have something to do with Elaine asking for sanitary items. I know she is pregnant and should not be wanting these but Elaine is bleeding and obviously as the pregnancy is in its’ early stages we are worried about baby”.

“Oh my gosh and where do you have to go?”

“I have tried everywhere and this is the last place I wanted Elaine to go to but we will have to go to A&E at Weston General. It is still early so I am hoping that we can have our minds put to rest and be back here in time for the Big Ben chimes”.

“Off you go then”, replied Lisa and “thinking of you Elaine”, which made her smile.

Steve and Elaine got into his car and before pulling off he commented, “I am sure all will be fine but it will be better knowing”, with that he drove off.

They arrived at the hospital and Steve being the perfect gentleman got out of the car first and waited for Elaine before saying “I know you are scared but everything will be okay. I promise”.

After a lengthy wait Elaine was finally called to see a nurse, when they had entered her consulting room she began by asking Elaine’s name and what she could help with.

Steve squeezed Elaine’s hand before she spoke “Elaine Fear and I am one month pregnant but I have started to bleed”.

After some examinations the nurse said “Mrs Fear I diagnose menstrual molimena. The symptoms are similar to miscarriage but baby will be fine but I will contact your local GP and let him know to monitor you but you are free to go home now”.

“Thank you nurse” said Elaine and Steve together.

When they were back in the car Steve said “I just knew you would be fine”, before hugging Elaine and though Elaine was pleased with the news she knew that the pregnancy could easily be affected again due to her age.

Steve looked at his watch before commenting, “We should still be back in time for those bongs”.

The couple were soon back at Steve’s parents’ house and was immediately greeted by Lisa with “how did it go?”

“Elaine and baby are fine”.

“That is good news”, replied Lisa before they all re-entered the sitting room.

It was soon midnight but Lisa had managed to keep the good news from her guests. However, when the chimes of Big Ben sounded she raised a toast to Steve, Elaine and baby, to which Steve kissed Elaine and said “I am looking forward to another year with my Elaine and little one”.

The party eventually wound down and Steve and Elaine went to bed.

“You were so brave”, commented Steve.

Elaine had not really done anything and so simply said “thank you Steve for what you did tonight and I look forward to another year with you and baby too”, she said this as she was rubbing her stomach and then looked down and said “do not do that again you hear me?”.

It was not long before both were in bed and almost asleep but could not forget their ritual of saying goodnight to each other.

“Goodnight my sweet, Elaine”.

“Goodnight my darling Steve”.

Following this and the day, which they both had had they were instantly asleep and both were looking forward to spending the New Year together, whatever that decided to bring.

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