Dark Places

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Chapter 24

Mike loved New Year but this was the first year in which he was spending it alone and he hated it so much. He was not quite a party animal but I did not like being alone either. He did not want to think about the memories and special moments of the New Years’ Eves’ and New Years’ Days’, which he had spent with Elaine and he especially was not comfortable thinking that his Elaine was bringing it in with someone else but should he stop thinking this way?

The chiming of Big Ben for him was his promise to himself that this year was going to be a year of change, the new him and with the powers of the internet he knew that that dream was not impossible and for himself he needed to change. He could not spend his days moping about Elaine or Claire and what might have been so yes he had made a pact to himself to change. He definitely wanted more out of life and the biggest thing he wanted was to be able to be more positive within his own mind and gaining that would help him finally beat the depression. Yes 2015 was his year of change, the year of starting over again.

New Year’s Day seemed the ideal time to start. He would find a few new hobbies or interests. He was also actually looking forward to the beginning of February, as he was going to return to his old company and role of Credit Control. He would initially be undertaking two days a week to see how he would cope with returning full time. He hoped that he would be able to manage this, as this would be the start of his turnaround in life. He knew he was lucky that his company had kept his contract of employment open for him for when he decided to return. With the hospital stays and prison he knew his that his employers had given him a second chance and that would be the first step to his new life. He also knew that it would be good to be able to see some of his old work friends again.

Elaine had not seen Charlotte over Christmas so was delighted that they managed to make an appointment that afternoon for a spot of lunch and a catch up.

When Elaine and Charlotte had been served their orders, Charlotte then asked for the news from Elaine.

“So what has been happening to my friend then for her to want to confide in me again?”

Elaine did not know how to confide in her friend about what had happened to her but she knew that Charlotte would always understand and offer a listening ear.

“I had to go to the hospital New Year’s Eve because I thought I was miscarrying the baby. Thankfully everything seems to be fine and Steve proved he was even more my rock for finding out about the nearest hospital that would see me and driving me all the way there”.

“Oh honey, I am sorry to hear that but glad you are okay. You have really been dealt some bad cards but I know you are strong and everything will be fine. You have to remember as well that you have a good man in Steve”.

How could Elaine forget what a special man Steve was to her? Despite the promises that she would be fine with baby, Elaine did not want to go through that again.

Elaine and Charlotte had been in the café for a couple of hours before they finally said their goodbyes. She always liked spending time with her best friend and if she was in an unhappy or confused mood she could be reassured that Charlotte would make her smile again.

Elaine was feeling really positive and in a good place but was that all about to change?

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