Dark Places

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Chapter 25

Elaine was enjoying a romantic evening out with Steve for Valentine’s Day and had just finished a lovely meal at The Queen Adelaide pub in Blagdon and was now finishing her last glass of wine. What a lovely day she had had so far, Steve had brought her a dozen red roses, in addition to paying for the lovely meal they had just had. She had brought Steve his favourite tipple and some chocolate.

“What a lovely evening we have had” commented Elaine, feeling contented.

“Every day is Valentine’s Day when I am spending it with my gorgeous fiancée, Elaine” replied Steve affectionately. This made Elaine simply giggle. She was definitely feeling like that young woman again, as she had when she had first met Steve.

Elaine never thought she would be so happy with another man following the events with Mike but she could truly say that she had met a very special and sweet man when she had met Steve and she never wanted that feeling for Steve to ever disappear. She had long realised that what she felt for him could be classed as true love and she never wanted to let go of that.

Elaine and Steve headed home and were soon snuggling up together on the sofa. Both were a little tired but very happy. What Elaine had to say next to Steve would surprise him but it was something that she wanted very much.

“I have been meaning to ask you this before”, began Elaine “but would you like to move in? This place is far too big for just me and it would mean I could always be around my special man”.

Steve was pleased with the idea and said “thank you. If you think you can put up with me then, yes what a lovely idea”.

‘If you can put up with me’, made Elaine smile as of course she wanted to put up with him as he had termed it. She could not imagine a life without Steve and being able to live together would be the icing on the cake. All those lovely times together they could have and she thought cheekily of how much more she would be able to see Steve’s fit naked body. That was not a wicked thought was it?

Steve had no idea that that proposition was coming his way but he liked the thought that he would be able to spend most of his waking hours with his princess and Elaine had never lived with a man in sin but they were engaged and having a baby so what was to stop them preparing the nest?

Elaine went upstairs for a while. She was the happiest she had been for a long time but there was something that still worried her and that was that until today she was still bleeding. She was never reassured by the hospital saying that her baby was fine because she did not feel fine. She could not put her hand on her heart and say why but she knew in her heart and stomach that something was not right with the pregnancy. She had read up a lot of information about miscarriage following her first visit to hospital so knew the facts, they scared her and she knew this was what she was doing having a miscarriage. Unlike the old days miscarriage no longer meant a trip to hospital, as the body would complete the miscarriage naturally. The only things she could do now was rest at home with painkillers and a hot water bottle but the important thing she would need would be someone to comfort and support her and she knew she had that in Steve but how to tell him what was happening to her?

Elaine touched her stomach and with tears in her eyes said “goodbye my darling. We will never meet but I will never forget you”.

Elaine had been a while upstairs so Steve was naturally worried about his princess so went to check on her. He found her lying on the bed crying. He hated to see his Elaine crying and clearly so upset, especially when he had no idea why she was like this and so soon after being so happy with their date and her question of Steve moving in with her.

“What has brought this on my sweet?” asked Steve.

It took a while before Elaine could face up to the words that she would have to say to Steve. How did you tell the one you love the news that she had? She knew that it had to be said.

“I really do not know how to say this but I am so sorry, Steve. I have lost our baby”.

Steve immediately took Elaine in his arms and starting to shed a tear too. “I am so sorry to hear that my darling. I cannot imagine how you feel but we can get through this. I guess things were not meant to be and we do not need a baby in our lives to show how much we love and care for each other. I am upset for us but I still have and will always have my special Elaine and that is enough for me”.

Elaine could not believe what a caring and special man Steve was to her. She could not help but wonder how Mike would have coped with this situation if he were in Steve’s shoes. Whatever she knew that Steve truly cared and though it would be hard she would get over losing the baby. It would never be forgotten but Elaine would be strong and move on.

Elaine dried her eyes before Steve said lovingly “now that is much better”, to which Elaine smiled and then gave him a kiss.

“Now let us enjoy what is left of Valentine’s Day. Although for me every day that I share with my Elaine is special to me and so we do not really need Valentine’s Day to do that for us and it will not be long before we are married and together forever and that thought makes me happy, officially having you by my side”.

“I really never believed when Charlotte took me out after Mike that I would meet someone new who would prove to be so special to me and I cannot wait to marry you either and the pregnancy was not meant to be but I do know that you were”.

Steve gave Elaine the warmest hug ever, which made her feel even more safe and happy. He really was complimented by what his special Elaine had just said to him.

Elaine felt that she needed to confide in Steve about the miscarriage so informed him that she could need rest for anything between a few days and a few weeks and that she could feel tired or generally run down during her recovery. Steve naturally felt upset for himself but mostly for Elaine and what his precious lady was going through and was going to go through.

“I will have to explain to work, which will not be easy but it has to be done as I need the time off to recover. I just do not want to stay at home as I know I will be bored”.

“They will understand and we will get you through this” replied Steve in genuine care.

“Thank you again”

“That is what I am here for so how about another cuddle?” replied Steve.

Following this Steve posed the question that Elaine was fearful about and that was about informing Charlotte about what had happened to her but would she tell Mike too? Did he need to know?

“I am only asking through concern for you but have you thought whether you will let Charlotte know about what has happened and Mike too?”

“I have to confide in my best friend but Mike? Why does he need to know what happened to me?”

The answer was that Mike would want to know Elaine’s bad news but what she was fearful of was that he might think with the baby gone he had chances of rekindling what they once had.

Steve left the conversation on that and continued to shower Elaine with all the love, of which she deserved.

Mike’s Valentine’s Day was just another day for him. He had no-one special in his life and he had always thought if you loved someone you had to make them feel special throughout the year and not on just one day. However, it would have been nice to be able to share the special day with someone special but it was not to be and it depressed him to see the shops decorated with hearts and stocked with cards, flowers and chocolates. Mike held on to the hope that he would meet someone special soon because he hated life on his own. The problem was his mind always went back to Elaine and that pained him because he knew she was happy with Steve and having his baby. Mike, of course did not know what had happened to Elaine and the baby but was that really a concern of his?

Elaine had a couple of calls to make with her first being to Charlotte who was upset for her but sympathetic.

When Mike’s home phone rang, he was snapped out of his thoughts before answering and recognised that special voice before she told him the news.

“I am so sorry, Elaine. I know how much you and Steve were looking forward to the baby. I know this is not the time but whilst I am speaking to you can I ask if I can see you sometime soon as friends?”

Elaine did not know what to answer to the question. She did not want Mike getting back into her life but what harm would a meet and chat do? She agreed with Mike that they would meet tomorrow evening for a drink. Mike was already looking forward to the date. It was not a date but he did so continue to dream that something special with Elaine would recommence where they had left off before the rape but would Elaine realise Mike’s intentions?

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