Dark Places

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Chapter 26

Elaine was approaching The New Inn pub in Blagdon, where she was meeting Mike and though she was pleased that they were still friends she could not get enthused by meeting him, she was not even sure why but she did feel a bit of dread about seeing him again. It would be good to catch up with him again though but she was not sure that she should be telling him everything like losing Steve’s baby, as she did not really wish to pour out her intimate thoughts to Mike, he did not really have to know too much about what had taken place of late but he was sure to ask though. It would only be natural but she decided she would solve that one when she had seen him.

Elaine pushed the pub door open and immediately saw Mike sitting waiting for her and from the distance she was standing she could see that Mike continued to look healthier and certainly looked a lot happier. If she had never met Mike before she could easily fall for him; that had been his charm but now Elaine just walked over to him before he greeted her.

“Hi Elaine”, beamed Mike “and what can I get you?”

“Hi Mike. I think I will just have a Coke please.”

Mike thought that Elaine’s request was a little odd from her as Coke was something which she had never drunk to the point that she had never encouraged Becky or Oliver to drink it either but Mike said nothing and went over to the bar to order the drinks, whilst Elaine sat down and prepared herself. She did not know why she was so nervous about being alone with Mike again. She would make herself comfortable but there was just a little nagging doubt of why Mike wanted to meet up with her like this.

“There you go”, said Mike when he had returned to the table with the drinks before settling himself down. Elaine said a ‘thank you’ before Mike spoke again.

“It really is good to see you again, Elaine. You look well considering what you told me on the telephone about your baby. I really am sorry for you”.

Elaine paused for a while. Could she really say it was good to see him again? Of course, she was pleased to see him. She was not sure if this was general or something to do with her hormones, which naturally were all over the place and so playing her up but she started to think of the man sitting opposite her as her Mike. She adored Steve and could not wait for the pending marriage but there was a feeling in her heart for Mike and though it was not wrong, she had moved on now. She could not really be falling for Mike again could she? She dismissed that thought from her head before finally replying with a simple “thank you” and then continued by asking Mike how he was.

Mike told her that this was the best he had ever felt. He was cosy and happy at home and enjoying his few days at work but he confessed how much he missed having a special person in his life at the moment. He had to confess that he still very much needed someone to love but even when he was with Claire he was thinking of a certain lady; the lady sitting opposite him-self but he could not say that to her face.

The couple continued to chat until the ringing of the bell by the landlord to signal the end of serving hours so they finished what drinks that had and prepared to leave. Mike helped Elaine with her coat and she had to admit that there was still a perfect gentleman there. He had always been a gentleman to her until that night!

When they were outside the pub they continued to chat further. Mike was trying to stall Elaine because he did not want to face the thought of leaving her side again. The meeting had made him more determined that he was going to win her back.

“Thank you, Elaine for this evening, which was really pleasurable and it was good to catch up again”.

Elaine had to think of her answer to that but eventually replied with “Yes, it was a good evening Mike and I am glad we can still be friends”.

Despite it being the middle of February, the evening was not cold so Mike suggested that they had a little walk by the lake so they could talk more in private away from the pub.

Elaine was not sure about this but she was willing to trust him this once so agreed to the suggestion but would she regret this decision? It was perfectly natural for her to be a little sceptical about the suggestion for the walk by the lake but decided to keep the peace.

Mike and Elaine were soon sitting on a bench overlooking the lake, carrying on the conversation when Mike suddenly said “I have missed you so much, Elaine”, which was not really the words Elaine needed to be hearing but it is what happened next that she could not be expecting. Mike had long thought about this evening and what he had in his head for Elaine. Mike leant over, took her face tenderly and started to kiss her.

Elaine was taken a back and raised her hand to slap Mike around the face but he was too strong for her and grabbed her arm a little.

“What was that all about?” cried Elaine angrily.

Elaine was naturally upset with the kiss but she was also humiliated at the same time. Her memories of the rape were slowly fading and what Mike had just done was stir those memories back up again as one simple kiss had been how the rape had started. Why did the memories have to be stirred up again? Elaine started to cry and though Mike made an effort to try and comfort her it was all part of his plans.

Mike took Elaine in his arms and said, “I am sorry I scared you but we have to be true to ourselves. You are fooling yourself that you love Steve only and not myself as well. I have not found anyone as special as you; that is because you are the only one for me.

Elaine was naturally flattered by what Mike had said apart from his assumption that she was fooling herself with regards to loving Steve and not admitting to herself that she loved Mike too. She felt that statement a bit below the belt.

Mike looked at his watch and commented “we had better get you on the road to home. It is getting rather late”.

However, after a few minutes walking Elaine realised that this was not the way back to the main high street of Blagdon; it was more towards Blagdon Lane, which was the other side of the lake and so Elaine said to Mike “where are we going?” but he never answered her and continued walking. Why Elaine carried on she would never know.

The couple eventually came to a gate in a wooded area down the lane. Elaine did not know quite why she was following Mike because she was getting cold and it was getting later but then Mike shut the gate behind them and sat down amongst a clump of trees, instructing Elaine to do the same by patting the ground.

“What is this?” asked Elaine getting quite concerned by now.

“I just want us to be able to talk more quietly”, but Mike had a different sort of talking on his mind. Mike was using his usual tone when he was flirting and also he did the Steve thing of leaning on one elbow to be able to admire her properly. Elaine started to know that look in Mike’s eyes and it was not the look that she wanted to see from him. It was that look that first attracted her to Mike but unlike then the look was starting to scare her.

Mike was quite comfortable, despite the slight nip in the air. He leant for a while before he said “one kiss for old time sake?”

Elaine could not believe what Mike had just said but before she could think any further she was in his arms. In that short space of time Mike had managed to unbutton his shirt to that point that Elaine liked, just the top three buttons. He knew this was wrong but oh how he longed for his darling Elaine back.

The cuddle continued and Elaine felt powerless. Then everything started to happen so fast, especially when Elaine realised that Mike had somehow managed to unzip his trousers freeing himself, all the while kissing her and saying how much he still loved her. There was no mistaking what he had done and what his intentions towards her were.

Mike was not going to be rough with his princess but he needed to make Elaine realise how much they still needed each other. He was determined to make sweet love to her, nothing like the last time when the rape had taken place but proper passionate love.

Quite why she would never know but Elaine was attracted to Mike again and with the kisses came the lovemaking. This was the last thing she had wanted to do again with Mike and though she was betraying Steve she was also enjoying what was happening. The tenderness of Mike reminded her of the first time they had been together and made her feel young again but she also felt so guilty for what was taking place.

When things were over Elaine made her-self decent and said guiltily “that should not have happened”.

Mike simply smiled the old Mike charming smile before saying in his deep but gentle voice “you are still amazing”, was that meant to make what had happened right?

“I know you still love me”, continued Mike.

Elaine was just speechless and so ashamed of what they had just done. She just wanted to go home; how she was going to face Steve knowing that she had cheated on him she did not know but he would be wondering where she was.

“I had better get you home”, Mike was the one doing all the talking at the moment as Elaine was lost for words. He rose and then helped Elaine up before saying “I will get you home, if you bear with me”.

Mike sloped off whilst Elaine stupidly waited. This is the moment where she should have just headed straight home but instead for some reason she decided to wait whilst Mike was doing what he had to. Mike eventually reappeared and as promised walked Elaine back home. He decided not to try his luck any further and simply said “night Elaine”. Elaine opened and then closed the front door and wept tears of shame for what had happened not long ago between her and Mike. She knew she had to confess to Steve in the morning but how would he react?

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