Dark Places

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Chapter 27

Elaine remained for quite a while by the front door in tears before she decided she needed to sleep on what had happened so went to the bathroom to dry her eyes before climbing into bed next to Steve. She was full of regret as she put her arms around him. She made up her mind that over their first coffee she would tell Steve everything. She wanted no secrets or lies but she was just fearful of how Steve would react to her confession. She did not know if she was scared of what he could do to Mike or her for that matter. What a stupid mess she was in.

Next morning Elaine made her way downstairs to the kitchen, where Steve was sitting at the dining table drinking his first cup of coffee of the day.

“Hello gorgeous” greeted Steve but he could instantly see that something was wrong so merely asked, “what is it love?”

Elaine was full of guilt, remorse and felt physically sick to her stomach remembering what had taken place last night and she could not answer for a while so Steve continued “I know that you must have come in quite late as I had already fallen asleep so did not hear you. It was late when I came to bed so I went assuming you had had a good chat with Mike and had forgotten the time but now I wake to find my princess unhappy again”.

Elaine started to cry and between sobs she said, “Steve, I am so sorry something very stupid happened between Mike and me last night and I never meant to hurt you”.

Steve was taken aback what had Mike and Elaine done that had upset her so much? Steve remained quiet and listened to the rest of what Elaine had to say.

“I am afraid we had sex. I do not know why it happened or why I allowed us to do that but it happened and I would understand if this was the end of our relationship”.

Steve was horrified by what Elaine had told him but he was pleased that she had confessed so soon after the event and took her in his arms.

“Oh my darling. I do not know what to say but I am not going to be angry with you. I will forgive you but Mike I will not forgive. After all this time apart he still cannot see you as anything more than good friends. I will never be angry with you but Mike is a different matter”.

Elaine had never seen Steve like this before and pleaded with him “please do not do anything rash”.

Steve however could not promise that. He was not a violent man and he had certainly never fought over a woman in his life before but this situation was different he was willing to fight for his precious Elaine. It was time that Mike finally understood that Elaine was no longer his property and what had happened was not as high as raping Elaine but it was still up there in the sleaze stakes and Mike was going to pay for that.

Elaine pleaded again “please do not hurt Mike, promise me that”.

Steve knew where Mike lived and was going to pay him a little visit later that evening. He was not sure how he was going to get through the day at work, as his mind would be on his visit to Mike and what Elaine had told him.

Luckily, Steve had a busy day so the time went by quickly. He had called Elaine and used a little white lie to say that he had to work a little late tonight but he left as normal and drove to Mike’s.

Steve was not sure how he had managed to drive with the anger brewing up inside him but he was now parked outside Mike’s building and was raring to go.

Steve rang Mike’s doorbell and after a few minutes Mike opened the door and had to admit he was a bit curious as to why his visitor was Steve but simply said “hello Steve, how can I help you?”

“Can I come in so we can have a little chat?” Steve was going to be polite for the moment.

Once he was through the door, Steve began “I think you know why I am here. I know what happened last night. Elaine told me. Oh no not all the sordid details but I am asking you politely why did you have sex with my fiancée?”

Mike could not answer Steve’s question so Steve spoke again “coward now are we?”

Mike hung his head in shame but still did not speak so yet again Steve started the conversation hoping for some answers “do you think what you did with Elaine is going to be swept under the carpet and be forgotten?”

“No” was all Mike could answer.

“So why did you do it? Why did you have to have your sexual urges with my fiancée? Is there a screw loose in your head that made you do that? I know you will never be able to forget Elaine and never stop loving her but do you really think conning her into having sex with you would bring her back?”

Mike was angry now and shouted angrily “how dare you demand to come into my property and speak to me like that. The truth is yes we did have sex last night but do you know what you should be more worried about? The fact that Elaine did not resist and made love to me like the first day we met so I would have a think what made her willing to let me have my way with her”.

Steve was angry with Mike and the whole situation and now it was going to spill out and course a lot of trouble.

Mike could not have predicted what Steve was going to do next but he soon knew when he felt a blow to his face when Steve punched him.

“I just do not understand why you cannot let Elaine move on with her life and find love with another man. I know you loved her but you are divorced and so she is nothing to you. I am not normally a violent man willing to fight for a loved one but you have pushed things too far. The first punch was only a starter and Mike was determined too that he was not going to physically fight for Elaine but a physical fight did take place and Mike learnt how strong Steve was and how much passion he was fighting with and the strength he had that was smashing his face.

“You will never learn and so I need to teach you this lesson, you horrible little weak man”, those words hurt Mike harder than the punches but there was no let up from Steve.

Finally when Steve had had enough he just simply stopped and retorted, “that was just a warning”, with this he saw himself out of Mike’s house. He was not proud of what he had done but suddenly a weight had lifted off his shoulders and although it would take time for Steve to ever try and forgive Mike he was confident that Mike had got the message.

When Steve returned home and Elaine saw him she gasped in horror “what has happened to you?” when she saw his blood stained shirt. Steve was ashamed of what he had done but he knew Mike needed to be taught a lesson.

“I am afraid I lied about staying late at work and went to see Mike”, Steve was cut off by Elaine “oh Steve you have not have you?”

“I have taught him a lesson. Yes”.

Elaine continued to be horrified and then the penny dropped “you were fighting over me? I never imagined you would stoop so low”.

Steve hung his head in shame before Elaine continued, “I hate to ask how you left Mike because judging by the state of your shirt it was not pretty. I know what happened last night was wrong but it does not make the situation right by going round there and beating him up. I thought I knew you but as usual the wonderful man in my life has turned on me. First it was Mike and just as I had started to get over that pain, I meet you and thought how perfect you were but now I have learnt that thought was wrong. Right now I hate you and now I do not want to be near you for a while”.

Steve could understand Elaine’s outburst and he decided it would be a good idea to stay at his mums for a few days until the dust settled a little.

“I guess I am on the sofa tonight and tomorrow after work I will go and stay with mum until this all blows over”.

Elaine was not sure if it would blow over, the man she loved had betrayed her by retaliating against Mike and what made that thought worse was the fact that she knew as soon as she told Steve what had happened that there would be trouble.

Elaine left Steve in the living room and headed to bed, although she knew that she would not sleep much tonight, there was too much to sort out in her mind. What another great mess I have to sort out she thought.

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