Dark Places

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Chapter 28

Elaine sat with only her thoughts to keep her company. She felt regretful, upset and very confused. She was regretful because of what had happened between her and Mike. As well as being upset by that she was extremely upset that Steve had beaten Mike up, as she definitely did not want to be fought over and though she was in love with Steve and things should have been in the past between her and Mike, she could not help still caring for him and was upset that Steve had taken action to the news that he had heard the way that he had. Elaine did not want her life revolving around two men but it seemed that way and she really did not know what to do.

What Elaine did know was how much she missed having Steve around but for the time being she really needed to get her head around what he had done. It was Mike who was part of the trouble but she knew in her heart that she would have to see if he was okay. She would never forgive herself if something happened to him but she was unsure where to turn to find out but a good place to start would be a visit to his home. She put her jacket on and took the short walk to Mike’s. She was sceptical as always of seeing him but knew that it had to be done, even if it was just to see that Mike was okay following the previous evenings’ incident.

Elaine rang the doorbell and waited but there was no immediate answer. Then she remembered that for some reason Mike had given her a spare key to his place so she let herself in and walked into the living room and soon discovered Mike, seeing the state he was in she gaped “oh my God Mike”.

Mike just groaned before Elaine spoke again “I know that Steve did this”.

The only answer from Mike was a nod. He was too upset and hurt too much to be able to answer properly.

Elaine was going to temporarily put out of her mind what had happened and see to Mike.

“Come on you we will get you cleaned up and change your shirt and we will both feel better”. Mike smiled and said “thank you”.

Elaine took Mike to the bathroom and found where he kept cotton wool and ran some water before dabbing his face and then commenting, “I think you will live Mike”, to which he laughed though even that action hurt a little.

Once Elaine was satisfied that she had cleaned up Mike as much as they could she said soothingly “let me get you out of that dirty shirt”, this made Mike smile. This once would have been a come on between him and Elaine but he realised that he had to keep his emotions in check for a while. Elaine had to admit that she could see why she had first been attracted to Mike all those years ago. Mike was now looking more like his normal self and she could see why she had given in to him and committed adultery but that still did not make things right. She was not going to think those thoughts any more for a while, she was here simply as a friend to Mike.

Elaine touched Mike’s face before saying “I do not think there will be any scarring”.

“Thank you Elaine”. Mike did not deserve the care and attention, which Elaine was showing him but he had to admit that he was flattered. It did however, as always make him realise what he had lost when he had been untrue to Elaine.

“I know I will say this a thousand times but just because we are no longer married does not mean that I do not want you as a friend and the care I had for you when we were married will never go away. What Steve did was wrong and I know you will not want it but I will make sure he apologises for his actions. In fact, I would not blame you if you pressed charges against him for what he has done to you”.

“I will not do that because I do not want any more trouble”, replied Mike.

“Thank you Mike” was all that Elaine could reply with.

“I should not ask this but I ask as your friend. What are you going to do about Steve? More importantly what are we going to do about us?”

“I will forgive Steve. I think we just need the few days apart whilst he is at his mother’s to think things over but I know that I do still love him and want to marry him, that will never change. As to what to do about us, well there is no us. What happened was a total one off mistake. It should never have happened and you know you should never have started that”.

“Me?” shouted Mike “Me? It was all me was it? I did not exactly see or feel you pushing me away as we did it so do not try and pin this all on me to make me the offender and you the guilty party. Yes it was wrong but you cannot admit that it is I that you want and not Steve. I can hold my hands up and admit raping you was wrong but you have to admit this time you consented so you are no better than me and yet it is me you have a go with”.

“All words Mike, all pointless words. I had moved on but no you cannot do that. I love Steve and I will marry him. Besides why am I arguing with you?”

“You cannot have moved on or I stress again you would not have had sex with me. You say you love Steve and want to marry him but you cannot pretend what we had was never anything else than special”.

“Yes had, emphasis on had was special but you are so wrong Mike Fear. I have moved on but it is your stupid brain that cannot take that in and accept it”.

Mike grabbed Elaine’s arm and moved closer “you keep fooling yourself that you are over me but you will never be, you just do not want to admit to it do you?”

Elaine never got to answer when Mike went in and kissed her, this time Elaine did retaliate and slapped him around the face. Naturally Mike retorted “you bitter and twisted cow”.

“I am not going to argue or stand here and take insults any more. I still cannot justify what Steve has done to you but what you just did cannot be justified either. I think I need a break from both of you”. With that Elaine said no more and left Mike’s house. She stood around the corner whilst her anger was cooling but all she could think of was Mike and Steve and how hurt and upset she was by one action. She definitely needed that time to sort her head out but what would she decide to do? That even she could not answer at the moment but she knew something had to happen with Steve and Mike but what to do?

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