Dark Places

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Chapter 29

It was now the beginning of March and so far Elaine had not been in contact with Steve or Mike. She missed Steve so much but Elaine had needed the time to think and work things out in her head. She could not wait to see Steve again but as to Mike that situation still confused her. She just could not understand why Mike could not leave things alone.

Today was the first day that she had answered a text message from Steve since the incident with Mike and he was asking her if he had been forgiven and whether he could return back home. The couple had agreed to have lunch together, where they could have a chat before Elaine could make up her mind about what she was going to do with this situation.

Elaine was glad for lunchtime to come. She was relieved in some ways that she only worked mornings because she would not have to spend the rest of her working day thinking about the meeting with Mike and what had taken place.

Elaine had only just opened the door to the Moon Dance café where she had pre-arranged to meet Steve and immediately saw him sitting there. It was always these sorts of moments that made her mind up about things and seeing Steve she knew she loved him too much to lose him. She was also less angry with Steve as she had been following the fighting between him and Mike. She would forgive Steve for what he had done to Mike but Mike was a different matter and she did not feel that she could forgive him.

Steve rose from his seat to give Elaine a hug. He wanted so much to sweep her off her feet but decided that they needed to talk before all of that. Elaine missed being in Steve’s arms so was enjoying the closeness of their bodies again.

When they had ordered drinks and settled down Steve said “I missed you so much Elaine, just that brief period away from you confirmed how much I would hate not having you in my life. I know you will have been stressing over what took place with Mike and I definitely know that I lost some trust when I beat up Mike but now I want nothing and no-one to stand in our way and interfere with our lives. I want so much to spend the rest of my life with you and hope that we are still engaged and you are looking forward to being my wife because I am certainly looking forward to being husband to you”.

Elaine took Steve’s hand and replied “I know what you mean. I did need that time to sort my head out but like you it made me know that I cannot live without you either. I was not stressed so much about things with Mike but I do admit that I was very angry when you told me that you had beaten him up but having the time away allowed me to think and I know you were only trying to protect me from Mike so yes if you still want me I am looking forward to being your wife too. We are meant to be together and Mike is not going to stand in the way of that. I do not know about you but I want to be able to be married as soon as we can”.

Wow thought Steve, Elaine had a lot to say but everything that she had said to him had made perfect sense.

“I know I should not have fought Mike for you but he does not seem to understand that he had been part of your life and probably still would be if he had not raped you. I am so pleased that you still want me to be part of your life and that you still want to marry me. I think we should think of a date soon and do it”.

Elaine started to cry; for once the tears she was shedding were tears of happiness and joy and not of hurt and these tears were proving how much Steve was part of her life now. They were still in the café but did not care if anyone saw their expression of love when they kissed each other. It was definitely not a peck on the cheek or the lips but a proper intense kiss.

When they parted Elaine giggled and said, “now look what just happened”, to which Steve replied with “and?” It was a simple word but it meant so much to Elaine and confirmed even more how much she loved Steve.

“Let us pay up the bill and go and have a proper drink somewhere. I could certainly do with one to calm how I am feeling at the moment”, suggested Steve. He was jittery because of what had just happened and how much he was too wrapped in Elaine to allow her to get hurt again. He certainly never wanted to do that to her, he just wanted to love, protect her and keep her safe forever.

When they had reached The New Inn and had ordered drinks, the couple had chatted for a few minutes, wrapped in each other’s arms. Elaine was relaxed and cosy and was to be surprised when Steve stood up but got down on one knee. Elaine knew what Steve was thinking that was obvious but she could not work out why he was doing what was going to happen next.

“I know you have already said yes to me on this question but I want you to know how committed I am to you. When we parted to sort our heads out I was praying that we would be back together where we belonged and here we are and that is why I ask again Elaine Fear will you marry me?”

It was strange to be asked the question again but it really did confirm to Elaine that Steve was a genuine, sweet and very caring man and yes very handsome so how could she have turned him down?

“You know we were already engaged but you asking me again has only confirmed how committed I am to you and how much I want to spend the rest of my life with you”.

Steve was complimented. He really had never truly imagined that he would meet someone so special again. He had loved his wife and never imagined that they would be parted too soon but the dreaded cancer had struck and taken her from him but now he had Elaine and he was so happy again.

The couple chatted about wedding dates and were almost set on a date. They were so happy that again they ignored being in the pub with onlookers and shared several passionate kisses, they were so oblivious to everything around them that they had not noticed that Mike was standing at the bar watching them.

Elaine had only glanced Mike out of the corner of her eye but knew instantly that it was him and she had to mention it to Steve.

“Steve, I know people always say this but do not look now, we are being watched by Mike”, of course Elaine was correct and Steve did turn round to see Mike with his own eyes.

“That man just cannot leave us alone can he?”

“Now, Steve promise me you are not going to go over there and confront him. He will get the message that sooner or later he is not wanted around here and especially not in our lives”.

Mike remained propped up by the bar so Elaine decided that she would take the matters into her own hands and deal with things. She was just scared that if Steve went over there, there would be trouble again and she was stronger and could deal with Mike.

When she reached him Elaine said “hello Mike. Why are you watching us?”

Mike laughed and replied “could hardly miss you two cavorting like teenagers, all over each other. I was watching you because I could. There is no crime in that. It is a free country and we are both in a public place”.

“I stopped Steve coming over, as I wanted to deal with this myself. You cannot get the message that we were over a long time ago and what Steve and I do is our business. You stopped being part of me when you raped me and our divorce came through”.

Mike laughed again “you really do fool yourself. You know exactly as I do that if things had stopped between us you would not have consented to have sex with me. You always did think you were better than me but you are not and never will be”.

Now it was Elaine’s turn to laugh, “you really think you are special too. If I was that way inclined I would be getting a police order on you for stalking so that you would leave me alone”.

“I was special for twenty-five years and yes I hold my hands up and admit that I did wrong when I raped you and deserved the divorce but we both know that the relationship and marriage with Steve would be a con if it carried on. You know you want me as much as I want you”.

“There you are trying to flatter yourself again”, Elaine did not continue any further when Mike broke in and said “I always liked you when you were angry and in denial”. The next thing, which took place, was the last thing that Elaine had wanted to happen and that was that Mike was making a pass at her. In view of Steve, he stroked her cheek and pulled Elaine close to him before flinging his arms around her and kissing her. Elaine had forgotten how strong Mike could be as she pushed him away slapping his face at the same time.

Elaine managed to break free and then said, “you ever try that again and it will not be Steve beating you up, it will be me”. Mike did not even answer before Elaine returned back to Steve.

“I am sorry Steve that you had to see that”, Elaine’s sentence was broke off again when she realised that Mike was standing at their table. In a split second Mike had his face close to hers before threatening “I will get you back Elaine, if it is the last thing I do”.

Was that a threat? Elaine did not know but she said in tears “can we go home now?” she asked Steve before they left the pub.

“I was meant to see that am I right? He really cannot see that you are over can he?”

Elaine did not want to talk anymore about Mike for the moment so she started to head in the direction of home. Steve eventually caught up with him but for one evening she had had enough of men and just wanted to be alone.

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