Dark Places

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Chapter 3

Elaine was distraught. She knew that Mike had hurt her but now he was hurting too. Her hurt might have been raw following what Mike had done to her but his pain was much worse. Elaine knew that Mike deeply loved her and could never see his life without her but to attempt to take your own life because of parting with a loved one could be considered selfish and it put her in even more of a dilemma. Should she go to the hospital and see him? Or should she try and forget what had happened? She would never be that heartless towards him but it would be a long time before she forgot what had happened. Would she be seen heartless if she really could not face up to seeing him?

Elaine picked up the telephone and dialled Charlotte’s number. She would know what to do in this situation and more importantly she would simply be there when Elaine needed her most and now was yet another of those needs.

When the rings were answered, Elaine said “hello Charlotte. It is Elaine and I need to talk to you.”

“Oh hello, Elaine. You know you can always call me when you need to talk so what is wrong?”

Elaine was starting to get upset but managed to speak.

“It is Mike. He is in Frenchhay Hospital in Bristol and he is fighting for his life”.

There was a slight pause before Charlotte could comment on what she had been told.

“What is Mike doing in hospital and why is he fighting for his life?”

“I had a call from PC Smith informing me that as one of Officer Bradley’s colleagues, he wanted to make a visit to Mike to tell him what had happened so far with me reporting the rape and when he got there, there was no answer. He did call me to ask me when I had last seen Mike so obviously I told him that he was probably at home gloating but when I had the second call from PC Smith, he told me he called for back-up officers and made a search of the house. They eventually found Mike in the bathroom unconscious and that he had a pulse but it was very weak and he was only just alive. Mike basically tried to take his own life over losing me”, the line went quiet apart from sobs from Elaine.

Charlotte was genuinely shocked at what she had been told. “Oh Elaine, what are you going to do? Are you going to see him?”

“I do not know Charlotte. I really do not know. I hope this does not sound heartless but I cannot face seeing him but I probably will”.

“I totally understand what a dilemma this must be and I will let you decide and if you decide that you wish to visit him just pop round and I will drive you there Okay?”

“Thank you Charlotte. I will have a think and come back to you”.

Elaine’s mind was in even more turmoil. How much more heartache was she going to have to deal with? Mike had hurt her but he did not deserve to be lying alone in a hospital bed following a drugs overdose, which he had done because he could not bear to be without her. She could understand that but now Elaine had another thing in her head, first the rape and now Mike’s attempted suicide, could things get any worse for her?

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