Dark Places

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Chapter 32

It was now only two weeks before Steve and Elaine were to be officially married so both were on their stag and hen dos’. Elaine was with Charlotte and a couple of other friends, they had had a meal and were now at The Java Bar, which Elaine had chosen because of the memories which the club held, of course being the place where she had first met Steve. Elaine was having a great time and having lots of fun but then she started to have the feeling of being nauseous. She could not understand why she had started to feel that way. The food she had eaten was less than five minutes ago and she had had a couple of drinks with her meal but was no way feeling drunk. Elaine did not remember getting to the ladies in time but now she had her head over the toilet being violently sick.

There was to be a truth behind the sickness and how Elaine would cope with that only she would know. She was trying to tell herself that maybe she just had a bug but in truth Elaine knew in the back of her mind that something was wrong. Elaine was taken from her thoughts by a knocking on the cubicle door.

“Honey it is me Charlotte, are you okay Elaine?” Charlotte had just finished speaking when she unpleasantly heard her best friend having the next wave of being sick.

“Honey will you let me in?” Elaine was uneasy about this but as always her friend would know what to do and she had to admit that what she needed right now was some comfort from Charlotte.

Elaine opened the door and closed it again before saying “sorry” and being sick again. She did not want to be sick in front of her friend but she could not hold it in.

“Oh honey. Stupid question but are you okay?” asked Charlotte.

Charlotte then answered herself “of course you are not okay. Was it something you ate?”

Elaine was feeling a little bit better and being less sick and felt it was time to confess to Charlotte what her fears were.

“I recognise my sickness from times before and I have been trying to hide it but I have not had a period for three months now. Something else I have been trying to hide is the fact that I can feel swelling in my stomach and the last time I felt like this I was pregnant”.

Charlotte was shocked. No shocked was the wrong word; she was just taken aback by what Elaine had just told her. Her friend was mistaken; she could not be pregnant again could she?

Charlotte could not believe what she had heard and so soon after Elaine had lost a baby and now she was thinking she was pregnant again.

“I know you are shocked again but Steve will be over the moon”, replied Charlotte finally.

The problem was Elaine knew it was not Steve’s baby. There was nothing wrong with their relationship but nothing like that had gone on between them of late and putting two and two together she wished her answer would be five because she knew if she was correct that there was only one man who could be the father.

Elaine started to cry so Charlotte gave her a hug. “Now what?” It sounded a bit harsh but Charlotte was getting concerned for her friend as she hated to see her friend in tears quite a lot, as she seemed to be constantly upset.

“I know we went through this before but God obviously wants you to be a mum again and Steve I know will definitely be delighted”.

It was time that Elaine had to confess and it was not something that she wanted to say but Charlotte hopefully would understand.

“The problem is I do not think it is Steve’s baby. In fact I know it is not Steve’s baby. We are very much in love but things just have not happened of late like that so there is only one answer”.

Suddenly the penny dropped with Charlotte and she exclaimed “Oh Elaine. No”.

“I am afraid so I think this is a result of what happened that foolish night. You probably have already guessed that I think this is Mike’s baby”.

Elaine had said it and admitted what had happened. Meanwhile, Charlotte turned round and stood against the cubicle wall in despair for her friend. She needed to get her head around the news so what Elaine must have been thinking she would never know. One thing she did know was that she had stopped being sick and was feeling better again but the dilemma she was facing would not ease off that easily.

“I know what you must be thinking and no I do not know what to do. I wanted nothing to get in the way of me and Steve marrying and now this”, Elaine stroked her stomach before commencing again “Mike has to ruin everything and when Steve suspects I am pregnant how can I tell him the baby is not his?”

All Charlotte could do was answer her friends question with a hug before leading her back into the dance floor.

Steve was having his stag do and was having a great time with his friends but could not help wonder how Elaine was and what she was doing, simply because he was missing her so much and wanted her by his side. He was a little drunk, but he was still sober enough to have his thoughts and was thinking of Elaine as he paid a visit to the gents.

Once he returned back to his friends, one of them James said “I would be careful that blonde came over and asked about you whilst you were away. I tried to put her off but I think she fancies you”.

“Great” thought Steve “that is all I need”.

Steve was snapped out of his thoughts when the blonde approached him “well hello there and who may you be?” she said seductively. Steve could tell that the woman was drunk and tried to put her off but when she grabbed his tie and led him over to a quiet corner he knew that trouble was brewing.

The mystery woman spoke again “you are a dashingly handsome man. Whoever she is, is a very lucky woman but how about one last fling before your marriage to her?” Steve was obviously taken aback by the woman, especially as he did not even know her name and she only knew his name because James had told him.

“I do not think so thank you”, Steve was trying to let the woman down gently but she was persistent and would not take no for answer as she leant forward untied Steve’s tie and opened his top two buttons, liking what she saw already she said “I can see you are one fit man”.

“Thank you for the compliments but please leave me alone”.

“Playing hard to get are we?” she replied in answer.

Steve did not have time to answer when the woman was kissing him, not just a kiss on the lips but full on the mouth and she was ravishing him with some passion. Steve did respond but only to try to satisfy her so that she would then leave him alone

Steve managed to pull away and said “I do not think that is appropriate, do you? I do not know your name and you only know mine because of James so please leave me alone”.

Steve needed fresh air and was standing outside The Greenhouse pub. He did not realise that he was so close to the Java Bar where Elaine was. Steve was taking in the fresh air and realised that he was being watched and turned round to see the mystery woman standing behind him. She moved in front of him and flung her arms around him and kissed him again. He was being forced to respond when he heard someone shout, “What is going on?” and suddenly he realised the voice was Elaine’s.

“I said what was going on?”

“I can explain”

“Can you and who is she?” screamed Elaine

“I honestly do not know her name but she approached me and started kissing me. I came out to get fresh air and she followed me and started to kiss me again”.

“You really expect me to believe that do you?” before Steve could speak James had appeared to see what all the raised voices were about and immediately saw Elaine.

“Tell her James what happened”. The problem was James could not be much help. He knew what had happened in the pub but not outside of it and he was a little bit embarrassed to be piggy in the middle in all of this.

“I am sorry Steve but I cannot back you up on this one”.

“We are two weeks from being married and you do this to me”, Elaine was angry but knew that they were both in a situation. What would Steve say if he knew what Elaine knew?

“Please do not fight with me”, pleaded Steve “it was all a drunken mistake”.

“Yeah bet it was”, said Elaine not believing what she was hearing.

“I think we need to talk alone. Will you come with me to College Green park so that we can have some quiet time together?”

Elaine agreed and walked the couple of minutes with Steve before they found a bench and sat down.

Steve took Elaine’s hand and said, “I am sorry you witnessed that. I never meant to hurt you and I am not going to blame drink on it as I am merry, not drunk”.

“I am sorry Steve but seeing that woman all over you. I guess I was jealous. I am ready to go home soon but first I need to talk to you about something”.

Steve was not sure what Elaine had to say but replied with “go on”.

“I am not drunk either but Steve I was so violently sick whilst in the Java Bar. Good old Charlotte came to my rescue though.”

Steve did not understand and asked, “you were violently sick but not drunk so it must have been something you ate?”

Steve was being so naïve Elaine thought and had to be straight with him.

“I have been keeping something secret for a while now and it is this I need to talk to you about. I am not sick because I am drunk or ate something. I am pregnant Steve”.

Steve cut in and said happily “oh my special sweet” but he would never anticipate what he was going to be told next.

“Oh please Steve. Do not pretend you know we have not been very intimate of late and so how can you think this is your baby?”

Steve truly did not know what Elaine was saying, maybe it was the drink or denial but he really had not worked out what Elaine was saying to him.

“Have you been having an affair behind my back? is that what you are telling me?”

“Oh Steve. Of course I have not had an affair. I am afraid the dates tally to when Mike and me had sex that night”.

Steve put his head in his hands in despair. Mike could not leave alone and now Elaine was carrying his baby.

“Of course this was part of his plan. He knew from having been with you for so long when you would be fertile and when his best chances of proving himself to you were so this was planned to happen”.

“Of course it was not planned. You do not think Mike could think that way to trap me could you?”

“Why the hell should I believe you? It is evident Mike still loves you. You promised me that I was the only one for you now but one night you both go behind my back have relations and I am meant to be fine with that because it is a one off. Now you tell me you are pregnant to that man”.

Steve got up and shouted “you make the decision now is it him or me?” and then he was gone.

Elaine sat down on the bench, with tears in her eyes and messaged Charlotte to see if she was still at the bar, which she was so she took the walk back to where her friend was.

“Are you alright Elaine?”

“I do not know I could write a book based on my life. I caught Steve kissing another woman and everything got out of hand when I told him I was pregnant”.

“How did he take that?”

“He was naturally delighted, Charlotte but I had to confess to him that it was Mike’s and then we argued about Mike and the situation and he gave me an ultimatum of whether it was Steve or Mike that I wanted”.

“I think we need to get you to mine to have a good old sleep and we will work things out in the morning”.

Elaine really could not depend on Steve or Mike at the moment but she could depend on Charlotte to look after but what a dilemma she thought.

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