Dark Places

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Chapter 5

It was now June 7th and two weeks since Elaine had been raped. She was feeling vulnerable and of course still upset after her attack but she was enjoying herself and felt relaxed whilst she was sipping her cup of tea. What a great day she had had so far. She had spent a very relaxing morning whiling away the hours in a luxury spa, which was followed by the most relaxing and beneficial massage.

Now Elaine and Charlotte were just finishing drinks after a very special lunch. Elaine was relaxed and full.

“It is really good to see you smiling”, commented Charlotte seeing the change in Elaine.

“I am so glad that you suggested this day so far. I am having a lovely time and it is thank you to my forever best friend”.

“There is more to come. I have invited Laura and Emma who I know you have not seen for quite some time so we are going to meet up in about an hour at The Plume of Feathers, have a chat and a little starter drink before we head off to Bristol for a few more drinks and then the party begins”.

Elaine was so relaxed and happy. There was nothing in her mind worrying her and that was a good feeling. Mike was still in hospital following his overdose but for one night she was going to forget him and what had happened. This was her and Charlotte’s night to let their hair down and she intended to enjoy the evening, as she had with her morning and afternoon so far.

The hour soon passed by and Elaine and Charlotte were having drinks with Laura and Emma. There was much chatting, catching up and merriment. Laura and Emma were school friends alongside Charlotte of Elaine’s but since she had met Mike and had her children, time had drifted them apart so it was definitely good to catch up again.

It was already seven in the evening by the time Elaine, Charlotte, Laura and Emma were getting into a cab towards Bristol City Centre and their party night. It was only around thirty minutes to Bristol from Blagdon and by taxi was the most comfortable way of getting there at night.

The taxi arrived and soon the girly party decided on having a few more drinks in the Java Bar. Neither of the girls had been to this venue before but once they walked through the door they liked what they saw.

The Java Club they discovered was intended for the more mature client so they would be guaranteed a stylish and quality night out without the fear of being approached by students.

“Well this is nice”, commented Charlotte sipping her cocktail, which she found amazing before raising a toast to Elaine, Laura and Emma.

“To us”, they all joined in with the clinking of their glasses.

The bar was modern, very relaxed and had really nice and friendly staff. It also had lots of seating but Charlotte was more than ready to party, even Elaine was livelier and ready for the further part of the evening.

“Who is ready for party, party, party, then?” beamed, Charlotte excitedly.

The dance floor was situated at the rear of the bar so the party all headed that way and were immediately impressed with what they saw. The dance floor was like something from the eighties with flashing red squares and another fairly sized bar at the back. There were also seated booths surrounding the stunning dance floor.

What really made the venue come to life was the regular dj, which ensured there would be lots of music and lots of dancing on the dance floor.

Elaine was having so much fun that she had forgotten what the time was and she was having such a great time that she did not care and did not want this evening to end.

Elaine, Charlotte, Emma and Laura were dancing when Charlotte suddenly whispered in Elaine’s ear something.

“See that guy in the black suit and white shirt?” Charlotte discreetly indicated where the man was dancing, before continuing.

“I cannot help but notice he keeps watching you. I know what you said but I think you are in there and what is there to lose? We are on a night out so let us forget that you are married to Mike and what he did and pretend for this evening that you are a single lady”.

Elaine would normally not be sure but all thoughts of Mike in hospital had slipped her thoughts and yes Charlotte was right she was not going to spoil this evening with thoughts of him.

Elaine excused herself for a visit to the ladies and on her return she sat back at the booth and watched her partying girlfriends whilst they continued to dance. Elaine was alone and enjoying the rest, when Elaine saw out of the corner of her eye a person taking a seat next to her.

“Hi. I have been watching you all evening and I am very impressed with what I see”.

Elaine blushed a little. It had been a long time since she had received this sort of attention from a man since she had married Mike. She had to admit that this guy was very good looking; not just good looking but drop dead gorgeous and he had a deep but smooth and well-spoken voice, and that and his eyes had won her over. She had to admit she was always attracted to a man’s smile or eyes and these were nice eyes.

“Silly me”“, commented the man. “I have not introduced myself properly. I am Steve and you are?”

“Hi Steve. I am Elaine”.

Elaine glanced over to where Charlotte and the group were still dancing. She guessed she wanted to know what Charlotte thought, even though Charlotte had clocked the man watching her. Charlotte winked to say ‘go girl’.

“So what brings a beautiful lady to a more mature bar?” asked Steve.

“Just wanted a little fun”, in further thought, this sounded a little wrong. It was the sort of phrase she knew that could be read as a come on but Elaine had said it. Secretly she was enjoying the attention, which she was receiving. It had been a long time since she had attracted this sort of attention from the opposite sex and she had to admit she liked it.

“I thought so. I do not want to seem forward but would you like me to be part of your fun?”

Elaine was flattered but said nothing. Then it all happened so fast. Steve leant close to kiss her. She did not flip out, not quite. In fact she was flattered that he felt that way. Before he could make further contact Elaine decided that she must confess the truth that Steve should know before it was too late.

When Steve had heard the story he said. “Oh. My dear. What a very silly man to do that to you. I can see why you were cautious when I tried to kiss you but I am not like that I want to be able to protect you and love you”.

Funny that was the sort of thing that Mike had said when they had first met but there was something Elaine liked very much about Steve. He seemed different in some other way to how Mike had first come across.

Elaine following her attack was obviously very cautious with another man but another part of her was enjoying the situation she was in.

It was not long before Steve tried the kiss again. This time Elaine answered his every call. He stroked parts of her and she him, both were oblivious to the fact that they were in a nightclub part of the bar. They were one with each other and very comfortable with the way they both felt. Elaine was relaxing with every touch and surprisingly she did not have the urge to scream out to leave her alone, something, which surprised and pleased her.

“Ooh, look at her” commented Charlotte to Laura and Emma, glancing at what was happening between Elaine and Steve.

Time was getting on. Elaine and Steve swapped numbers and promised to look up each other again before final kisses and goodbyes.

Steve had something to say to Elaine before they parted.

“I, so want you Elaine. I want you more than you can imagine and nothing would please me more if we could go further but I understand you probably find it hard to be able to get close to another man, especially one you have only just met and more so soon after what happened to you”.

Elaine really liked Steve and she was pleased that he understood how she was feeling and that he did not think she was putting her emotions to him on; leading him on with no intention of anything that might happen between them.

“I would love to be alone with you too but I need to gain confidence of trusting a man in the bedroom again. Just do not be disappointed with just kisses; the rest if we stay together will come naturally”.

Steve kissed Elaine’s hair and whispered. “I want nothing more than an intimate night together but I have had fun meeting you and I want you to believe that not all men are like Mike. Why should I be disappointed with just kisses? This is the start of a good thing and as you said things will come naturally and I am prepared to wait for you however long it takes”.

Elaine and Steve finally parted and she returned to her friends, where Charlotte was immediately gushing.

“Oh my, God. You were not sure you wanted to meet a nice bloke like I suggested but wow you did and that man likes you a lot. You can tell me all about it in the cab home”.

In the cab Elaine was sat next to Charlotte, getting the first degree of meeting Steve.

“So did you get his number then?” asked Charlotte.

“I sure did”, answered Elaine showing Charlotte the slip of paper with Steve”s phone number on it.

“Will you see him again?”

“He so wants to. I had to confess to him when he went in for the first kiss about what Mike did to me and why if I did take things with Steve further he would have to be patient with me and he understood”.

Charlotte just smiled. She was so happy to see her friend smiling and happy again. She was pleased that she had planned this night and it would not be the last.

Elaine and Charlotte arrived at Charlotte’s home before she said to Elaine “I know you have nowhere to stay for a while so you are staying with me”. Charlotte showed her to what would be her room for a while and after a brief chat they said goodnight to each other before retiring to bed. Elaine and Charlotte were tired but happy with the day that they had had.

Elaine made herself comfortable in bed with a smile on her face. It felt so good to be able to smile again. The whole day from the spa, lunch, numerous drinks and the partying had been the best day of her life for quite a while and then there was meeting Steve. What would happen with Steve? Her thoughts stopped there as she had nodded off into a happy sleep. A happy sleep; where she might just dream of a handsome man.

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