Dark Places

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Chapter 8

It was already September and the beginning of autumn. Mike liked this time of the year for what beauty nature could produce and he loved to take a walk taking in all the red, gold and yellows that the leaves on the trees had turned to and he also liked the sound of crunching leaves as he walked. It brought his memories back to when he was a child when he would play in the leaves and whoop with joy at being out in the autumn air. He did not care much for the weather it produced, all that sudden rain, dark mornings and dark nights. Not that that mattered to him right now, he was not able to see it through the darkness of his own.

Mike had been happy but whilst he was once again sitting outside relaxing fear struck him when he saw the thing that he knew would happen and that was when he saw two police men walking towards the front door of the hospital. Mike’s heart sank as he had put two and two together and knew that they had come to see him. He was briefly spoken to before being formally arrested for rape charges to Elaine and now Mike was sat in Blagdon Police station being interviewed about the rape charges that Elaine had brought forward. He felt like he had been there for several hours, when it fact it was only two. He knew that the procedure had to be done but he felt he had been held long enough since he had confessed to his crime and also admitted that he was both guilty and sorry for what he had done to Elaine.

When the question of remorse had come up, Mike had been truthful in his answer to that question, that of course he was remorseful. He knew what he had done and already knew that Elaine would take the matter further, even before he received the note saying she was pressing charges for her rape. He was not that stupid, he knew in his heart and mind despite the darkness he felt that he would be punished but he was not prepared that he may well be going down for the crime. It was evident that the book had already been thrown at him, when he was formally charged with the rape of Elaine Fear. Upon hearing the news Mike wept.

“I understand that you are upset Mr Fear but I am afraid given what you have told me already I am arresting you on suspicion of rape, you do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not answer in question something which you may later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence. Do you understand the charges Mr Fear?”

Mike understood and though he knew that this was coming but it still upset him and he cried again “I am so sorry. Elaine I am so sorry and I deserve what is coming but God I miss you so much”.

“Now I cannot formally charge you at this moment. I need to obtain a warrant for your arrest from the courts but in the meantime do you have a solicitor who can be your legal representative in this case?”

Mike had not even thought that far so just replied with “no.”

“In that case I will ask the local duty solicitor to come along and represent you. They are available 24 hours a day so they will come as soon as they can and I will add they are independent to us”.

“Thank you” said Mike, but “what happens next?”

“We will have to put you in a cell until your solicitor arrives and as this will be a rape case I will need to see Mrs Fear so that she can formally identify you and also so that we can double check her statement she made when she first reported this.”

Mike went quiet. He could feel his dark thoughts coming on again but co-operated when he was led to the cell. He hoped the solicitor would arrive soon so that he did not have to spend too long in the cell.

The cell door closed and Mike wept again. He had been so stupid. He had never been in a police station cell before so was upset and scared and even more remorseful about the reason he was here.

An hour later the officer opened the cell door and said, “Mr Fear, this is Miss McDonald, who will be your solicitor throughout this investigation and Mrs Fear is being interviewed as we speak”.

“Pleased to meet you Mr Fear”, said Miss McDonald holding out her hand for Mike to shake it, which he did and then said “Please call me Mike.”

Miss McDonald was with Mike for two hours and had taken lots of notes ready for the court case, which would be the next day. Meanwhile, Elaine had given her statement and was allowed to go home.

“So what happens now?” asked Mike.

“You will stay in custody until you go to court, which will be 12.00pm Friday September 5th at Taunton Deane Magistrates’ Courts so I will be taking you there. I will see you tomorrow and I know that this is easy to say but hard to do but try and get some sleep and not worry too much about tomorrow. We need you to be fresh for the trial”.

Miss McDonald said her farewells and left before Mike was put back into his cell, where he would be spending the night.

It was already late so Mike made himself as comfortable as he could in the cell and went to sleep. He did not think he would but he was so tired and his head ached so he definitely wanted to be clear headed for the morning.

Mike was woken by the officer who had charged him last night, who had opened Mike’s cell door a crack and said “Sorry to wake you. It is 8 o’clock and I wondered if you would like some breakfast and a cup of tea and then a nice shower? After which you can change ready for the trial. I know you are thinking “change into what?” but Mrs Fear brought a suit and tie in on our request”.

It was just under an hour’s drive to Taunton Magistrates Court so at 10.30 am Miss Donald arrived ready to drive Mike to the court hearing.

“I know you will be nervous but stay calm and you will be fine and may I say you look very smart”.

Mike was speechless so accompanied Miss McDonald to her car for the journey. He felt sick, dark and scared during the journey and he was even more so when they pulled up and he saw the Magistrates sign on the building, but this was it. He had to do this not only for himself but also for Elaine.

When the trial ended Mike felt like it had gone in no time. He pleaded guilty to the charge of raping Elaine and was now awaiting his fate. He hated the wait and just wanted to be able to face up to his fate.

Elaine was sitting in the courtroom hearing everything that Mike had said. She was pleased that he had pleaded guilty but seeing him just stirred the memories and unhappiness he had caused and along with Mike she awaited the verdict.

“Jury have you come to a decision?” was the question asked by the judge.

“Yes we have. We have come to the conclusion that Mr Michael Fear is found guilty. He will be given a determined sentence of 1 year since this is a first offence and if he serves the sentence with good behaviour the sentence will be halved to 6 months”.

The judge said “thank you Jury and Mr Fear. The decision by the jury has been made on the basis that this was a first offence and that you were genuinely sorry. We do have to take into account the rape and therefore that is where the sentence of 1 year has originated.

As the jury has quite rightly said you will likely be free within 6 months but during the remaining sentence time you will be subject to supervision by the Probation Service, who may require you to comply with specific licence conditions. Failure to comply with these conditions, or re-offending may mean that you will be sent back to prison to serve the rest of your sentence. Do you understand Mr Fear?”

“I do” was all that Mike could answer before being led out of the courtroom to make his journey to HMP Bristol, which would leave him almost 1 hour to come to terms with what had just happened.

Elaine had heard the sentence. She wished the sentence was longer as she would be suffering for more than a year following what Mike had done to her but she understood about his sentence being more lenient because he had pleaded guilty to his first offence, even so it did not seem right that he was allowed freedom, whereas Elaine would serve her sentence to her dying days.

How would Mike cope with his black moments having to spend 6 months to 1 year in prison? Only time would tell that one.

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