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A Brighter Star Will Shine

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Set in Brighton. It is the story of how you imagine your life with that special one but soon discover the painful truth. It is a story of betrayal, physical attack and the start of something special “I know it is hard but a brighter star will shine and you are that star and you will shine”. These were comforting words from Charlotte’s best friend, Holly when she learns what she has discovered. Charlotte imagines that she had found the one with her fiancé Jamie, until she learns the painful truth. How she can believe the pleading Jamie? After a few unsuccessful dates a new young solicitor joins the company she works for and despite competition, it is her that he chooses. Set in Brighton and one of the surrounding areas, A Brighter Star Will Shine is a story of betrayal, physical attack and the start of something special – could he be her brighter star that will shine?

Drama / Other
Wendy Walker
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“We are going to party and you will not say no. You will forget that creep and what he has done to you. I just say you are lucky that you were not married to him but the way you found out I can understand how hurt you feel”.

Charlotte had to smile, though inside her heart had broken. She knew that she could always rely on her best friend, Holly to be there at times like this.

Charlotte was a happy, go lucky type of person who let very little faze her. She had always been one of the popular girls at school and college and many of the friends which she had made back then were still friends now, Holly being one of them. She had met Holly in primary school, where the pair was almost tied to the hip and over the years their true friendship had never stopped shining.

Charlotte and Holly never let men rule their lives. They simply were contented with being best friends to each other but Holly was married now and had been for a couple of years. Charlotte loved Holly’s husband, Dan. They always seemed to get along and be happy in each other’s love. Holly never had a negative word to say about Dan, he showered her with beautiful presents and flowers but the best gift Dan could ever give her was just himself and there was something else, which they would both share and that was the love of the baby that they had just learnt Holly was carrying. It was the icing on the cake and Charlotte was happy for her; if not a little jealous as Holly’s life was what she wanted for herself.

Charlotte wished her relationships could be like that and that she would meet someone special like Dan. She thought she had when she had met Jamie. They had been engaged and Jamie always showered her with lots of love and compliments and was there for her when she needed his comfort. They had a house they were buying and everything seemed rosy…until one night, almost a month ago when she stumbled upon something, which she wished, she had not seen.

Charlotte had been out with Holly and several of their other friends and had a nice meal, lots of drinks and went to one of the local clubs so she arrived home tired but happy.

Charlotte was conscious of the time so crept around before heading for bed. The house was all quiet so she did not want to wake Jamie so opened the bedroom door as quietly as she could, as despite lots of oil the door still had that odd creak.

Charlotte was about to go over to Jamie’s side of the bed, intending to give him a little peck on the check before climbing into bed but what she saw was not something, which she had been expecting. Jamie was in their bed with another woman. A woman who she had never seen before but judging by the way Jamie and the woman were caressing he had known her for quite some time. Charlotte could not stand to be in the room any longer so took herself off to bed in the spare room. She was not quite angry yet to what she had seen but there certainly would be words with Jamie in the morning.

Charlotte needless to say, slept very little so finally got herself out of bed, put on her dressing gown and went down to the kitchen to make herself the first coffee of the morning. She needed the caffeine and quiet to collect her thoughts. This moment was lost when Jamie entered the kitchen. He had not bothered to make himself more decent than the shorts he was wearing. Before last night, that sight would have made Charlotte swoon but now the sight of his semi naked body repulsed her, almost made her want to be sick. She certainly did not want him trying to be affectionate to her so pulled away when Jamie tried to kiss her, as they did ever morning.

“Do not even think about it”, retorted Charlotte angrily.

“What happened last night?”

“What happened last night? What happened last night? How dare you to have the cheek to ask me what happened last night”.

Needless to say Jamie was confused so Charlotte spoke again “who is she? And how long have you been seeing her?”

Jamie held a long silence and hung his head in shame. The penny had dropped to what Charlotte was referring to and knew that this would happen but how could he tell her the truth?”

“I cannot say I am sorry because I know you will not accept it. Her name is Angela and I have known her for a couple of months. I never wanted this to happen….”

Charlotte cut Jamie off before he could make his situation any worse than it already was.

“I do not really care who and how long. I do care that you have betrayed me. We are supposed to be engaged, and then you do this to me, yet you have the guts to say that you never wanted this to happen. What is that meant to mean?”

“It means exactly what I say I never planned this to happen”, Jamie was starting to plead now.

“You must take me as a complete and utter fool. You tell me that you never planned this to happen. You admit that you have been seeing someone else for a couple of months but that you did not plan this to happen. You mean you wanted to see her and me but not have either of us find out about each other but now I have what other lies do you have to tell me?”

Jamie hung his head in shame. Everything that could have been said had been said and there was nothing more to say than that. Jamie, a few weeks later had left the house they shared and now Charlotte was alone with only memories. She had to leave this beautiful house that they had chosen because she could not afford the mortgage on her own and everywhere she looked she saw memories of Jamie. The way he sat, the times he watched TV, how long he would spend on the computer but most of all; how loving he could be with her.

It had taken a lot of heartache when she was packing away anything that belonged to Jamie and shed many a tear especially when she came across special photographs of the couple. They had been on lots of nice holidays together, shared the ups and downs of life and yes almost two months ago she had been deceived into thinking that she was the only one for Jamie and then was confronted with the truth when she discovered him with Angela. Angela was such an angelic name but that was far from how Charlotte felt about her and as for Jamie, one of the supposed origins of the name was that they may feel insecure or restless, no excuses but perhaps that is why Jamie had cheated.

Charlotte did not want to think any more about Jamie. She wanted to put him to the back of her mind and live her life without him, which is why the partying tonight pleased her and there would be plenty of that living in Brighton.

“You okay hunny?” asked Holly, as she was getting ready for the night out.

Charlotte smiled but Holly was not put at ease and said so “I hope you are not thinking of Jamie”.

The truth was it was hard to shake off the memory of someone who you would have given the whole world to but that was why she wanted to go out tonight and have some fun so that she could forget things.

“I am not forcing you but this would look just great on you tonight”, enthused Holly holding the hangar on which the most beautiful dress hung, Charlotte was not so sure as the dress was definitely pretty but was a royal blue sparkly strapless dress and short. She did like the dress but was not sure it was for tonight”.

“You will look amazing”, commented Holly simply, sensing Charlotte’s hesitation regarding the dress.

Charlotte was a very pretty young lady. She had light, wavy hair and just oozed natural beauty so when she did wear the dress she left a room standing still and this is secretly what Holly was hoping to achieve tonight. She knew she was being too fast too soon for her friend on the relationship front but she genuinely cared and wanted to see her friend happy again, the way she had been with Jamie before the things that had happened between the couple.

“I cannot wear that”

“Why not?” Holly could hear that Charlotte was trying to let her down gently with the dress.

“It is a bit too much for tonight”

“Rubbish. I love that dress on you and will turn a few heads”.

“You mean men. I am done with them for quite a while”.

“We will see” winked Holly.

Charlotte knew what Holly was hinting but she was not sure she would be in the right state of mind to allow herself to fall for someone deeply, who would then turn around and hurt her. She was sceptical at the moment about relationships with men.

Charlotte eventually agreed to the dress and so matched it with some blue jewellery, crystal blue snowflake dangle earrings, blue jewel necklace and a blue bracelet. Charlotte was looking stunning and topped the outfit off with a tiny little bit of eye make-up and medium pink lipstick.

Holly was pleased with how pretty Charlotte looked and admired her before telling her the itinerary for the evening.

“We are going to go the Kobo bar and have a few cocktails, where we will be joined by Phil, Steve, Emma and Katie so there will be a nice crowd of us. We will have a drink or two together and then probably head to Pryzm nightclub where the party will really get started”.

Holly had certainly sorted everything out for the evening. Charlotte was excited but a bit sceptical at the same time as she was only twenty five but often felt too old for partying, she reflected that her partying days and staying out late had decreased when she got more involved with Jamie but was determined to have a good time tonight, she certainly deserved that.

It was not long before the group were chatting and laughing in the Kobo bar. Charlotte liked the venue, which Holly had chosen and could confess that it was somewhere that she would never have chosen. She did not even know this place existed but was definitely happy to be here. As she was sipping her second cocktail, Charlotte was beginning to relax.

“That is what I like to see”, whispered Holly to Charlotte, seeing how happy she was.

It was good to catch up with Phil, Steve, Emma and Katie, as she had been pretty good friends with them at school but whilst they occasionally text messaged or phoned each other they rarely went out together like this night. Charlotte was determined that had to change and she had to start living her life more. She had spent too many times of her life being loyal and close to Jamie and pleasing him a little too much. Look where that had got her. This was now her time to shine.

Charlotte was enjoying the cocktails and chat and never thought she would feel this happy after splitting up with Jamie. It was at a time like this that she really appreciated her friends more than a man in her life.

Holly looked at her watch before commenting “I think it is around time we went to Pryzm now”, to which everyone agreed before rising and putting on coats.

The party waited patiently in the queue for the club and after a while were now inside and Charlotte had to confess she had never heard of the place before but she liked what she saw already.

The club could not be described as dull on first glances. Not only did it have a multi-coloured tile floor but it had a mirrored ceiling so reflected the dance floor and red tables, which were matched perfectly with white and red chairs but also plenty of area to just stand and chat if they wished.

The girls ordered more cocktails, which were expertly mixed in front of their eyes whilst being chatted to by the barman. The boys went on to beers and were having a good time too.

It was soon time that Holly, Emma, Katie and Charlotte agreed to take to the floor and start dancing.

It was a matter of minutes before a very handsome man approached Charlotte for a dance and she instantly liked what she saw and immediately accepted the offer to dance. They ended up dancing together all night apart from the occasional refreshment breaks.

“Where have you been hiding? You are truly a special one”.

Charlotte giggled, she felt like she was falling for a first love before saying “I have not and thank you”.

The man’s name was Paul and he lived locally in Saltdean in Brighton and yes you guessed it numbers were exchanged.

Charlotte and Paul eventually parted company, swapping telephone numbers before following this up with a sneaky kiss and cuddle. Charlotte was truly in heaven, she came here with her friends for a little fun with no intentions of meeting a man but she had so could the night have been any more perfect?

Charlotte was greeted by her friends before Holly commented “well…well eh?”

Charlotte tried to play it cool by commenting back “it was just a bit of fun”.

Holly laughed before saying teasingly “that was more than just a little fun and bet you have his number”.

Charlotte embarrassed giggled and said, “you have found me out and yes I have his number and before you ask I will tell you all I know so far. His name is Paul and he is from Saltdean”.

“Will you see him again?” asked Holly.

“I am sure our paths will cross”.

The group stepped out of the bar and back onto the street. There was a chill in the air but for Charlotte she never felt that. She was feeling warm inside from the wonderful evening she had had and also from the one thing she never dreamed of finding tonight, Paul and for once she had not considered or thought of Jamie. This was her time to shine with Paul. She sighed dreamily before the group jumped into a taxi. She was tired but there would be betting that Charlotte would not sleep tonight. What a night but what would that night lead to?

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