A Brighter Star Will Shine

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Chapter 10

The work day had finally ended and Charlotte breathed a sigh of relief that that nightmare was over but then she suddenly remembered she was seeing Jamie tonight, after her day at work she really did not want to face further confrontation in her life but a promise was a promise so she would be meeting him with an open mind.

Charlotte arrived at The Prince Albert, another one of the pubs in Brighton to meet Jamie. She was nervous, why? She was not sure but she was also sceptical as when they had parted she hoped that, that was the end of their acquaintance.

“Hi Charlotte” greeted Jamie, really pleased to see her. Charlotte wished she felt the same so simply replied with no feeling to her voice “hello Jamie”.

Drinks were ordered and the conversation begun with Charlotte deciding to be direct with Jamie by asking why he had asked to see her.

“I wanted to see my Charlotte”, replied Jamie but this drove Charlotte mad and she unfortunately snapped at him.

“Did you say ‘my Charlotte’? I am not your Charlotte”.

“Okay calm down I was just trying to be friendly”, demanded Jamie almost shocked.

“I do not understand why you asked me here”.

“Okay I will come clean. I just wanted to let you know that I still want to be friends and I am not rubbing your nose into it but do have some news to share with you and that is that I am getting married”.

“Congratulations but why should I be bothered?”

“I just thought you should know before you were told second hand. I know I was not straight with you when I was having an affair but I am being straight with you now because what we had was special and we should be preparing that wedding but I was stupid and lost that but that is no reason we cannot still be friends”.

“Please Jamie I thought when things came to our last arguments that things would be straight and we would part with no hard feelings. I certainly am not a girl who wants to encourage a man even when a relationship is over”.

“I am not trying to get back with you. I just thought that you would like to know that is all”.

“Well you have told me and there is nothing else to say so I am going home to relax in what evening is left”, with that Charlotte rose and left the pub and headed for home.

When Charlotte put the key in the lock and turned it she realised how lonely she was. She had lost Jamie a long time ago and seeing him tonight was the last nail in the coffin and Alex; she had to confess that she missed Alex so much but had to draw the line on that one too. New Year, Charlotte was determined would definitely be a new start.

The next day Charlotte walked into the office as normal but it was with even more of a heavy heart that she was pretending to herself that this would be a normal day. Charlotte knew that was a joke, as there was no longer a normal day for her anymore.

It was getting close to Christmas now so the office had been bedecked in decorations, promoting the Christmas cheer, which Charlotte could not feel. She had never spent a Christmas Day without a partner on her arm but now it was looking like she would be the piggy in the middle, the Billy no mates and she did not want to think of Christmas like that. She was not crazy about Christmas but once it got into the swing of things she loved it but what was there to be of this happy Christmas? Charlotte knew she was just feeling sorry for herself.

Charlotte could not believe that it was already 14 December so just eleven days to the big day. It was cold and dark outside which spelt Christmas was on the way but Charlotte came back to the same thought that she was not looking forward to it.

Charlotte needed to cheer herself up so it was only on occasions like this that she treated herself to a mint hot chocolate, she was not normally a fan of hot chocolate but this one often perked her up when she was feeling down so Charlotte decided this is what she needed.

There was a sigh of relief by Charlotte when she found the break room quiet. She was almost relieved that Alex was not there but when she went to go to get hot water she noticed an envelope addressed to her, which she thought was rather odd, as people knew where she sat so why leave something for her in the one place it could get damaged?

There was no give away to the sender of the envelope as it had a computer generated label address to her on it, which made her even more suspicious but she would not find out who it was from if she did not open it.

Charlotte was not sure why she was nervous but she was as she opened the envelope and discovered a one page A5 sheet of paper and though the label had been computer generated, the letter itself was hand written.

The letter turned out to be from Alex. He was saying how he hated the silence between them and how much he loved and missed her. As she read the letter Charlotte began to have a heavy heart. However much she tried to deny it she still wanted and missed Alex so surely he deserved a second chance.

The break room door opened, nothing usual there but it was almost as if fate was dealing some cards as the person entering the room was Alex. At first Alex went about making his drink in silence but it was too much for Charlotte and so she commented “you cannot ignore me forever”.

“I am not ignoring you, just keeping my distance as you wanted”, replied Alex.

“I do not want distance between us. I want us to try again if you will still take me on?”

That statement was the words that Alex had been hoping to hear. “Do you really mean that?”

“Yes, yes I do. I have not been the best person to be with but I would definitely be happy calling you mine again”.

“Charlotte I thought that was it with us. This might sound a bit up myself but I would marry you tomorrow if it meant I never had to break up with you again. I never ever want to be apart from you again”.

“Oh Alex, thank you. How are you fixed for lunch?”

“Just me, the sandwiches and my phone, how about you?” joked Alex, though he was being serious and honest

“I am pretty much the same, would you therefore go to lunch with me?”

“Yes of course I will and would love to. It is a date”, replied Alex, there was still something about Alex, which could continue to describe him as cocky but Charlotte kind of liked that quality in him and now she had a lunch date with him she felt better about the day already.

The couple returned to work and Charlotte felt much better about the day ahead. She was not sure she deserved another chance with Alex, after dumping him but things with him were meant to be and she was willing to give him everything he wanted and more.

Lunchtime finally came around and Alex did not care if anyone knew he was back with Charlotte. It did not matter to them. He approached her desk and said “ready”. Charlotte smiled, rose and took his hand and replied “ready”.

“It is certainly getting colder” commented Charlotte wrapping her scarf tighter, to which he replied, “It is but you have me to warm you up again” and then could not resist asking for a cuddle. Charlotte felt like a teenager in love again but there was no shy embarrassment as they shared body warmth.

“That is better. I missed that”, complimented Alex, to which Charlotte just giggled.

They made their way to one of the major coffee retailers and were glad to be in the warm, hot drinks and toasties were ordered and the couple were sitting together, gazing into each others eyes and very much in love again.

“I am glad we are back together”, commented Alex, happily.

“Me too” replied Charlotte, it was only a few words but they meant so much to Alex.

“I would like us still to go to Winter Wonderland and I saw on the internet that the last day for that is 3rd January so would you like to still do that?”

“Yes I would love to”, agreed Charlotte.

“I think we should stay the night on the 2nd being a Saturday and have a bit of time, then a full day at Winter Wonderland and maybe take the Monday off to be together”.

“You are full of suggestions but that would be lovely and we can have a nice meal or two and rekindle the flame we had. How could I have ever attempted to let you go?”

Alex simply replied with “I do not know. I lost you once so you are not escaping me again”.

Charlotte was like ‘what?’ to that comment from Alex but she was not sure what he meant by the ‘escaping me bit’ and asked him “what do you mean not escaping me again?”

“I did not mean any harm. I just mean that I never ever want to survive without you by my side”.

Charlotte could not say anymore so the couple had their toasties before they got too cold and also ran out of lunchtime. When they had finished they both rose silently for a moment but once out of the confines of the café could be free with each other again.

Being the gentleman he was Alex requested, “may I?” intending to have Charlotte’s permission to kiss her but she did not answer and made the move on him and they shared a long and passionate kiss. When they both parted, Alex and Charlotte were even more certain of what they had been missing out on when they were apart.

No more words had to be spoken the action had spoken for itself but Charlotte had to break the atmosphere “we had better get back to work, you naughty boy”.

Alex quickly quietened Charlotte by saying seductively “I thought you wanted a naughty boy”, to this Charlotte could only giggle back. Yes Alex was definitely a naughty boy but Charlotte liked that.

The couple were once again in the office and both were very busy but kept each other in the back of their minds. It was certainly one way to make the day not drag so much so it was already home time, which had definitely arrived quickly and was much welcomed.

“Coming?” Alex asked Charlotte approaching her desk.

“Coming where?”

“Where-ever you want to come too” replied Alex.

Charlotte was flattered that Alex wanted to be with her so much but to be honest tonight she just wanted to have her dinner, slump in front of the tv, have a nice hot bubble bath and go to bed. She was too tired to want to do much else.

“I am tired Alex. I really just want my dinner, slump in front of the tv, have a nice hot bubble bath and then go to bed”.

“I can share two of those. The hot bubble bath and then off to bed sounds good to me”.

“Alex please I just want one night alone”.

Charlotte had not meant it to sound so harsh, it was just the way that it had come out but it was clear to say that Alex was offended.

“Not good enough for you tonight eh?”

“Alex why are you being like this? I love you and love being with you but I do not want to live in your pocket. I need time to myself too”.

“You seriously need to sort yourself out. You want me, then you dump me, then you take me back and in a matter of moments you are turning me away again”.

“Alex, I do not want to argue in the office. I do want you but a girl wants me time as well as having a man in her life, is that too much for a girl to ask?”

“I do not know Charlotte. I just know that I do not and will never understand what goes on in a woman’s mind”.

“I hate it when we fight” Charlotte felt defeated and unfortunately for her started to cry.

Alex immediately wanted to protect his precious baby and so took her in his arms saying “I am so sorry Charlotte. I do not want us to fight or fall out but you know how besotted I am with you. Is it a crime to want to spend my waking, and even sleeping hours with you?”

Charlotte wiped her tears and said “I am being an emotional idiot and I should not be pushing you away”.

“I know you want peace tonight but let me come back home with you and we can talk properly because I do not like seeing my Charlotte upset. Charlotte agreed to Alex’s suggestion and now they were sitting on the settee together.

“What is this all about?” Alex did not want to beat around the bush, he was looking for answers about what was wrong with Charlotte and why she felt the way she did about him.

“I am just being silly. I know I have a good thing but you know what they say the pretty ones are always shallow and I would not go as far as saying I am shallow but I do worry too much”.

Alex gave Charlotte a hug and said “what are you worried about?”

Charlotte decided that she would tell the truth to Alex so begun her long speech to him.

“I am worried about getting so close to someone again. I fell head over heels for Jamie, was looking forward to marrying him and look what he did to me. I guess I no longer trust men. I know you are a sweet man but what if you do the same to me?”

“Oh Charlotte. I wish I could say I know how you feel but I cannot because I have never been in that situation. I have to confess that I think long and hard about approaching a woman, you were different though, I knew as soon as I saw you, you had a special kind of love to share and that you were one of the brightest stars to shine”.

Charlotte was complimented and should have been put at ease “I understand what you just said and I am flattered but you have to see it from my eyes too about the lack of trust. You cannot forget either what Louise did to me through jealousy, what if someone else comes along, takes a shine to you and does the same thing to me but follows to the end?”

“Oh Charlotte…Charlotte. You cannot think like that. I understand your lack of trust when Jamie cheated on you but are you saying you do not trust me? And yes of course I know what Louise did to you but she was messed up and you cannot blame me for her actions. You; and only you can let your head, speak with your heart and decide what you want. I can say until the cows come home, how much I love you but if you do not believe that then is there a future between us?”

“I think my head is just messed up at the moment, so much as happened in so little time. I know my doubts are pushing you away and I do not want that. I know I care very much for you. I display the confident, happy go lucky type of person on the surface but below is a different matter. I am not always that happy”.

“Wow, that must feel better. You know whenever or whatever you want to talk, I am here for you and I am going to make it my mission to always make you happy”.

Charlotte could not believe how lucky she was to have met Alex. He definitely was a good catch and she did not intend her doubts to ruin what she had with Alex; which was a really good thing.

Alex wanted to wipe away any tears of doubt so much so that one kiss led to the inevitable. It was another special moment and as Charlotte laid back she knew she had her prince in Alex.

Alex leant on his arm, just watching Charlotte and knowing how much he loved her and always wanted her by his side, he was having special thoughts, especially about the happy moments that they could continue to share, of course there would always be ups and downs but if what Alex had on his mind came off he would be happy forever.

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