A Brighter Star Will Shine

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Chapter 11

Christmas had now been and gone and it had been pretty good for Charlotte. She spent a few days with Alex and a few days with her family in between work. Charlotte rarely booked time off over Christmas, preferring to save it for the summer or whenever the weather was good.

New Years Eve and Day had been and gone and had been spent with Alex’s parents, which was nice for Charlotte as they were a very loving couple and she could see why Alex had turned out so well.

It was now 3rd January 2016 and the day that Alex was taking Charlotte to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London. Charlotte was looking forward to losing her thoughts and having a lovely day. Alex too was looking forward to the day and thinking pleasant thoughts too, which did and did not involve the market but certainly did involve Charlotte.

As soon as the couple stepped through the gates of Hyde Park, they were almost mesmerised by the sights they already were witnessing and Charlotte definitely knew she was going to have a good time.

They skated on the ice rink, something that, both Alex and Charlotte were rusty at but had, had great fun and laughs. They held hands most of the time to keep themselves upright, but also to stay close to each other.

The ice rink was large so there was plenty of room to move around without bumping into anyone. It was illuminated with over 100,000 lights and set around the Victorian bandstand.

They then had lunch in the Swiss Chalet, a charming Alpine restaurant, which served Swiss fare, all which was very nice.

Charlotte and Alex then had a walk and laughs around the park. They both agreed to do everything was going to be expensive so satisfied themselves with the fun they had had and after a couple of hours were getting tired and cold so decided to go somewhere else in London for a drink to warm up.

The couple found The Swan, an 18th Century coaching inn. It was nice and cosy, if not a bit noisy being just over the road from Hyde Park but the warmth of the pub was what they needed.

Alex was pondering in his mind when and where he was going to make his dream come true. Charlotte was not aware of what Alex had in mind or that he had something in his pocket in anticipation of the event.

The couple were soon ready to go to their hotel where they would spend the night as planned. Charlotte actually was warming to the idea of spending more time with Alex but also looking forward to not having to go to work on Monday.

Charlotte and Alex were relaxing when Charlotte needed to excuse herself. She started to feel unwell so took herself off, just in case but when the wave of sickness hit her, she was almost praying that it could not be what she thought. She had not eaten or drunk that much so it was nothing connected to them but in the back of her mind she had a feeling she knew what was happening to her. She had not said anything to Alex but she had missed a few periods, which she dismissed, as she was not always regular every month but usually caught up the month after but this time she was late and also had noticed a few slight changes to her.

Charlotte felt a little better so returned to Alex who naturally was concerned for her and asked “are you okay?”

Charlotte tried to smile but could not manage it. She knew Alex loved her but what she suspected may or may not ruin what they shared with each other.

Charlotte did not know how to voice her thoughts but decided that she had to do it.

“I have not had any tests but I think I am pregnant”.

Alex was luckily seated when he received the news and replied “what do you mean you think you are pregnant?”

“Just that I am afraid; I think I am pregnant. My periods have always been pretty messed up but being sick has more or less confirmed what I am thinking. I have noticed little changes in my body too, which all spell to being pregnant”.

Alex remained quiet. He was more stunned than shocked. Of course if Charlotte was carrying his child, he wanted to be a father to it but this was not the way that he had planned things. He was a typical old fashioned kind of guy in that he wanted marriage and then children, not the other way round but if Charlotte was pregnant then he would have to man up to it.

The problem Alex had now was that he had been planning a certain question all day but was not sure now after Charlotte’s news, whether it was a good idea or not.

Charlotte eventually sensed that Alex had something on his mind and so she asked him straight out “would my news be such a bad thing?”

Alex had to be straight with Charlotte now and though he felt a little pressured he decided it was time that he said what he had been planning.

Charlotte gasped when Alex rose and then got down on one knee. He took the little box he had hidden from his pocket and said “I had a question planned for you today and well with your news I am not sure it is too much all at once but it has to be said anyway. Will you do me the honour of marrying me please?”

Charlotte went quiet but only because she was thinking but soon replied with “yes, as long you are accepting the two of us”.

“Yes of course I want the both of you. What has happened with the baby is what has happened and it was not the way I imagined I would become a father but it is not baby’s fault that he or she was not planned. It has however cemented you even more to me and you have made me the happiest man alive”.

Charlotte was sort of relieved that Alex had taken the news of her pregnancy well and she did not expect to be engaged too.

“There is one last thing I need to do” said Alex “that is to put this on your finger”. With this Alex placed a sterling silver diamond ring on her finger. Charlotte wowed at it, as it was so beautiful. It had a big white stone in the middle and around the edges were blue and white stones and Charlotte loved it. It was the first time in ages that she had felt this happy and after breaking up with Alex she never thought she would be given a second chance with him and that now she would be his fiancée. Not only that but carrying his child too could life get any better?

“You are really not angry at this baby”, stated Charlotte rubbing her stomach “I know it was not planned but the fact of the matter is we are old enough to have known what we were doing and that there was a chance that this would happen from unprotected sex and no I did not expect it either but I am so happy, if you are?”

Alex after proposing to Charlotte was a bit taken aback that she was still asking him if he was happy about the baby or not.

“I have proposed to you, which I was planning before you told me that you were pregnant so of course I am not angry with you. I am excited but me a father, yes it is a shock but I am in this for the ride”.

Charlotte just smiled to which Alex commented “I would love to raise a toast but I guess no alcohol is allowed”.

“There are so many people I need to tell, Holly, my parents, your parents. The size of our family it will be nine months before we have told everyone”.

Alex laughed and said “you tease”.

Charlotte never thought she would be so happy with the prospect of being pregnant. However, there was something she needed to do first before telling everyone and that was getting it confirmed by a doctor that she was in fact pregnant.

“What a great start to the new year” beamed Alex.

“Just remember we need to confirm it first before we are faced with a big fall”, Charlotte was trying to be rational as well as excited but nothing had been confirmed so no time yet for popping champagne corks, or ordering baby clothes.

“Yes we do and I know you will need to confirm it with a doctor, have dates and checks like that but could we do you know what?”

Charlotte knew exactly what Alex meant and agreed but this only made Alex more excited and he wanted to go to the chemist as soon as possible.

“Come on then” chirped Alex taking Charlotte’s hand and trying to lead her to get her coat on.

“Steady on, there is plenty of time” warned Charlotte.

“No I want to know now” demanded Alex.

Charlotte wondered why Alex was pressuring her and why a test had to be done straight away.

Charlotte gave in and said “alright, alright I am going but do not forget I need to be able to go to do this once we have a kit”.

Alex just smiled. Charlotte could not help thinking that Alex was getting a little too excited about her thinking she was pregnant, what if the test was negative and it was a false alarm? Charlotte knew it had been her own fault but she had lost Alex once and she was not prepared to lose him again.

The penny suddenly dropped with Alex and he realised what he was doing and saying.

“Honey, I am so sorry I am getting far too excited but pride is taking over I guess. I know we still quite young but I have always dreamed of becoming a father one day. I never thought I would feel like this but I do so if you need to calm me down, just give me a slap ok?”

Charlotte was complimented that Alex felt that way but said nothing more than a comment to the ‘give me a slap’ of “do not worry once my hormones are all over the place I probably will be doing that anyway. Wondering why I let you allow me to get so fat”.

This is something that Alex liked about Charlotte, that she could be serious but funny as well.

Charlotte never thought she would be looking at pregnancy test kits for quite a few years and she never thought she would be so nervous doing it. There were so many on the market, that Charlotte was rather confused by them all, what did one do different to another? She was soon handing a packet over and paying for it.

“Step one done”, joked Alex to which Charlotte replied “just watch it”, and they both went into fits of naughty giggles before going back to the hotel room where they were staying. Charlotte was lucky in that once she had read the instructions she already needed the toilet and so did what she had to and waited for the result. It confirmed what she thought and dreamily stared at the positive result. She had been a little too long before Alex finally had, had enough of waiting and knocked the bathroom door.

“Are you alright in there?” asked Alex.

That was Charlotte’s cue to leave the bathroom but had no words so she just held up the pregnancy test kit for Alex to see for himself.

“You are pregnant. Congratulations. Wait until my parents find out that they are going to be grandparents”.

“Please I know it is going to be hard but for the moment do not tell anyone. It is very early stages and we could share the happy news and then have to face telling more news that there is no baby”.

“I understand” replied Alex, he was just so over the moon and said “come here my sweetie” and gave Charlotte the longest and warmest cuddle ever.

Life for Charlotte and Alex was really good but was that about to change?

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