A Brighter Star Will Shine

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Chapter 12

It was already Saturday 30 January 2016 and for once Charlotte felt that January had almost been and gone in no time. January was usually a slow month but this one had so much take place that Charlotte was a little relieved that it was nearly over.

Jamie had finally faced court and was charged with Grievous Bodily Harm against Alex and the situation was not looking good for Jamie as he was also, of course on bail for attacking Charlotte. If this had been a first attack the judge may well have been more sympathetic but as Jamie already had a charge pending for the attack on Charlotte and had broken his bail agreement he was looking at a longer sentence.

Jamie had known what he was doing both times and intended to cause damage, so he was charged guilty and sent to prison for 10 years. If it had have been one crime he would have been put inside for just 5 years but double the crime, unfortunately he had to do double time.

Charlotte and Alex had been present at the court when the sentence on Jamie was announced but Charlotte knew that would not be the end of it. Things with Jamie had been quiet for a while but Charlotte knew that with the sentence Jamie would be in contact with her sooner or later.

Alex was not able to read Charlotte’s thoughts so thought that justice had been made against Jamie.

Since Charlotte announced to Alex that she was pregnant, she had attended her doctor for a second opinion, who confirmed what she already knew from the pregnancy test that she was indeed pregnant.

The news had been confirmed just two weeks ago that she was in fact, two months pregnant and though Charlotte had tried to keep it a secret, because of her tiny waist people started putting two and two together and congratulating her on this news.

The one thing, which did concern Charlotte a little was the reality that she was pregnant when she nearly broke up with Alex and where would that have left her? On that question she could almost say that she had had a lucky escape.

There was more news that Charlotte and Alex had to depart, apart from the baby news and that was that they would be living together at Charlotte’s house. Alex had officially put his houseboat for sale. There had been little interest of date, which worried Alex a little as he had a decent enough salary but did not want to be paying for two mortgages. He would cope with that if needed to be but what was more important was spending the rest of his hours with Charlotte, both in sleeping and living time.

Alex thought back to when Charlotte had dumped him. It had really hurt him and though he showed the tough manliness outside, inside he was breaking apart but that was a distant memory now he had his Charlotte back and making him a proud man by expecting his first baby.

However there was one thing that had taken place yesterday, which was a weight off Charlotte and Alex’s shoulders and that was that Louise had attended court and like Jamie she was charged with Grievous Bodily Harm, the reason she was charged with that was it was quite clear that she went out to do harm to Charlotte and so was given the same sentence as Jamie. Charlotte had never wanted Jamie and Louise sentenced for their attacks but they had chosen to do what they had and unfortunately had to pay the price. Charlotte could not help thinking that things were a little too perfect at the moment and suspecting in true tradition that something was going to prove to turn sour, but she just did not know what that could be. Charlotte did not even want to think thoughts like that she had a nice house, a decent man and was becoming a mother so what could go wrong with that?

Charlotte however, received a couple of text messages and what she read infuriated her. The first was Jamie. She had deleted him from her phone but still recognised the number that the message had come from and he was being far from pleasant with her.

The message read:

“Here I am in Lewes prison. Thanks for that. I am here for 10 years so no wedding for me”.

Charlotte could not help but laugh at Jamie’s text. He was blaming her for being in jail when he was fully aware it was his attacking of Alex and herself that had sent him there. She had not known about the confrontation until Alex had arrived with blood on his shirt. Also what was ‘no wedding for me’ meant to mean? Was Jamie really that bitter? As far as Charlotte was concerned Jamie had made his bed and could lie in it so she had no intention of messaging back. What she had for Jamie had long been over and Charlotte thought that things were straight when they last met but it was appearing to look as if that was not the case.

The second message was from Louise; this one definitely surprised Charlotte, as she definitely had nothing further to say to her. She was another contact that had been deleted from Charlotte’s phone but unfortunately for her she was good at remembering numbers so recognised it as being Louise’s.

The message from Louise was in pretty similar tone to Jamie’s, in which she said.

“You will never understand how grim life is for me now. I am now in Lewes jail and about to lose 5 years of my life but hey what do you care? Oh by the way I see Jamie is here too”.

Again Charlotte had no intention whatsoever of replying back to Louise. Did Charlotte care how grim Louise’s life was now and that she too was about to lose 5 years of her life? Louise had got what she deserved. If she had had that much of a problem with Charlotte and Alex being a couple then how could that be their fault? At the last comment all Charlotte could think of was ‘two scumbags together’.

“Where has that special smile gone?” asked Alex, wondering why she had been really happy until she had picked up her phone. Alex often wondered how much better the world would be without mobile phone and text messages because they always seemed to cause trouble.

Charlotte was not keen to get Alex involved in her problems, not that they really were problems more of hindrances and what was evident to her was they were not even that.

“I have it sorted”, was the reply she gave, to which Alex seemed to accept and did not carry for conversation on much further.

Alex just wanted to protect and love his precious Charlotte, even more so now that she was pregnant with his child.

“I know we have already pledged our love by being engaged but what do you want to do about the wedding? Do you want it before or after the baby is due?”

Charlotte had not really thought about that part. Of course she still wanted to marry Alex, more than ever but if she was to marry before the baby was born it would have to be quick and she did not much like the idea of the stress of a wedding, mixed in with the stress of the baby and also timing would have to be right before she showed too much. It would be easier after. The baby would have once been classed as illegitimate but it had two loving parents and Charlotte did not care what people might think.

It took a while for Charlotte to answer Alex and so she said more or less what she was thinking “I love you so much Alex and when we get married is a dilemma because I am not sure if I want to mix the stress of having a baby with the stress of preparing a wedding, and it would have to be sooner or later before I started showing too much. Whereas after the birth, there would still be stress of bringing up a baby and planning the wedding and if people think baby would be illegitimate then they need to get into the real world. Whatever we do, it will be a loving couple getting married because they want to and well baby is conceived and we cannot change that so I am unsure when is best to get married”.

Alex was not prepared for Charlotte’s speech answer but agreed with everything which, she had said and he had to be honest with himself in that he really did not mind when they got married as long as they did.

“I am looking forward to a very special Valentine’s Day this year. I will be spending it with the most precious woman I have ever met and to think if I had not become a trainee solicitor in the building you work I would never have met you and I would never have you either”, Alex rubbed Charlotte’s stomach. He truly was the happiest man alive.

If things were good they were about to get even better. Alex’s estate agent rang him to inform him that they had just had a viewing on his houseboat and the viewer had made a full asking price. Alex was delighted. It was another happy piece of news for Alex, there was so much of that he thought it would burst but it was all obviously meant to be.

Charlotte was looking blankly at Alex when he ended the call and so commented “what was that about?”

“I have a full asking price on my houseboat so we are in the money sweetie. My property is going for £77.500 so should make a tidy profit”.

“That is good news”, beamed Charlotte.

“Come here you” replied Alex opening his arms to Charlotte. They shared a warm and tender hug. This was definitely his fate, having a loving woman, impending fatherhood and having his houseboat being bid on. Could life get any better?

Alex was caring, that Charlotte could not deny but sometimes his caring almost went too far into protection. Charlotte supposed she should not moan because she could have a complete and utter nightmare man in that he never showed the affection that she craved. There were faults she could already pick out with Alex but Charlotte thought that made him more human and she knew he meant well whatever he was doing. Charlotte knew she had a special one in Alex. She thought Jamie had been the one but if she had never met Alex she would never be experiencing another special kind of love. Charlotte really hoped that Alex was her brighter star and that he would continue to shine.

Charlotte could admit to Alex’s little quirks, some annoyed her but others did not but who was perfect?

Alex liked going to the gym and went mainly to stay fit but still there was something about him when he took his shirt off, which Charlotte liked. He was not full of muscle but nicely toned. What amused her the most that was the way that he lay on the sofa with the plumped up cushions behind him and a half awake face, there was something cute about the expression on his face. There were so many things that she admired about him. Of course there would always be things about him, which annoyed her but Charlotte was sure Alex could name things, which she did that annoyed him.

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