A Brighter Star Will Shine

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Chapter 13

It was now Valentines Day, February 14 2016 and the first one, which Charlotte and Alex had shared together.

Charlotte was now 3 months pregnant and had her ultra sound, which was the first time she had seen her baby growing inside her. Alex was overwhelmed by the whole experience, he could not believe what he was seeing but then neither could Charlotte. The wind had been taken out of her sail for a split moment when the scan showed something she had definitely not expected; she was having twins.

Charlotte and Alex were having tea and coffee in the hospital restaurant. They both needed to take in what had been said and needed a place to be able to chat about the result.

“So twins eh?” chirped Alex.

Charlotte was happy but obviously a bit taken aback that things were going to be done in two’s and it had to be from Alex that she had gained that one.

“Yes and it must have been you because we do not have a history of twins in the Adams family”.

“I am afraid it is one of my cousins had twins and a couple of other relatives in the past have too but we will cope”.

Charlotte was still in shock at the news so was not sure if she could cope. She was not sure if she was maternal enough to bring up one child never mind another at the same time but it had happened and she would have to cross that bridge when she came to it.

It all kind of figured as her bump had suddenly got bigger almost over night and it would also explain why she had been so violently sick of late. Of course this was something, which she had not shared with Alex but decided she should confide in him.

“It is all so obvious now. I suddenly noticed I went from pert little bump and then suddenly much larger almost over night and I have not told you this but when I am sick I am violently sick and from what we were told this is the classic signs of carrying twins”.

“Will you still be well enough to go on our date tonight?” asked Alex, he was looking forward to it but did not want to pressure Charlotte to go out if she preferred to just slouch at home.

“Yes I will be fine. I am in the early stages of the pregnancy so there will be plenty of time to be forced to sit back and try to relax as the months go on. Do not worry if I feel tired or unable to do something I will let you know. In the meantime let us celebrate our 1st Valentines Day, baby or no baby”.

“That is good and just remember if you feel unwell, tired or comfortable, just tell me and we can head home”.

Alex was being caring and sympathetic but he was being a little too so and Charlotte, if she was violent would have smacked him one. He was lucky she was not like that and she knew thoughts like that would have to be held back. ‘Stupid hormones’ she thought.

Alex had booked a table for two at Brighton Pagoda Chinese Restaurant, which was a floating restaurant on a boat, which had a bamboo roof, traditional interior and an Asian art gallery below deck. Alex just hoped that being a floating restaurant that Charlotte would be fine with that, since he had booked the table long before he knew that Charlotte was pregnant.

Charlotte was not at all sure where Alex was taking her to eat as he had kept it a big secret so imagine her surprise when she discovered the restaurant being on a boat.

“Are you going to be okay with this?” Alex asked when Charlotte first saw the place.

“You mean with you know what? Yes I will be fine”.

You certainly could not miss the boat being bright red with the bamboo roof and at first you would wonder how tacky it could be but both Alex and Charlotte were surprised. There was plenty of choice to satisfy the couple, as naturally Alex was worried in case the food was mainly spicy but Charlotte could not make up her mind.

Then came the hard decision of drinks. When she was having a meal she liked a nice glass of red wine but of course now she was pregnant she wanted to be alcohol free so went for what she thought of as the boring option of a soft drink. Not drinking would be one of the things, which Charlotte would miss being pregnant but at the end of it she knew that, that would be her reward.

Both Alex and Charlotte were pleased with the restaurant and the food had been amazing. It was nice for Charlotte to be able to relax with Alex and the first time in ages that she had not felt or been sick so this really was going to be a special Valentine’s Day.

Charlotte had given her card and little gift earlier that morning to Alex but was a bit surprised that she had not received anything from Alex. However, there was a lovely surprise over dinner when Alex gave her a card and the most beautiful necklace she had ever seen before he announced “and I want you to wear that on our wedding day”.

Charlotte had thought that Jamie was the one and that she was ready to marry him but now she had met Alex so that had all gone out of the window. Alex was everything that Charlotte could wish for and more and could not believe how happy she was with him.

“Thank you it is so beautiful”, the couple shared a kiss before Alex put the necklace on around her neck.

“I know I would normally ask if you would like to go to a bar for a drink but I would understand if you said no”.

“We can please do not wrap me in cotton wool. I vow not to drink for nine months but it does not mean we cannot go for a drink. I can have a non-alcoholic cocktail. I am not sure that every time you go out you need something stronger, it is nice and I love my glass of wine but whilst the babies are in here I am going to be good”.

The couple found Bar Valentino, which was near Brighton Pavilion and enjoyed a few lovely cocktails together and both relaxed in the tiny but sophisticated bar and were having a lovely time.

Charlotte loved all the special moments she shared with Alex and knew even though she would be nervous towards the end of her pregnancy that good things were ahead of her. She knew that Alex and herself would become great and loving parents to their little twins. That was the one thing she still could not grasp and take in; that of being a mother to twins.

Charlotte, like every girl wanted a nice home, a nice man and children. She had been lucky in all aspects of those. Charlotte had a nice home which was hers and so was her palace. It seemed with Alex that he was meant to be so Charlotte was proud to call him her own and of course now she was even more prouder carrying Alex’s children. She would have preferred to have been married before falling pregnant but at least the children would be in a loving home and would be spoilt rotten.

Charlotte was beginning to get tired. She was having a great time with Alex but like most pregnant women Charlotte just wanted to put her head down now and sleep as much as she could.

“Alex, can we head home now please?” whispered Charlotte.

“Of course we can darling” replied Alex “I know you must get tired quickly and I have had a really good night so I am happy to leave on a high”.

Charlotte was relieved that she was going to return home soon. She hated feeling like a party pooper but she really did need her rest. There were things Charlotte was not keen on with pregnancy; the sickness and frequent need to go to the toilet and the cravings but she was determined to try and ignore these and not give in. Another thing she was finding was that her food tastes had changed, where she once loved something she could now not stand it, and also found that there were new foods she was eating that she had previously hated. Pregnancy was a funny thing but she would not change anything for the world but would she still be saying this towards the end of the pregnancy?

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