A Brighter Star Will Shine

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Chapter 17

Neither Charlotte nor Alex could believe that it was now the 24 December, one day until Christmas and they both agreed how despite the events, which had taken place in 2016 that the year had flown by.

Amy was now just over 4 months old. She was already growing so fast but Andrew was never far from the minds of Charlotte or Alex, they still missed him so much but life had to go on. The couple had planted a memorial rose in their back garden, as they had both agreed that their home was still spiritually Andrew’s home and so wanted to have a part of their garden dedicated to their little boy.

Alex was pleased with Charlotte because he knew when they were discussing the rose that Charlotte still hurt inside but she was becoming so much stronger and whilst she was not completely over her postnatal depression, she was a lot more positive and looking forward to the future more.

The couple had finally agreed that whatever happened they would get married Saturday 15 July 2017, they had no idea where yet but they were looking at potential churches or venues that they could use. Charlotte did not want a big wedding but her parents would never forgive her if she did not and Alex, he did not care how it happened as long as he could officially call Charlotte his wife.

Charlotte and Alex were lucky in that tomorrow they would be spending Christmas with some of Alex’s relatives, many who had not met Charlotte yet so would be the perfect opportunity for them to do so.

Charlotte was still not comfortable breastfeeding in public. She had been fine with the idea, being a natural way of feeding your baby but she had had a few negative comments, which had put her out a bit. People could be quite cruel and judgemental. It had hurt her the first time it had been mentioned to her but it hurt even more the second time when she was with Alex, when something had been said.

Alex had been a rock as always to Charlotte defending her rights by commenting ‘I see it is okay to look at women’s breast flashed for all to see in papers and over the internet as a sexual item but as soon as they come out for what they were designed for, then people object’.

Charlotte had been a little embarrassed by what Alex had said but he was right and she was not going to let anyone say anything bad to her, at the end of the day they were her breasts and she was doing what was natural in feeding her baby. Unfortunately babies never choose the right moment to be hungry and Charlotte was not going to hide away when Amy needed food. Why should she? When an adult needed food off they went to a restaurant but when a breastfeeding baby needed food it was wrong to immediately give them what they needed. Charlotte was going to put it all in the back of her mind and carry on regardless. She certainly had no intention of feeding her baby in dirty toilets.

Charlotte really did not care and had nicer thoughts in her mind and one of those was that Holly was coming round tonight for that long awaited dinner and catch up. Of course Charlotte hated being so busy with Amy crying, what seemed most of the time but she was really looking forward to seeing her friend again and of course showing Alex off to Holly for the first time.

Charlotte and Alex were cooking together. It was moments like this that Charlotte realised how special she was to have found a good man in Alex. She never had to ask Alex to do something he would just do it. He was the sort of man that every girl dreamed off, except Alex was definitely real.

The food Charlotte and Alex were cooking for Holly was almost ready but Charlotte sighed when Amy started to cry. Charlotte of course knew what that meant. Amy had obviously sensed food around and wanted her fill.

“You will know where I am when Holly arrives” Charlotte said taking Amy upstairs. The nursery had a mothering chair, the only place in which Charlotte could feel comfortable feeding Amy at home”.

Amy was being impatient and trying to latch onto Charlotte so she whispered “patience young lady”, it was said more jokily, than angrily. Charlotte could never be angry with Amy.

Charlotte finally sat down and prepared herself for Amy. Charlotte though she believed in breastfeeding more than bottle, still hated the preparation. She could not wear anything too tight, like she might have done in her partying days. Clothes had to be loose so that it could easily be lifted up or unbuttoned slightly. This was definitely not the glamorous side of breastfeeding but Charlotte would not want it any other way. Breasts were designed for feeding babies and that was what Charlotte intended to use them for.

Finally Charlotte had Amy suckling her breast, contenting herself with every suckle. It always gave Charlotte a warm feeling but then she would soon nod off for a few minutes but she had read that this was perfectly natural and Alex had managed to take the odd photo where Charlotte and Amy were dozing together with a look of contentment on their faces.

Alex really was not sure if he was ready for fatherhood when Charlotte first told him she was pregnant but now he loved it. It was hard work but a pleasurable experience at the same time and he could not now imagine his life without Amy in his life. His daughter, part of his flesh and blood and it was all thanks to Charlotte for giving life to her.

Alex was snapped out of his thoughts when the doorbell rang, that would be Holly. He thought how nice it was that Charlotte was being able to see her best friend. It would also be good for Alex to finally meet Charlotte’s best friend.

Alex opened the door and said cheerily “so you are Holly? And we finally meet”.

Holly smiled and mocked “that is me”, before being entering into the sitting room.

Alex saw from Holly’s face that she was wondering where Charlotte was so before the question could be asked Alex said “Charlotte is just upstairs with Amy, who is having a feed”.

Holly smiled and said “joys of motherhood but I am looking forward to meeting Amy. I have seen a photograph of her, which Charlotte sent me on her phone but it is better to be able to meet the little one”.

“I am sure you will. Amy has a little nap, along with Charlotte after feeding but Charlotte will be down in around ten minutes so while you are waiting would you like a drink?”

Holly accepted a glass of red wine and sat down on the settee in the living room. This was the perfect time for Alex to get to know Holly. He had of course heard so much about Holly but their paths had never crossed before now.

“So you are Holly. Do you mind me asking a few questions?”

“Yes that is me Charlotte’s best buddy, Holly and no I do not mind questions and it is nice to meet you finally. I hope this will not make you big headed but I can see why Charlotte fell for you, you are one hot male”.

Alex was not the blushing type; nonetheless, he was embarrassed by the compliment, which Holly had just given him.

“Well thank you for the compliment and there is to be no flirting from my fiancées friend; or me either but I have to say that you are stunning. Charlotte told me you were extremely pretty and I know if I saw you in a bar I would be smitten”.

Holly giggled. It was safe to say that Alex and Holly had hit it off instantly. Alex if he was single would definitely be making moves on Holly but he was not that kind of guy, he would not cheat on Charlotte. Alex and Holly stopped chatting as the living room door opened. It was of course Charlotte with Amy.

“Here they are my good friend, Charlotte and that must be Amy”, Holly stood up to give Charlotte a hug before admiring Amy.

“She is so adorable”.

“Thank you Holly. I do not think that either Alex or myself thought we could be much happier than we were together but Amy has definitely brought a new excitement to the partnership”.

“It is lovely to see you both so happy and I hate to ask you this but how are you coping with the death of Andrew?”

“It was pretty bad for a time and as I told you by text I was diagnosed with postnatal depression shortly after the birth of the twins and the death of Andrew but I am seeing more light at the end of the tunnel now and see that Amy is my special star”.

“Who wants Amy whilst I check on the food?” asked Charlotte. She knew that Alex would want to take her but also knew that he would be polite and let Holly have a cuddle with her”.

“Holly can” replied Alex and Charlotte was so happy that Alex clearly liked Holly and that she liked him, so Charlotte handed Amy to Holly.

Charlotte went into the kitchen and left Alex and Holly to chat, whilst she was away.

“You have one beautiful child here in Amy but then she has a very pretty mum and a drop dead gorgeous partner”.

Alex was still enjoying the compliment but was snapped out any thoughts when Holly took him by surprise when she said to him what she did next.

“I really wish I had seen you first because I just want to rip your clothes off and give myself to you. You are truly a very attractive and sexy man”.

Again Alex was naturally complimented by what Holly had said but had to reply “I want to hear no more talk like that. I appreciate you find me attractive but nothing could or would ever happen. You are holding my child and the mother of my baby is literally in the kitchen so I want to hear no more sexual advances”.

“I did not realise that you would be so hard to get. You know you would kiss me and make love to me if Charlotte was not in the house”.

Alex was a little angry now and so snapped “I like you as a friend of my fiancée but whilst you are in this house I will hear no more of that sort of talk towards me, do you understand?”

“An angry man means he is turned on by the advances being made to him”. Luckily for Alex he did not have to say anymore but he gave a warning glance to silence Holly and he was just in time as Charlotte announced that dinner was ready.

Everyone took their place at the dining table and though there was lots of chatting and laughter over a lovely meal, Alex sensed that Holly was keeping a tight lid on her passion for him.

Dinner was soon over and Alex offered to put Amy to bed. The truth was he did not want to be left alone with Holly whilst Charlotte bathed, changed, put Amy to bed and read her a story. Alex was not scared of what Holly might do but was more cautious. At least the girls could have a chat together whilst he was away.

“Alex is not sure about me is he?” Holly was trying to play so innocent to Charlotte.

“Why do you say that?”

“Nothing” but Charlotte sensed that there was something troubling Holly and Charlotte could see that Holly was not going to open up.

It was getting late so Holly started to make her excuses to leave, when Alex came down. Holly was definitely attracted to what she saw; she just wished he were hers. The couple said their good byes to Holly, before they relaxed together on the settee.

“Well, that seemed to go well. What do you think of Holly?”

“Yes it was a good evening”, Alex paused before commenting about Holly as he was trying to work out if he should tell Charlotte the truth or not but decided only one answer to that thought.

“She is a very nice girl but I have to tell you the truth she was flirting with me whilst you were upstairs with Amy”.

Charlotte was not really concerned because Alex was hers and no one was going to take him away from her.

“I admit Holly commented how good looking you were when I had first shown a picture of you and I am afraid Holly does that flirt. Who would not meeting you for the first time? You are gorgeous and just the ideal catch”.

“Thanks for the compliments. You are my gorgeous girlfriend so let us not allow Holly to spoil the rest of the night together. With that they shared a few kisses. Charlotte really loved her special moments with Alex, he definitely was a dreamboat who genuinely cared for her.

“I love you so much Charlotte”.

“I love you so much too Alex. I never thought I could be this happy”. Charlotte’s words were silenced with Alex kissing her once more.

The kisses lead so much more and what happened next was definitely not planned. Charlotte and Alex felt like younger loves again with their love growing more and more with each kiss. They had not really thought about making love tonight but that just happened. It was not a gentle process tonight but they were too lost in the moment to care. Alex had Charlotte against the wall and obviously giving her what she needed with every strength in his body, whilst at the same time being gentle with her. One thing Alex never wanted to do was hurt his previous angel. The process was soon over and both were tired but happy so retired to bed where they lay in each other’s arms before falling asleep in a bubble of happiness. It had been a good Christmas Eve and it was looking like Christmas Day would be a good one too. Charlotte was still nervous but looking forward to it. As long as she had Alex, every day was special and Christmas would be no different. Charlotte and Alex were contented and both never wanted this feeling to end.

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