A Brighter Star Will Shine

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Chapter 18

It was now Christmas Day and Charlotte and Alex were just relaxing before going to Alex’s relatives for the lunchtime and evening. Charlotte was nervous as she still did not know many of Alex’s relatives but you could guarantee they all would want to meet the Charlotte who had made their Alex so happy and given him his first child.

Charlotte was still feeling a little angry about Holly and her flirting with Alex but her mind was put at ease when Holly sent her a text wishing Charlotte a happy Christmas and that she was sorry for her behaviour and whether she had been forgiven.

“You okay with all this?” asked Alex.

“Yes. Holly has apologised for the way she acted with you last night. I admit I am nervous meeting your family but I am sure I am worrying for nothing”.

Charlotte and Alex had agreed that they would not share presents this year, saving the money for the wedding but Alex handed Charlotte an envelope.

“What is this?” asked Charlotte curiously.

“Open it and see”, teased Alex.

Charlotte opened the envelope and revealed two tickets to Barbados for the day after the wedding and a voucher for a make over for a date of her choice.

“I thought we agreed we were not going to do Christmas presents this year”.

“That is not a Christmas present as such. The trip to Barbados as you can guess is for the honeymoon and the make over is so you can treat yourself before the wedding”.

Kissing him Charlotte gushed, “thank you so much Alex but you are all I need for a present at Christmas”.

It was soon time for Charlotte and Alex to arrive for their Christmas day celebrations. Charlotte had only sat down for a few moments and Amy kicked off. Charlotte hated having to ask if there was somewhere she could go as she knew the crying by Amy was because she was hungry.

Diana, one of Alex’s aunties surprised Charlotte when she said “I recognise that noise and know it means Amy is hungry and do not feel you have to hide away to see to her needs, just pop over there on the chair and do what you have to”.

“Thank you so much, I really appreciate what you have just said, a few people are embarrassed or say things when I am breastfeeding but you hardly know me and you have allowed me to feed Amy without shying away”.

The dress code for the Christmas get together was for Christmas jumpers or t-shirts. Charlotte of course had to choose the t-shirt because layers just got in the way when Amy needed her feed. Charlotte was always embarrassed when she lifted her top to reveal her flesh but she was only doing what was natural and had nothing to be embarrassed about.

A couple of Alex’s male cousins walked into the lounge and Charlotte really dreaded what their reaction to her breastfeeding would be but she was relieved when she heard one of them comment ‘that is so sweet’.

Amy was now content and asleep so it was time for Charlotte to feed herself. They had a lovely turkey dinner, followed by the traditional Christmas pudding. Charlotte was stuffed, which since she had the baby strangely did not seem to take too long but she preferred to be content and not sick feeling.

Presents had been opened, games had been played and drinks had flowed. Charlotte was tired but happy and okay for the first time in a while; a little bit drunk but it was Christmas and she was allowed a few drinks. Speaking of drinks Amy was crying again so reluctantly Charlotte got up from the chair where she was sitting to attend to her little daughter, she knew at this time that Amy would be after a nappy change and then another feed. Charlotte though tired would do anything for her child so nappy changes and feeding were part of the package and Charlotte did not mind a bit.

“I will see to her” whispered Charlotte to Alex “I know that cry that means a nappy change and feed so I will go and see her because she needs me”. Alex smiled at this before Charlotte left the room.

Charlotte was feeding Amy but both had been so tired that they fell asleep in the chair together. It was not the most comfortable place but Alex decided that it was best to leave them where they slept and so crept up to bed. It was good that they had managed to secure one of the bedrooms so that they could stay over as it definitely was a weight off their minds not travelling back late with a young baby in tow. Everything revolved around Amy thought Alex but he did not mind as Amy was his precious one too and she would never go without love.

Alex was not sure what time Charlotte finally climbed into bed but he knew that it must have been quite late as he had not heard come to bed.

Alex was now awake, whilst Charlotte was still sleeping. Alex leant on his elbow for the second time in a few days and just watched his precious lady sleeping. It was funny she always had a little contented smile on her face. Alex did not want to wake her but she soon stirred and realised that she was being watched.

“And what are you looking at”, asked Charlotte, she was not being rude, more a little hard to get, as she was not stupid enough to not know that Alex was admiring her, especially after all the lovemaking they had experienced over the last couple of days

“I do not know there may just be a pretty young woman around but not sure where”. Alex was trying to play hard to get but it was not working.

Alex kissed Charlotte on the forehead and that was enough for their feelings to be felt. The couple were soon making the most passionate but tender love. When it was over Alex and Charlotte remained in each other’s arms for some time. Charlotte was stroking Alex’s bare chest when the bedroom door opened. They were no longer up to no good but they were embarrassed to be caught together all the same. It turned out to be Alex’s aunt with a cup of tea and coffee for the couple.

“I am so sorry I am not interrupting anything am I? Teach me to knock”.

“No you are okay” replied Alex rather shyly.

Alex’s aunt was not stupid she knew what had been happening and she was fine with that, even under her own roof. She knew how much Alex and Charlotte loved each other so it was only natural that they would become intimate when the time arose.

“I was just bringing you tea and coffee. I will just put them on the cabinet for you both”, with that Alex’s aunt left the room.

There were no words between Alex and Charlotte but they did both smile knowingly to each other.

When they were getting dressed Alex commented “what a lucky man I have been these last couple of days”, Charlotte knew exactly what he meant and so just smiled a knowing smile. Yes it had been a good couple of days and neither thought with a little baby that they would have time to get together like they had.

The couple were now back home. Amy was sleeping, Alex and Charlotte wished they could do that sometimes, just fall asleep at the drop of the hat but it was now Boxing Day and a rest day. Alex and Charlotte had had an amazing time at his aunts but were looking forward to a little peace and quiet. They would enjoy that but after all the excitement of Christmas Day, Boxing Day always seemed to be a bit of a let down.

Amy, like most children had received far too many presents but she had really been spoilt with lots of books, toys and even money. The money made Charlotte and Alex think of setting up a bank account for Amy so that when she was older, needing university or something like that she would have some money to put towards it.

Amy was content and happy. She already had a big smile and was definitely a happy child but it was definitely sometimes so much easier being that little and so neither Charlotte nor Alex wanted her to grow up too quickly.

Alex had really enjoyed his Christmas with his aunt, Diana and so commented “that all went well and I think it is safe to say that everyone liked you and loved Amy”.

“Yes it was a lovely time. I was a bit nervous before we went because of not knowing much of your family but they were really homecoming to me and their attitudes to me breastfeeding really made me feel part of the family”.

“You are part of the family and there was nothing to fear of my family, they have never harmed anyone yet and they were all very excited to meet Charlotte and Amy who had made Alex, the happiest man alive”.

“You” replied Charlotte teasingly before giving Alex a peck on the cheek. This was something, which Alex was very agreeable to.

“Are you being a naughty girl again?”

Charlotte tried to deny anything that had happened over Christmas so replied “me? Me? If I am a naughty girl then that makes you very naughty boy with all that love making we made over the holidays so do not just pin that on me”.

“I am not”, it was really good that Charlotte and Alex could banter and bounce off each other like this and it was one of the things, which created a good relationship for the couple.

Alex continued “I am only joking I loved every bit of it, exactly what I like about you, every bit of you”.

Charlotte never would have guessed that the innocent looking guy at work would be such a devil when it came to the intimacy of a relationship but it was one of the charms, which Charlotte had fallen for in Alex. She never dreamt that things with a man could be so perfect as it seemed to be.

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