A Brighter Star Will Shine

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Chapter 19

Christmas was over so it was time for yet another Valentines Day. Charlotte and Alex were having a meal together at home. They were not uninterested in Valentines Day but at the same time they both agreed that if you were truly in love then everyday was Valentines Day.

The couple had however swapped cards and Alex had brought Charlotte a necklace, which he hoped she would wear for the wedding and Alex’s present was cuff links, also for the wedding. That was not close but it was already fast approaching and the couple was realising that there was so much to do for one special day but both Charlotte and Alex agreed that it would be worth it. It was only going to be originally a small wedding but then faced the usual dilemma that if you did not invite someone but word got to them from someone who was invited about the wedding, then you could guarantee that a fuss would be made. They would also only be doing it once!

There were already big changes in Amy. Nearly six months ago she was born, where did that time go? That was not important as each day Amy grew so did the love of her mother and father for her.

Amy had performed the rolling over in anticipation of starting to crawl and Amy was starting to crawl now and already getting herself into trouble but from these she had to learn not to do what had hurt her again. When Charlotte and Alex were having dinner Amy started to watch intently whilst they ate and then sometimes tried to make a grab for what was on the parents plate, all signs that Amy was ready for solids and wanted her turn in the better looking food.

Another change in Amy, which the couple had noticed was that she was now pulling things closer and learning how much fun it was to hold an object in your hand but then to drop it and picking it up again, Amy literally would spend hours doing this.

Amy had not quite got to the attempting to talk stage but that was not far long around the corner. Charlotte and Alex knew that as soon as Amy could walk and talk their lives would not be the same and that peace and quiet they were used to would disappear but that was all part of the joys of being a parent and neither of them wanted to change that experience.

Alex and Charlotte were relaxing together with a nice glass of wine. Amy was in bed and sleeping, how long that would last the couple did not know but for the moment they were taking the quiet moment for a little me time.

“What fun we have” Alex said stretching to get comfy.

“We do all right I agree”.

Alex knew Charlotte was trying to sound sarcastic but knew that she was just relaxed and pulling his leg.

“We do more than all right. I am still so glad that we met and can have these special times together. I went for a new job and came out with a new girlfriend, well not only my girlfriend but my fiancée and it has been too long but I really cannot wait to see you walk up the aisle towards me before declaring your undying love for me”.

“I am glad that you joined too but you are still that cocky bloke that made passes at me in the office”.

Alex laughed out big time. He could not escape being described as cocky. He still denied being cocky, he was just confident and knew what he wanted and what made him happy. Alex was always being called cocky and at one time it would have offended him but now he did not care.

“Thanks I think” replied Alex, with an offended look on his face, though he knew he was being teased.

“You know I am only having a laugh with you” teased Charlotte further.

“I know you are a very naughty girl”.

“Am I to be punished then?”

“You know very well you will. Call yourself a lady?” mocked Alex making fun of Charlotte.

Charlotte loved the banter, which she had with Alex. It all came so natural and there was never any malice meant; they both were just having a laugh.

“If you want that then yes, you will be punished for this”. Alex leant towards Charlotte and tickled her. That was definitely something, which she did not like Alex doing to her but it was definitely doing something to tickle her fancy.

Alex and Charlotte were soon sharing kisses before Alex led Charlotte to the bedroom, where they made the most delightful love. Charlotte was amazed that not once did Amy cry or disturb them. Considering they had a young child Charlotte and Alex were very lucky that they had plenty of time for the intimate side of their relationship but they knew that as Amy got a bit older; say a year or two things may well change on that front. For the moment both were very happy with each other and just wishing the day closer that they could officially declare their love for each other.

Alex relaxed after the session and whispered “you are so naughty but I like it”. It was time for Charlotte to mock him again.

“You were the one who took my hand and led me up the stairs so do not dare pin this on me”.

“Oh ha ha”, Alex was genuinely laughing out loud at that comment before replying “You did not have to come with me and it was not me that undressed you so it was fifty fifty you tart”.

Anyone being called a tart would have taken offence but Charlotte had that trust for Alex that he was only joking.

“You slept with me as well so you are a dirty as me”. Alex could not argue with that one and remained quiet.

“One nil to me” bragged Charlotte.

“Come here you” replied Alex taking Charlotte and giving her a tender cuddle.

Charlotte and Alex had never believed they could be so happy but when Charlotte had been told that a brighter star will shine, she never believed that star would be Alex and that she would be so happy shining within it. Everything was just perfect and so Charlotte and Alex just relaxed contently in each other’s embrace.

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