A Brighter Star Will Shine

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Chapter 2

Charlotte was sat at the kitchen table with her first coffee of the morning and reflected on the evening she had had last night. Holly had organised a great night out and she had met Paul. What did she think about Paul? She was very attracted to him but was naturally sceptical of taking things further, as she was still raw from the hurt she had experienced with Jamie.

Suddenly Charlotte was snapped out of her thoughts by the doorbell ringing. ‘Who could that be?’ she thought before answering the door but as soon as she had opened it her worst fears where confronting her. Her caller was Jamie and she sensed he was going to try and be far too nice and Charlotte was too stunned to be able to even greet Jamie in anyway.

“I know what you are probably thinking and I cannot blame you for never wanting to trust me again but I do need to talk to you. Can I come in please?”

‘What a nerve’ thought Charlotte but she agreed to let Jamie in “You can come in say what you have to and then leave, do you understand?”

Charlotte had to admit that she could see what had first attracted her to Jamie but she was not prepared to get back into that relationship and she could see from the way Jamie was acting that he was hoping he could get back into her life and she was not going to have that.

“I know I hurt you and I hang my head down in shame for that. The truth is I have come to realise how much I love and miss you”.

Jamie was certainly charming when he wanted to be and she could tell by that certain look in his eyes he was trying to win her over.

“You are a very shallow little man. You think you can two time me and then turn up on my doorstep unannounced and tell me that you realise you love and miss me, what kind of a fool do you take me as?” There was a tremendous amount of hatred in the words, which Charlotte had spoken.

“Please Charlotte. I know how much what you saw hurt you and what we had with each other but I only say had because I want it to be has but I know and understand that at this moment in time you cannot accept me back”.

“I swear I will never take you back. I admit I still like what I see but you hurt me so any feelings I had for you have gone. I do not need you in my life. Besides why are you trying to win me back has Angela changed her mind and decided you are not worth being with?”

“Ooh, that was harsh and bitter. I guess I never saw what a good thing I had until it was gone”.

“Yes, it has definitely gone. What we had was special but that was not enough for you was it? You had to take pleasure in another place as well. The end of the day you made your bed and you can lie in it”.

Jamie was beginning to realise that there was no compromising with Charlotte. She definitely could be stubborn when she wanted to be. He had seen plenty of that when she was not going to back down from a decision and this was yet another one of those decisions, which she was standing firmly on and so he had to admit he had been defeated.

“You win. I can see any words that I continue to say are wasted so I am not going to bother anymore because you always were stubborn and when you stand your ground you will not move so I guess I had better leave you alone and move on”.

Charlotte slapped her hand on her forehead before saying “finally he gets it”.

If Jamie had been a violent man he would have been laying into Charlotte now but a cheat he may be, a violent man he was not and if he was it would not have been aimed at Charlotte.

“We had so many good times and when you accepted my proposal of marriage I thought that life could not get any better and it could not but Angela just happened. I know it should not have but it happened and through one stupid mistake I have lost the woman of my life”.

“Yes we did have some good times and I say did as in the past, just what our relationship is now in the past. You can beg and plead and yes you are right I can be stubborn but this situation is more the reason why I am. You say Angela was a stupid mistake but unlike mistakes that are made in life that does not affect others, your mistake definitely affected me. I could have said someone else was wrong if they had said to me ‘I saw Jamie with another girl’, but the fact of the matter is I saw it with my own eyes and so all trust I had for you went out of the window that night and I am afraid once trust has been broken it can never be repaired”.

What more could Jamie say to that one? Everything Charlotte had said was correct and made sense. It hurt that things were definitely over between them but what had he expected? Charlotte to discover what he had done and then just open her arms and take him back pretending that nothing had ever happened. What a fool he was and he deserved everything he was being given now.

“I think you had better leave Jamie, before I say anything I live to regret and when you go do not slam the door behind you”.

Jamie did not answer and left quietly as commanded. He knew Charlotte was understandably angry so he did not want to antagonise her any further. He also was aware that this was the last time he would walk out of this front door as part of his home.

Charlotte breathed a sign of relief when the house was quiet again. She was not expecting Jamie to appear and the tension, which it would create and now she just needed to relax and calm down. She decided that she would make a tea and try and relax but then she received a text message off Paul asking if she would like to meet him tonight, this really put her in more confusion. Of course she would like to see Paul later but needed to fully calm herself after the confrontation with Jamie.

‘Yes, where’ she replied and eventually the couple agreed to meet in The Bristol Bar near the seafront of Brighton and then from there would decide what to do next. They had arranged to meet at 7.30 that evening.

Being the weekend Charlotte did a few of the chores around the house. She did not want to be doing that as she was not that keen on cleaning at the best of times but doing so was keeping her mind distracted from Jamie.

It soon was 6, so Charlotte started to get dressed to meet Paul. She was going to keep this an informal affair so just wore some of her favourite black jeans and a cat shirt, which she always felt comfortable in.

When Charlotte arrived at the pub and opened the door she immediately spotted Paul. There was no doubt that he was attractive and liked what she saw but would her world come crashing down?

As soon as Charlotte sat down and waited for Paul to return with her drink she could not help have this strange feeling about this evening. She did not know why but her instincts were kicking in.

Paul returned with the drinks and then the truth had hit her. There was something she had noticed about Paul even from the distance when she opened the pub door and that was that had he was wearing a ring on his wedding ring finger.

‘Now what?’ she questioned herself in her mind. She would have to discuss this little matter before things went further.

“What is that?” she said indicating Paul’s ring.

It was then that she saw the look on his face and knew that things were rapidly going to lead her into another argument with a man.

“This is, as you have guessed a wedding ring and I know what you are thinking ‘why is he making passes at me when he is married?’ and I can understand that, the truth is yes I am still married but at this moment in time me and my wife have a complicated relationship and before we set each other completely free we agreed that we would try new relationships and see how we feel for each other”.

“So technically you both want your cake and to eat it so where does that leave me? As you know, I have just come out of a relationship, where I was being taken for a ride and now you are trying that same game”.

Charlotte carried on speaking “You, do know I would never have spoken to you or swapped numbers if I knew that you were a married man. It is funny but I never saw a wedding ring when we were talking and yet now you are wearing it again. Was this your plan?”

“I know. I know I put my hands up to taking my ring off and this is no excuse but no it was not a plan but I did want to spend an evening to see how I would feel no longer wearing it”.

“It just gets better, it really does I was part of a little game was I?”

Paul refuted what Charlotte had just said and told her so “I am sorry that you feel that way about the situation. I do genuinely like you and I do want a relationship with you”.

“Yes I do feel that way about you too but I cannot be part of this. If and when I find a man I can trust I want to be his only girl and not to be strung along so anything that you have in your mind for us then I think you had better think again and go back to your wife”.

“Is that really how you feel?”

Paul had a nerve to ask that and so Charlotte replied “yes it is and now I am done with talking and I bid you farewell and that you will now walk out of that door and my life forever and that you do not contact me any further”.

Paul was gutted as he genuinely was attracted to Charlotte and could definitely fall in love with her but she had made it clear that she did not approve of his situation and he was not going to push things any further so he headed towards the door, before turning round and blowing Charlotte a kiss and then he was gone.

Charlotte stood against the hallway wall, not in tears but in despair. Why was she always managing to attract scumbag men? She knew she was pretty and had known for a long time that she must have that allure that men liked but she screamed in despair ‘men’!

Charlotte was snapped out of her thoughts by a text from Holly and surprise surprise she wanted the gossip on Paul but there was no gossip about Paul, she just wanted to be able to forget him and not talk about him anymore.

It was now Sunday and Charlotte felt that her weekend had been ruined and she was actually for once looking forward to work tomorrow so that she could take her mind off things. Again she was snapped out of her thoughts. This time it was Holly calling her, as Charlotte had not yet answered her text.

After the usual greetings, Holly asked, “so how is it going with Paul?”

Yes, there was the question she was dreading from her friend so replied “it is over before it began. I found a little something out not long ago when he turned up at the pub wearing a wedding ring”.

“No” gasped Holly genuinely upset for her friend.

“Yes he is married but the couple are having a bit of a break to see how they feel and he took his wedding ring off in the club to see how he felt about not wearing it, but then put it back on last night so I feel part of a little game”, on that Charlotte broke into tears.

“I am so sorry this is all happening at once. First, Jamie and then Paul within a short space of time but they were definitely not meant to be and that brighter star will shine one day”.

Charlotte wished she could be that positive. She would be positive and move on but for a while naturally her heart was broken.

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