A Brighter Star Will Shine

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Chapter 20

The day had finally come. It was now Saturday 15 July 2017, and the day that Charlotte and Alex were getting married. It was a lovely sunny morning so far so neither could wish for a better start.

What times Charlotte and Alex had already shared. Amy was only a month off being one and Charlotte could not believe that a year had nearly flown by and though they were both coping with the death of Andrew, he was never far from their minds but neither wanted to think of unhappiness about Andrew.

Easter had come and gone. Neither was religious so there were no church services and Charlotte and Alex did not swap chocolate eggs but it was nice to see everything springing back into life.

Summer had been a good one so far so Charlotte and Alex were pleased that today was no exception.

Alex was extremely nervous but if he was nervous he could only imagine what Charlotte was going through. Alex had it easy as he only needed to put a suit on and he would be ready whereas Alex knew girls did special things with their hair and makeup and it took some time to get into the dress. Of course Alex knew that Charlotte would be drinking champagne with her bridesmaids and friends so that always prolonged things but she had plenty of time to look her best.

Alex did not normally grab a beer so early in the day but he needed something to calm his nerves and he had to admit that the beer was going down nicely. He celebrated with his brother and a few cousins but he was still nervous; not as nervous as he knew Charlotte probably was right now. He really could not wait to see her again. It was only overnight but the longest they had been apart for quite awhile so to say Alex missed Charlotte would be an understatement, which was rather silly as they were both in seafront hotels just five minutes away from each other but in true tradition they had managed not to bump into each other.

Alex arrived to the church half hour early and busied himself with anything he could for at least fifteen minutes of it. He needed anything to take his mind off things.

Then his brother said “I think you had better take your place. I heard word that the bridal car is only a few minutes away”, to which Alex obliged.

Alex was not very patient when it came to waiting for things but he knew something good was waiting for him so he tried to relax, which was of course easier said than done.

Suddenly the organ and the wedding march struck up and Alex knew this was time. He was so nervous that he physically felt sick, that feeling was not helped with the beer he had had but he had welcomed that to try and allay some of the nerves he was feeling.

Slowly Charlotte began her walk up the aisle and so Alex turned around to see Charlotte being chaperoned by her father and also caught the first glimpse of Charlotte made up and in her wedding dress. Alex felt like a bit of a wimp but he shed a little tear by the beauty that was approaching him. They were tears of happiness and Alex never believed that he could be so happy.

Charlotte was wearing a white strapless dress, which had a jewelled band just above the waist and flowed out without being too over the top. She held a bouquet of mixed coloured flowers and had a dark rose clip in the back of her hair and then her curls ran down the left side of her face and this was topped off with pretty sparkling earrings and a matching necklace so Charlotte was definitely looking even prettier than ever. No wonder Alex was so blown away at the sight of her.

Charlotte had finally reached Alex so very quickly he commented “you look beautiful”.

More from nerves than joking Charlotte replied with “you do not scrub up too badly either”.

There was enough time for the happy couple to share a peck on the lips and then it was time for the ceremony to take place.

As usual, as soon as the ceremony had begun, it was over again and it had flown by so quickly that neither Charlotte nor Alex could remember much of the ceremony but they knew what had happened and that they were now officially Mr and Mrs Burton and it felt strange but gave Charlotte a warm tingle inside because she had found her Mr Right.

Charlotte, Alex and the guests headed to the location of the reception. Once there Charlotte and Alex retreated to their bridal suite for a while. Charlotte longed for a nice long bath to relax but could not be bothered to mess around with the dress so welcomed a glass of champagne.

Beaming Alex raised his glass of champagne and toasted “to us, the new Mr and Mrs Burton”. Whenever Charlotte heard Mr and Mrs Burton she realised that her life had moved on and she had a new name; that was something she definitely had to get used to but she loved it already so replied “thank you Mr Burton”.

“Right back to Alex and Charlotte I think for tonight”, commented Alex.

“Yes you are right”, then Charlotte looked at the time and commented “I think we had better go down, otherwise our guests will be waiting for dinner”.

Alex grinned. He had been so nervous that he did not realise how hungry he was so was definitely ready for food.

Alex and Charlotte took their places at the end of the table along with Charlotte’s parents. It had felt a bit complicated even telling Charlotte’s mum about the wedding, never mind inviting her as Charlotte was not sure what trouble it would cause as her father, Ian was no longer with Charlotte’s birth mother, Heather. That one had broken up many years ago but it was definitely good to see her again.

Heather and Ian sat on the right of Charlotte and to the left of Alex were his mum, Rebecca and his dad Stuart. His brother had been best man but there was an emergency he needed to tend to so unable to give attention to the groom, like he was meant to.

The meal was over and now the speeches were under way. It was a little awkward for Alex’s dad as he not only had to give his own speech but also had to deliver what his son had prepared for Alex. He was relieved to be able to sit down when he could.

It was now mingling time, not that Charlotte or Alex had time for that. They had the official couple photographs to do next. Charlotte was tired but happy. She was happy to have her husband and their child with her. Amy for a little one had been pretty good. She had managed to last a while without feeding but Charlotte knew that cry; that was going to be awkward. Charlotte was still breastfeeding Amy, which was one of the reasons, which had made her choose a strapless dress so that things could be a bit quicker.

“I have just got to take care of Amy” whispered Charlotte to Alex.

“I know she will take her time but come back soon”.

Charlotte smiled. She always did try to be quick but it was up to Amy how long she took.

Amy was really not a happy baby. Charlotte was in the lift heading to her room with a baby really kicking off. All that she could do was reassure Amy that she was not forgotten.

“Please Amy. I know but you my little girl have to learn to be patient”.

Charlotte found a comfortable place sitting on the bed in their suite before getting herself prepared. Amy was so hungry that she was already trying to suckle at Charlotte’s breast.

Finally Amy had had her feed and had now stopped crying and was surprise, surprise fast asleep as if nothing had been wrong. Charlotte tried to be as quiet as she could be so that she did not wake Amy but once the celebrations and partying started it would have to be Amy’s choice if she slept or not.

It was time for the cutting of the cake, which was a very special moment and then the next thing they had to do was the first dance. This was something, which both Charlotte and Alex had been scared by the thought of but they had been to a couple of dance classes so hoped that they would survive through the ordeal.

Charlotte and Alex had pondered and poured over the song choice for their first dance. They finally decided on Saving All My Love For You by Whitney Houston, which they had agreed was a really beautiful song. It was a bit tragic with the words but was an easy one to melt to. The dance turned out well and now Alex and Charlotte could relax, or so Charlotte thought when she realised that Amy was crying again.

Charlotte went over to Holly who was keeping an eye on Amy before Holly said “I suspect Amy needs attention other than food”. That was all that Charlotte needed in her beautiful wedding dress.

Charlotte picked up Amy and said “okay missy. I know what you need and you do me one promise you do not do anything to soil this dress”. Amy naturally continued to cry but with a glint in her eye.

Amy was changed and happier but Charlotte decided she might as well feed Amy whilst she was with her daughter so Charlotte did the usual preparations and let her bonding begin with her baby”.

Amy pulled away from her mother’s breast and was content so fell asleep again. It was late so Charlotte decided to put Amy down for the night before going back down to join the party.

Charlotte returned to Holly who commented “is she okay now?”

“Yes, thank you Holly. You were right she did need a nappy change but I have given her a feed as well and come out spotless, which must be a miracle. I am sure you relate to these but I have had her wee whilst I was trying to clean her and had her take her milk and give it back to me instantly. She is soundly asleep and I am hoping that she will keep those little eyes shut for a few hours so that you and me can have a dance”.

Oh yes, Holly quite understood about the being left wet and thrown up on but she knew that Charlotte would not swap those moments for the world.

Holly, Charlotte and Alex danced the night away. Gradually as the time ticked round to midnight most people had gone to bed. There was a thought; bed but neither Charlotte nor Alex would go to bed until they ensured the rest of their guests were tucked up safely.

One of Alex’s cousins was the last one to go to bed but Alex had had a nightmare with that one as his cousin was so paralytic that he could not move far so Alex had had to take him to his room and do more or less to him what Charlotte had to do for Amy. Alex retreated when he was sure his cousin was at least in bed.

Alex finally reached the bridal suite and found Charlotte half dozing. Alex did not want to wake her so tip toed into the bedroom. Charlotte stirred, she was half asleep but was waiting for Alex to come and lie with her.

Alex got undressed before finally snuggling up to Charlotte and saying “that was one tiring but rewarding day and the biggest reward is being able to say that you are my Charlotte Burton”.

It still had not sunk in for Charlotte that she was now married but she knew that she would never be happier than this. The couple were soon asleep; tired from the day they had had but what an adventure.

Next morning Charlotte and Alex woke ready for the wedding breakfast. The food went down lovely, as neither could say that apart from the wedding meal they had eaten much that day.

Charlotte and Alex had a few hours to spare before they needed to head to the airport and on their way to Barbados, for their honeymoon.

Soon they were both sitting in the airport lounge at Gatwick Airport waiting for their flight to board to Barbados. They had checked in their bags and themselves so all that they could do now was sit and wait.

Charlotte was excited but not looking forward to the nearly nine-hour flight to get to their destination. Charlotte did not mind flying but did not like the thought of such a long flight, the longest she had flown was 3-4 hours so 9 was going to be torture as she got easily bored but she was sure that Alex would keep her entertained.

The plane, which Charlotte and Alex were aboard finally landed at Grantley Adams International airport and once they had completed the usual formalities, the heat struck Charlotte and Alex but Charlotte was looking forward to relaxing with Alex and soaking up some sun. The airport was stunning enough the rest of Barbados would not disappoint Charlotte or Alex.

The couple were staying in Coral Mist Beach Hotel, in a place called Worthing, which had amused Charlotte and Alex as obviously being from the South East of England, Worthing was a seaside area close to Brighton but they both knew of course that they would be two different places, with only the name being the same.

Charlotte and Alex after a little rest on arrival went for a short walk to get familiar to the area they were in. The location was perfect it was right on the coast so there was a great view and sounds of the ocean and there were steps that led to the beach. Upon seeing this Charlotte and Alex agreed the next day and as many evenings as possible they would take romantic walks along the beach. The beach itself was beautiful with golden sand and palm trees.

During their stay Charlotte and Alex went off shore and went swimming in the interesting coral reef and saw lots of tropical fish. With a short walk west the water gets deeper and livelier than that by the reef of 2-6 feet!

They visited The Cove Nightclub a few times. It was one of the newer and most incredible nightclubs and was fun for Charlotte and Alex.

Of course it was not all partying, there were some amazing meals consumed, the most delicious drinks and had seen some turtles and of course had some romantic times together but it seemed as soon as the holiday had started it was soon over and Alex and Charlotte were back on the flight home. They were sad to leave but had had such an amazing and unforgettable time that they would remember their time forever.

As soon as the holiday had started, it was soon over so Charlotte and Alex were a bit down at the thought of that but there was something that they had missed whilst they were away and that was Amy who had spent her two weeks with Alex’s parents, who had grabbed the chance to look after their first grandchild. It had been nice for Charlotte and Alex to have some downtime without their daughter but they had missed not seeing her at the same time so were looking forward to seeing her again.

Charlotte and Alex were once again sitting in an airport lounge waiting for their flight back to Gatwick and so passed the time away as best they could but now they were back on the nine-hour flight home.

Charlotte and Alex stayed close to each other but slept most of the journey so the time flew by better than they thought it would. They were only woken when they heard the announcement that they would shortly be arriving at Gatwick Airport. As they stepped out of the terminal reality hit home that their perfect holiday and honeymoon were over but they had missed their family and friends so much and could not wait to see them again.

A few hours later Amy had been collected and was back with Charlotte and Alex and together they all relaxed like a reunited family. It was amazing how even two weeks away from loved ones could seem like a lifetime but being back as a family was a special feeling.

“I love you Mrs Burton”

“I love you too Mr Burton”

“What a great time we had”.

Charlotte did not answer the last words from Alex because her smile said it all. She was happier than she could ever imagine but she did finally speak when she said “my brighter star certainly did shine when I met you and I know we have a bright future together”.

The sentence summed everything up perfectly. The brighter star for Charlotte and Alex were each other and they would definitely shine together. They had never believed they would fall so madly and deeply in love with someone but Charlotte and Alex had done exactly that so they were each other’s brighter stars and what more in life could you want than that?

A Brighter Star Will Shine Copyright Wendy Walker 2015 Page 6

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