A Brighter Star Will Shine

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Chapter 4

Charlotte had been in hospital a few weeks and progressing well with her recovery but her beating had been a brutal one and she had been unconscious for her first weeks stay in hospital so was not aware thankfully what she had been through. She was nowhere near being fully recovered but she was better than when she first arrived at the Sussex County.

Charlotte turned her head after a long sleep and saw Holly and Charlotte’s dad sitting by her bedside and tried to smile at them but that hurt, in fact everything hurt. It definitely made her feel a little better seeing her two favourite people at her bedside.

Holly did not know what to say at her friend, she was happy and sad at the same time and wanted to burst into tears but she did not want to shed tears in front of her friend and she was also finding it hard to express words.

“Look at me? “ Started Holly “my friend is in hospital and it is me finding it hard to cope with the fact that she is. I guess I am angry that my friend is in this situation”.

Charlotte’s father comforted Holly “I know I do not want to see my daughter like this either. Her pretty face looks a mess at the moment”, he turned to Charlotte fully before saying, “we all know who did this and he is going to pay for this”.

Charlotte was not in a fighting mood but managed to say “please dad do not retaliate to Jamie, he has proven he is not worth it and I do not want my father being banged up in jail alongside Jamie for defending me. I appreciate your thoughts but please do not do anything to harm Jamie”.

Charlotte’s father Ian promised that he would not hurt Jamie but it would be hard when he had hurt his daughter and of course he wanted to make him pay for that but he would respect her wishes and not create violence against him. Jamie really was not worth fighting over was he?

Out of the corner of her eye, Charlotte saw the one thing, which she was dreading and that was that a couple of police officers were approaching her bed. She really did not want to talk about what had happened to her. She just wanted to forget what had taken place to her.

“Good afternoon Miss Adams”, Charlotte knew the police had to be formal but she really needed to be put at ease. Charlotte was unable to answer so just smiled her greeting.

After introductions by the police officers, PC Harmer, who would be leading the investigation spoke “I know this is very hard for you, Miss Adams but I need to ask you to be honest with me when I ask you questions about what happened to you. Do you understand?”

Charlotte simply said, “yes” before the questioning began and it started to stress Charlotte out, as she just wanted to forget what had happened to her. The question soon came up of whether she knew who had done this to her and to that question she was unable to answer she was trying to tell herself that she was not defending Jamie but another part of her did not want to have to admit what Jamie had done to her. The problem was she was with Alex now but secretly there was still a spark there for Jamie. This was all a mess and one, which should never have been created.

PC Harmer soon came to the question that Charlotte was dreading the most and that was if she knew who did this. Charlotte did not want to involve Jamie in the investigations. She was not sure why she was defending the creep and trying to protect him but in her heart she and only she knew why she was doing it. Alex was a really great guy and Charlotte loved him to pieces but however much she tried to deny to herself for still caring for Jamie, the truth was even though she had witnessed what she had she still loved him but how could she be in love with two people at the same time?

PC Harmer spoke again and said “Miss Adams, I really do need you to tell me who did this to you so that we can continue our investigations and put the perpetrator to justice”.

This however made Charlotte snap, “I just want to leave this alone now. Yes I do know who did it but I am not pressing charges so I think it is pointless you asking me any more questions”.

Needless to say PC Harmer thought that Charlotte was making a grave mistake but it was her decision to make but he did leave his business card before leaving her bedside saying, “if you change your mind, this is where you can contact me”.

Once the officer had left Charlotte kept staring at the business card. She knew it was the right thing to press charges for the attack by Jamie on her but on the other hand she really did not want any trouble and she shed a tear because she was trying to deny to herself that she still loved him. She should not be thinking of Jamie in that way any more, as she had Alex now but she could not turn her emotions off just like that, even though she thought she had. What a mess Charlotte knew in her heart that she was not going to allow herself into a love triangle but without trying it had happened. She also knew that she could have one or the other but not both at the same time.

Charlotte settled down to rest for a while and take her mind off things but she was asleep for less than an hour when she heard stirring around her bed. She turned over to try and see who was there but she was too late. In the middle of the hospital ward she felt hands tightening around her neck. She did not know who it was and did not even remember screaming out loud or feeling the pressure weakening on her throat before she blacked out.

It was only a few minutes later that the ward sister where Charlotte was staying discovered her. Luckily, Charlotte was breathing when she was discovered. The sister needless to say closed the curtains around Charlotte’s bed and stayed with her until was fully conscious. When she was certain that Charlotte had recovered she started to fill out an incident form of what had happened and soon the question arose of what had happened. Charlotte did not want to think of what happened; well she would have if she could remember she did not at first remember much about what had happened to her before she blacked out but then it all came back to her.

She was very frightened at the thought of what had happened to her but eventually she managed to pluck up enough courage to tell the sister what she knew.

“You do realise from what you have just told me that PC Harmer will have to return and speak to you further regarding what happened to you?”

Charlotte really feared speaking to PC Harmer anymore. Though she played the act of being confident and strong, Charlotte was in fact hiding a number of insecurities and just one of those was her relationship with Jamie. That should have been over but no he could not accept that and though she was not confident or strong, she was determined that Jamie had to answer to what he had done to her.

“Yes I do realise that and I am so scared. Any trust I had for Jamie had long gone when I found him cheating on me. He should have been out of my life but he could not take that so attempts what happened to me”.

“You do need to talk to PC Harmer because what Jamie did to you was attempt to murder you and I am afraid he cannot be allowed to walk free knowing what he could have done to you”.

“That is one of the many problems with Jamie, he can never see what is happening in front of him so he certainly is not going to walk around feeling guilty for what he tried against me. He is and always was a coward”.

“I am afraid whether you decide to press charges against Jamie or not the incident will still have to be reported”, replied the ward sister sympathetically.

Charlotte understood what she was being told and she should not be letting her heart rule her head but it was. She knew loving Jamie still was wrong but she was snapped out of her thoughts when Alex entered the ward.

Charlotte saw Alex out of the corner of her eye and sighed. She wanted to see him but could not live with herself having feelings for him and Jamie. How had she got into this mess?

Alex was gorgeous; really drop dead gorgeous, and extremely caring. She did not want to lose him but then there was Jamie and though he was not as good looking, as Alex but she was still attracted to Jamie and he still had that special charm. However, Charlotte knew that she could not have her cake and eat it so she needed to make a decision of who she wanted to be in a relationship with.

Charlotte though she still loved Jamie, she knew that she would find it very difficult in future to trust him. She had almost forgiven him for his affair but what he had attempted in the hospital was not something she could ever forgive and forget. The problem she was having was that, although Alex was good looking and treated her like a princess so far she did not know him close enough to decide if she truly wanted to be committed to him.

She should not have had these thoughts but Charlotte had her needs where the bedroom was concerned and she was never left unsatisfied after making love to Jamie but she did also wonder what Alex would be like in bed. It was no way to base opinions on a relationship but Charlotte naturally only wanted to feel like a princess when she was in the bedroom with a man, that was not much to ask was it? However, she could not compare Jamie to Alex in the love making stakes, as she had not yet had sex with Alex, she so wanted it but being in the situation of lying in a hospital bed did not make that possible.

“Hello my darling Charlotte” greeted Alex, kissing her on the cheek. It was only a kiss on the cheek but the emotion and feel of his lips on her flesh made her start to cry.

“Oh, my darling why the tears all of a sudden?”

Charlotte was comforted by his concern and decided that she needed to tell Alex what Jamie had tried to do to her.

“Jamie tried to strangle me”

Alex was needless to say concerned, confused and upset by what Charlotte had just told him.

“When and how?” asked Alex with real concern in his voice.

“I do not want to talk about it or think too much more about it but here and about a hour ago”.

Unfortunately what Charlotte had just told Alex, naturally made him angry and with a bitter tone in his voice “he really cannot help himself can he? He thinks he is getting away with it but he has another thing coming and he needs to be spoken to”.

“Please do not hurt him. He is not worth it and he is my problem”.

“Your problem? He is my problem now too. He is not in a relationship with you but cannot bear to see you with someone else and for that I am willing to protect you. I do not normally fight for women but you are different, you are special to me and I am not going to allow that to be taken away from me”.

Charlotte tried pleading numerous times with Alex not to get involved in an argument with Jamie. Jamie was her problem and she had to fight her own battles. Charlotte was complimented that Alex wanted to fight for her but she really did not want any trouble.

Alex, however when he left the hospital had different ideas about Jamie and was now walking towards the block of flats where he was now residing. Alex was possessed with rage so much that this was not going to be a pretty meeting.

When the doorbell rang, Jamie eventually answered it and did not recognise the person at the door so assumed it was another salesman or religious spokesman but how wrong Jamie would be when he learnt who his visitor was.

“I know you do not know me but can I come in? I would like to talk to you”.

Jamie was naïve and so did not work out who the mystery caller was until he spoke.

“As I say you do not know me but I am Alex, Charlotte’s new boyfriend and I heard what you tried to do to her today and I am calmer than I was then and I am here to warn you that if you ever try that against my girlfriend again I will make you pay. I would not normally be willing to fight for a girl but fight for Charlotte I will”.

Jamie denied everything of course, which naturally Alex was not going to accept, as he knew full well that Jamie was lying.

“Why are you lying to me that you never attempted to strangle Charlotte in the hospital? You try to do that whilst she is lying in hospital and then you try to deny what you did. You will not be able to lie about this long because the ward sister had to write a report on the attack on Charlotte so deny all you like but that form will be used to lock you up where you belong, you animal”.

Alex definitely was angry with Jamie but he did not see the first blow he felt coming. Alex and Jamie had promised themselves that they would not fight over Charlotte but that is what they were doing right now and Jamie underestimated the power of Alex. Alex was literally battering Jamie and he felt powerless to be able to fight back. He knew he probably deserved it but no woman was worth the beating he was taking.

Jamie was in a bad way but Alex did not care if Jamie lived or died, he should not be content or smug but he felt happy that hopefully he had taught Jamie a lesson.

“Let that be a warning to never touch or contact Charlotte again”, next time you will be floating somewhere out to sea from Brighton Pier. Do you understand?”

Alex never waited for an answer before slamming the door and going to his home. He was shaking with outrage but managed to contain himself to take a shower and wash the evil blood away of Jamie. He was not proud of himself for what he had done to Jamie but as far as he was concerned Jamie had it coming to him. Alex just hoped that Charlotte would not be angry when she learnt what happened.

Jamie was lying in agony on the floor but managed to make a call for emergency help. He only wanted an ambulance or some medical care but he knew that would not be all when he had to tell them the details of his injuries and then the trouble would start when the police would accompany them. Jamie was not worried about the police being involved. He knew he had been wrong to try and harm Charlotte but Jamie did not feel he deserved the beating he had received from Alex.

Then a paramedic soon arrived and assessed Jamie and said that he seemed to have not suffered too badly but they drove him to the Sussex County hospital as a precaution. Whilst Jamie was sitting in A&E, the local police, who were of course interested to investigate further what had happened with Jamie, and approached him but they had to wait for a while whilst Jamie was checked over by the nurses. He was soon reassured that although he would be sore for a little while, there was no lasting damage and that he would make a full recovery.

Once the tests were over, the police took Jamie into one of the consulting rooms of the hospital so that they could have a quick chat with him before deciding how to proceed with the potential case. After a brief chat Jamie admitted what had occurred with Charlotte and why Alex had been beaten him in the process. Jamie was eventually taken to the police station in Edward Street in Brighton where he was cautioned before being interviewed.

“Now Mr Marsh can you tell me what happened?”

Jamie was dreading the moment, what did the officer questioning him think happened. The blood had stopped but anger for Alex and everything else was boiling so this interview was likely to not go well.

“As you can tell I got attacked. You are going to ask me who did it? And why? So let me answer those questions myself without you asking them. Alex Burton, how do I know that? Because he is my ex-partners new bit of stuff and why did he do this to me? I might have over stepped the mark a little but I cannot help still having feelings for Charlotte”. Suddenly the penny dropped and Jamie realised what he had just said had probably incriminated him.

“Act of jealousy then?” replied the policeman.

“Yes I confess it was an act of jealousy and I did it because I do not want to have to accept that another man is going to touch my woman”.

Then suddenly Jamie realised what he had just said and placed his head face down on the table in front of him with shame. He knew he had just incriminated himself and there was no turning back now.

“You do realise what you have just said to me Mr Marsh?” asked PC Harmer.

“Yes. I do and I guess I may as well prepare myself and face the facts for what is going to happen to me”, Jamie then held out his wrists before saying, “handcuff me and charge me I will deserve all that I am going to get”.

PC Harmer then read Jamie his rights before putting him in cell. It was going to be a long night for Jamie and he knew he was going to have too much time to reflect and consider what he had done.

Was he proud of himself? Of course he was not proud of himself. He was going to have a long night alone to think of what he had done and how much he was going to regret his actions.

Although the police cell was as comfortable as a place like that could be, Jamie knew he was not going to get much sleep. He was tired after what he had been through but he knew he would not rest as there were already too many thoughts in his head like why had he attacked Charlotte but he was still also aware of the hurt that he had been inflicted by Alex. That made him angry because Jamie did not know Alex but he knew that something would happen when he knew what Jamie had tried to do to Charlotte. Why did he have to cause this mess? He could not just walk away and leave Charlotte to live her life without him and there was the root cause of the problem, Jamie did not want to live his life without Charlotte by his side.

Charlotte had made enough of a recovery to leave hospital so was relaxing at home trying to forget what had happened to her but as always it was easier said than done. It did not help that things were about to get even more complicated for her. Charlotte had tried to avoid her phone but needed to check something on her calendar so when she turned it on she was greeted with three text messages.

The first was definitely confusing as it was from Paul and he wanted to see her again to talk, whatever that meant. As far as Charlotte was concerned that door had long been closed and she was not sure she wanted it opened again.

The second was Alex. She had not spoken to or met up with Alex since she learnt what he had done to Jamie. She just needed time away from men but he was asking if he could meet up.

The third message was from a very distressed Jamie and that one really got to her. She knew she should not feel sorry for him, but that was the way she was feeling about that situation.

Charlotte did not want to be part of a three-way triangle but she was in it already and she was in despair and was not in any shape to answer any of the messages she had received.

Charlotte was once again snapped out of her thoughts it was Jamie again this time he was pleading to see her. His message told her that he was in police cells and was possibly going to be charge with assault against her. He had admitted that he wanted to scare Charlotte but not to hurt her so Jamie had one thing on his side that he would not be facing an attempted murder charge and he admitted that he wanted to see Charlotte so that he could explain this to her.

After a strong coffee, Charlotte prepared herself to reply to the text messages, which she had received, starting with Paul and asked him more or less why he was getting in touch with her when she had made it clear she was not comfortable with him contacting her and for the moment he had seemed to accept that and she had heard no more from him.

The next message she had to face was Alex. She had to admit that she did like him and had thought about him but after his attack on Jamie she was not sure if she could trust him again. Yes she could say she definitely was attracted to him. The problem was sometimes the atmosphere at work was a little awkward between her and Alex and the team had started to notice that she was not as chatty towards Alex like she had been. He had emailed her a few times to see that she was okay but what could she say to that? She eventually had given him a call and spoken to him in person and they agreed that they would arrange a date so that they could talk about their situation.

All that was left was Jamie’s message. She knew he would be distressed being in a police cell but she could not help thinking that he only had himself to blame for the predicament he was in now. Trouble was though she wanted him out of her life; part of her still cared enough to not want to see him in distress but the other part of her just wanted out of the triangle. What a mess!

Another thing Charlotte knew she had to face, which she did not want to was, that now Jamie had been formally charged for her assault she would have to face court. Charlotte was however, warned that this could take some time and whilst he was awaiting his court appearance Jamie would be held on bail.

There was something Charlotte would not be expecting to be looming up and this something would make her think even more than she was now.

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