A Brighter Star Will Shine

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Chapter 5

It was a few weeks later and Charlotte was still in despair for her love life. She was hoping that moving further in the weeks would make her certain of her future but she was more confused than ever.

Charlotte had still not answered her three text messages and had tried to forget them but all three of her senders were chasing her for her answer. It seemed too much of a coincidence but the message from Paul, Alex and Jamie had once again come in order and this time she decided she had to answer them, or they would continue to plague her life.

Paul’s message again was asking Charlotte if they could see each other and chat but her reply was of course ‘no’ but he was certainly persistent so Charlotte decided to call him and tell him in her own voice that she was no longer interested and had not been for a while. It seemed he might have finally got the message that nothing had really started and that it had been ended a long time ago, if it had. Finally Paul had got the message and Charlotte could breathe a sigh of relief on that one and was hoping that it would be the last she heard from him. Yes she could say when she had met him she was smitten but finding he was married was a definitely turn off and she was too strong in her ways to let anything further progress with him. She was not interested in being a plaything, there when he needed her but left behind when his wife wanted him, that situation just would not have worked.

Alex’s message was similar to Paul’s but he was generally concerned about her and wanted to meet, as he wanted to know the position between them. Charlotte got tired of constant text messages and called him and agreed that they would meet that evening. How did she feel? She had thought of him a lot of late and missed him and it was clear he still cared for her and she was actually willing to try again with a relationship with him. There that was one positive thing that might come out of the situation she was in.

The third message was the one that she was really dreading and that was contacting Jamie. This was the hardest message for Charlotte to answer because she did not really want to get into a conversation with him because she knew that he would be trying to get back with her and would also be pleading with her not to press charges against him but he would be wrong and her strong will was not going to let her get herself in that mess again.

The messages went back and forth between Charlotte and Jamie and she did not feel that she was getting anywhere with him and the last message she had answered to him she told him that they had had a wonderful life together but she would not allow herself to get so hurt again so he was on his own in his situation with the police. She felt harsh but strangely good. Charlotte knew that you could not just turn your emotions off for someone that you truly loved but she could not go through pain again with Jamie and also of course any trust she had in him had vanished when she caught him cheating.

The text messages had now stopped for a while so Charlotte grabbed herself a bite to eat before meeting Alex. She was a little excited as she could feel that she wanted to be with Alex but time would tell and the meeting with him would be the place where she could decide what she wanted.

The couple were meeting at The Basketmakers Arms in Brighton. It was a pub that they both liked as it was traditional but for Charlotte she just needed somewhere that Alex and she could talk. It was all very well communicating by text but it was far better to talk face to face.

“So how are you?” asked Alex breaking the ice.

“I am good thanks and you?”

Alex said he was good before cutting the chase. “I have missed you. I loved our little chats in the office so what changed?”

Charlotte had to contemplate what had changed since she had first made advances for Alex and decided to be truthful with him.

“Nothing really changed but I need to sort my head out. I have had a few things on my mind of late and needed to sort those out first”.

Alex was not quite sure what Charlotte was referring to so she probably had noticed his blank expression when before he spoke.

“I do not think I understand”.

“It has been complicated. One minute I have one man in my life, which I loved and trusted so much and then things happened to change that. The next guy I met turned out to be married but in a complicated relationship and then well you came on the scene and I have to confess I like you a lot. The problem was I had text messages from all three of you saying you all were missing me and so I was confused and was not sure where to turn”.

“That was bad and I am sorry I was part of that play for affections. I know it is none of my business but what have you decided?”

“I do not mind and yes I have decided what I want. Jamie I cannot let him back into my life. I have to confess that there will always be a part of me that still loves and cares for him but what we had was over. The other relationship never really started so why he thought we were owed a future I will never know and then there was you and I liked the look of you when we were first introduced when you started in the legal department and I feel relaxed in your company, which is why I am talking so much but basically as the Grease song said ‘you are the one I want’, that is if you can accept me and my baggage”.

“I have to put my hands up and ask whether you can still trust me as I feel Jamie had coming to him what I did but I do feel guilty that I actually did attack him and I have to also add that I am very surprised he did not press charges”.

“Of course I do. Yes I would have preferred that you had not taken actions into your own hands but it happened and though I should not agree yes Jamie did deserve it. I think the reason you have got away with beating him is that Jamie is too wrapped in being charged for attempting to murder me”.

Alex smiled before saying, “no more chat of Jamie. It is just you and I tonight so let us just enjoy ourselves. Are you hungry?”

Charlotte had only managed to grab a very quick sandwich at lunchtime as the department was rushed off their feet and she had had a document, which had needed to be typed and finished for a meeting straight after lunch and she had had the bite before she left to meet Alex but that was not much so yes she was hungry now that she was able to relax and think about anything but work.

“Yes I am actually Alex. I only had a very quick sandwich at lunch and a snack before I came out. Where do you have in mind?”

Alex had not thought that far so simply said “I have nowhere in mind at the moment and I am pretty easy so whatever you would like to choose I will be contented with. As long as I am with the sweet Charlotte I do not mind what we do”.

They went into Hove where Alex had been to a place called The Gingerman, which when Charlotte stepped through the door she instantly liked before seeing the menu. The restaurant was chic and minimalist with exposed brickwork and bare wooden tables. The food was £30 for 2 courses but the couple sat back contented and full and had a great evening together. Charlotte was pleased that she had given Alex another chance, as he was a very handsome and charming man.

After dinner Charlotte and Alex went for a quick seafront walk and Charlotte felt proud to be linking her arm in Alex’s. They spent a good twenty minutes, maybe a bit more just chatting, laughing and sharing a few tender and loving kisses. How romantic thought Charlotte, whether she was prepared for what Alex had on his mind when he asked her the next question was not something that she had see coming.

“I will understand if you say no to this but would you come back to my place?”

Charlotte certainly had not seen that coming. They had a good evening together but she knew it was inevitable that Alex would want their first night together and what had she to lose?

“Yes I will you naughty boy” she replied.

Alex lived in Shoreham-By-Sea, which is 6 miles away from Brighton and definitely worlds apart from Brighton. Hence its’ name, Shoreham was by the sea but it also boasted being on the River Adur and is a historic town centre, boasting its heritage from the fishing industry.

Charlotte was a little confused when Alex parked up near the harbour and soon discovered something, which she would never imagine of Alex but he lived in a 2 bed house boat. It was built circa 1946 and a former Royal Navy “Pinnacle”, which had been renovated by the previous owner and Alex loved being a little bit quirky where he lived and he loved his house. He never desired a brick built property so was quite lucky when the houseboat had come onto the market. It was not something which Alex had been looking for but when he saw it on the estate agent website he knew he had to have it and there was such a good community with the other house boaters that Alex never regretted his decision.

Charlotte was amazed. It was not big by any standards but it seemed to be perfect as a bachelors pad and judging by his face Alex was proud of what Charlotte was experiencing.

After a quick tour Alex asked Charlotte “so what do you think?”

“I have to admit I did not think I was going to be taken back to a houseboat but what you have done with it is stunning”, to this Alex smiled.

“I know this place is a bit small and though I have a master bedroom I have to confess that the bed is the only thing that lets it down for me as it is a bit on the tiny side but it does me but if you do not consider it a perfect place to share the special moment then I will totally understand”.

Charlotte giggled and said “I will try anything once”.

It was amazing to Charlotte how well she was getting on with Alex. If she was not sure about the bloke in question she would not be happy in the houseboat but with Alex things were different and she was prepared to do whatever with him.

There was no time like the present so Alex unbuttoned his shirt, a definite come on to Charlotte to see if she still liked what she saw. There was no answer from Charlotte but the kisses, which they started to share proved that they were both besotted with each other.

“I know my shower area is a bit smaller but would you share it with me?” asked Alex.

Charlotte never imagined how naughty this man could be when they had first met by the photocopier but what a nice gesture. She was definitely falling in love with him.

Again there was no answer from Charlotte but her silence meant, ‘yes’ so she allowed Alex to undress her before she undressed him.

Alex was right that the shower was small but it only encouraged the couple as they made love against the shower door. Alex and Charlotte were intertwined in body and also in mind and soul.

Charlotte never believed that she would be so happy with a man after the hurt she had experienced with Jamie but she was enjoying every moment.

Alex came to a climax and whispered tenderly “that was special. You truly are my princess”. Charlotte could only smile at this. She was over the moon with the sensation, which she had just shared with Alex.

Alex whispered in her ear something that he needed to do, which Charlotte observed before making herself comfortable in the bedroom. For being small Charlotte was amazed how comfortable Alex’s bed was as she laid waiting for him to return. This Alex soon did before leaping on top of Charlotte again, they were both tired but passion took over and they made love for a second time. When they were both exhausted Alex climbed into bed and patted the pillow “I know there is not much room but come and sleep with me tonight. I want to be able to wake up in the morning and have your body next to me”. It was a squeeze but Charlotte was pleased with the offer. They feel asleep in each other’s arms and were so contentedly happy.

“I know it is only Saturday night but for now on Monday I want to keep our friends guessing in the office for a while about how special you are to me. It is going to be hard and I am not ashamed of what is happening between us and what we shared tonight but I just want to play it cool in the office”.

Charlotte agreed before a few more kisses and Alex driving her home. She reflected on what Alex had said when they parted. It was a bit of an odd request, as she wanted to shout from the rooftops how much she loved Alex but agreed to the little request but word would get out and she did not care.

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