A Brighter Star Will Shine

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Chapter 7

It was already nearly Christmas 2015 and Charlotte and Alex were looking forward to spending their first Christmas together and had decided that they would spend time together in Brighton and also were going to visit London’s Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. They had thought of going somewhere further a field but both agreed that they would both be happy wherever they went as long as they were together.

Alex had searched on the internet for some trendy bars for them to go to, being Christmas he wanted to take Charlotte somewhere a little bit special and liked the sound of Speakeasy At The Wick in Hove and from the description on the website Alex had decided that Charlotte would love it.

It was a Saturday night so Alex knew it was going to be busy but they would both have fun. It was his little secret all day, Charlotte had only been told to dress up but for what and why she did not know. She would do whatever Alex requested of her.

It was an hour before Alex planned to leave so he said to ‘Charlotte that it was time to get ready for her date’.

Charlotte chose her blue sparkly dress that she had worn for party night with Holly and it should hold bad memories but she loved that dress so much so was not going to be put off wearing it. Alex had not seen the dress so definitely would be swept away by the sight of Charlotte wearing it.

Charlotte did not believe it had taken her an hour to get dressed. All she had to do was put the dress on, put some nice jewellery on and put some make up on.

Alex being a man was waiting for Charlotte to get ready but he understood by now that women needed plenty of time to look beautiful, though in his opinion the ones who spent most time on themselves did not need to make themselves look beautiful, as they already were but Alex knew like thousands of men that women could be a strange creature to fathom out.

“Wow you look amazing” Alex could not believe his eyes when he saw Charlotte. She was definitely even prettier than she already was and the dress she was wearing really complimented her.

“You do not scrub up bad yourself”, joked Charlotte. Alex was dressed in a black suit and an open white shirt and looked very dapper and even more handsome. Charlotte was excited to be seen with Alex but would that all change?

Speakeasy At The Wick in Hove was a place that neither Charlotte or Alex had been to before but was part of Alex’s search so he was very curious to see what he had chosen.

The establishment turned out to be a 1920’s theme bar on the second floor of one of Hove’s traditional pubs and definitely a hidden gem. From just outside Alex and Charlotte could see they were going to have a lovely and special time.

The tradition of the pub and bar harked back to the illegal drinking dens of 1920s America and so there were candlelit tables and rich deep mahogany booths to walls adorned in vintage paraphernalia and prohibition collectibles. Speakeasy was famed for its’ cocktails, which were served from a backlit bar so it was little wonder that Alex and Charlotte were impressed with the surroundings where they would be spending the evening.

When they had drinks and were starting to relax Charlotte and Alex began talking about everything and anything and Charlotte was certainly pleased that she had found someone who could comfort her, listen to her and make her relaxed enough to want to talk.

During a long and enduring cuddle Alex whispered into Charlotte’s hair that he never wanted to have cross words again. Alex wanted the relationship to always be this happy, as he could not remember when he felt so happy being with a woman like he was with Charlotte and could not imagine his life without her. He had an idea but was not sure if it was too soon or not to make a decision like he was thinking of. Alex had decided he would reconsider these feelings at Christmas Wonderland, but he had something hidden ’just in case’.

Charlotte hated the thought of being apart from Alex for a second too long but nature called so she had no choice in that one.

Charlotte excused herself to Alex and headed for the ladies but she was not aware that she was being followed. It was pretty usual for someone else to have the same idea in a bar but the person following her was not just intent on answering nature, the person following her had other plans.

Charlotte was washing her hands and really just minding her own business. She was probably oblivious to the world around her, as she had only been away from Alex a short while but already missing being with him. If she had looked in the mirror she would have seen there was someone behind her but she never looked down from the job in hand.

The next thing Charlotte knew was she felt a sharp pain on the back of her head but that was the last thing she remembered. As soon as the crime had been committed, it was over. Charlotte would have felt the blow but was soon lying unconscious.

After ten minutes of Charlotte being away Alex, started to get worried. He did not want to come across as a pervert but he stood by the door of the ladies and intended to ask the first person who approached if they would check on his girlfriend.

It took a short while before any females headed towards the ladies, which Alex thought odd due to the amount of people in the club but finally someone came.

“Excuse me please. I am hoping you can help me?” needless to say Alex started to get some funny looks from the women in front of him.

“I reassure you I am not a pervert. I was hoping you could check on my girlfriend she went in there over ten minutes ago and has not come out. I know she has not done a runner on me so I am a little concerned that she might not be okay”.

The females agreed and opened the ladies door and gasped before looking at each other and the female Alex approached said, “this must be who he is looking for”.

“You tell him to get help and I will see what I can do to help her”.

Alex was pleased when he saw one of the ladies return but he was not going to be pleased with what she was going to tell him.

“We found her but I wish we could say she just needed time to chill out. She has been attacked”.

Whilst Alex made a call for an ambulance, he headed over to the bar and told them what had happened so that when the ambulance did turn up they would know which person it was for.

“Who would do this to Charlotte?” thought Alex. He was obviously anxious and upset about the condition of his girlfriend but he was also angry that she had been attacked and he could not fathom out any reason why someone would want to do that to Charlotte.

A really happy evening had just turned sour and Alex was naturally distraught because he could not take that they had been so happy together and that Charlotte had only been away a short while but in that short while someone had attacked her. He really could not work out who and why someone had done that and he knew those were questions he would have in his head until the police charged whoever had done this.

When the ambulance arrived Alex, gave them all of the details they needed about Charlotte and asked the question he was expecting of if he knew who had done this but he had to admit he did not know who or why and left the incident with the police who had also arrived with the ambulance and taken notes and of course the paramedics wanted to speak to Alex too before he asked if he could accompany her to the hospital.

Alex hated hospitals and The Sussex County was definitely not one of his favourite places but he was here and would be strong for Charlotte. As soon as she was taken into A&E she was rushed to wherever they had taken her, leaving Alex alone with only his thoughts.

All Alex could do was think about who would have done something like this to Charlotte and he hated the conclusion he came to and that was that it could only be Louise. She had made friends with Charlotte after the office confrontations but he knew he did not trust her especially as he knew she had a crush on him so would naturally be jealous that he had chosen Charlotte.

Poor Charlotte was naturally exhausted after all the tests, which were done on her but she was free to relax; not that she could really relax. Her head hurt and she had a feeding tube inserted into her and a catheter so that should stay in bed even when she needed the toilet. Charlotte was lucky though as she would only remain in her condition for a few days, slowly recovering as she laid in peace. Alex stayed by her bedside so that when she did wake she would have someone she would recognise but life for the moment for Alex had stopped whilst his darling was so ill.

The doctor treating Charlotte approached and asked if they could talk for a moment. Alex accepted before being led into one of the consultation rooms.

“It is perfectly okay and there is nothing to be worried about”, started the doctor sensing the heartache and dread that Alex was going through.

“We have run our tests on Charlotte and she will be sore for a while but she is already getting better. She is young and strong and will get through this, with our help. She has no lasting side effects like memory loss; she literally has a cut on her head. I cannot say that there will not be slight scarring but once Charlotte is fit and ready she is going to be okay.

Alex breathed a sigh of relief for Charlotte but whilst Charlotte’s wounds would heal, Alex’s anger would not.

Alex returned to Charlotte but she was sleeping so decided to leave her in peace for a while and slipped away from the hospital but it was where he was heading to that may well be a cause for concern.

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