A Brighter Star Will Shine

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Chapter 8

Alex knew he should not be driving, to work in the mood he was but he needed to do the commute but there was a lot on his mind. He would have preferred to be at The Sussex County Hospital with Charlotte but he had to continue his life as best he could, Charlotte would definitely not like to see Alex the way he was feeling but he would sort things out; that he was determined of.

It was Monday morning and the weekend Alex had just faced was one of the worst ever but he was glad he could finally try and start sorting out the situation that occurred.

Alex arrived in the office at the normal time as he would normally be working but his mind was far from work. He needed to talk to his line manager and arrange to have some care leave for Charlotte.

Alex hated the walk passed the area, which Charlotte worked as he really did not want to have to set eyes on a person who also worked there. He knew he would have to but one step at a time.

Alex and his manager went to one of the smaller meetings rooms when Alex said he needed to talk in private.

When they were seated Alex began “It is regarding Charlotte. She was attacked Saturday night when we went out for some drinks. She is currently in the Sussex County Hospital and will be fine but at the moment she is unconscious so I am in a round about way asking if I could be authorised some leave so that I can be there when she wakes up”.

Alex’s line manager understood and said, “I am sorry to hear about Charlotte and I shall inform HR. I happy for you to take whatever time it takes in the circumstances and I am sure we will get round HR somehow”.

There was a huge sigh of relief by Alex. He was not sure how his manager would react to his request but he was pleased that he had been granted his request so that was one thing done.

However, there was of course another weight on his mind and this was definitely not something he wanted to do. Alex checked his watch and estimated that if she was on time the person he needed to talk to would be at her desk, as regular as clock work.

Alex walked over to the desk; that desk belonging to Louise and calmly asked if he could have a word in the meeting room he had spoken to his manager in. Needless to say Louise was not sure what Alex had to say but though he had managed to remain calm he was clearly troubled by something.

“Had a good weekend did we?” Alex had not meant to sound so bitter but that was how the question had come out.

“Why do you care how my weekend was?”

“I care Louise because I want to ask you where you went Saturday night?”

Louise was confused and wondered why Alex was so bothered with how she had spent her weekend.

“Why do I have to justify what I did Saturday night to you eh Alex?”

“I know you went to Speakeasy and I am not going to beat around the bush now but I know what you did”.

“Yes I did go there but so do many other people but why are you so concerned? And I certainly do not know what you are accusing me of”.

Alex was getting angry but it would not do to shout at Louise; that would not have solved anything.

“I know you were at Speakeasy because you followed Charlotte into the ladies…”

“So I needed the toilet at the same time, drink does that so why should me following Charlotte into the ladies be a concern to you?”

“It would not be a concern if you had not attacked her”

“Are you accusing me of attacking Charlotte?” cried Louise getting upset too.

“You naïve and evil cow. You know full well what you did to Charlotte and yet you sit there and pretend you are all sweet and innocent. You are jealous because I chose Charlotte over you. You are pretty but I knew from the first time you looked at me that there was something hidden about you and I am never wrong and I have been proven right, you are a wrong one. You will pay for this I will make sure of that. You will not get away with it”.

“You do not know me and so cannot judge what or what I am not like so you can keep your opinions to yourself. I admit that heads turned that first day you turned up and yes I admit mine was one of them but I would not touch you with a barge pole. You have pictures up on Facebook kissing another girl, in a supposed drunken bet but if you had have been a true man you would never have gone ahead behind your girlfriends back. I certainly refute and you saying ‘how dare you’ and that I am a wrong one. You know nothing about me”.

“Yeah and I do not want to either. Charlotte told me how mocking you were when we first showed an interest in each other. I do not know what business it is of yours who Charlotte and I see”.

“I have to work with her and put up with her day dreaming and talking about you when she is meant to be working”.

“You are not her manager so have no say in the matter. The more poisoned drivel that comes out of your mouth the more I cannot work out why you are so bothered”.

Louise was put out by what Alex had just said and it made her angry but she had long decided that Alex would never listen to reason. He was certainly a stubborn man when he wanted to be.

“I am bothered because I still do not understand why you attacked Charlotte in the club” Alex broke the ice again as there had been a long and awkward pause.

“Prove it?” Louise changed her tone, and made herself sound as if she had done nothing wrong.

“I can do not worry. You were a coward. You never even bothered to speak to her before you hit her over the head”.

“That is lies”

“You know full well it is not lies and you asked me to prove how I knew it was you. Do you not think your behaviour was suspicious? People in that club told me that you followed Charlotte into the ladies but at the time they thought nothing of it, because it is not unusual for people to follow each other into the ladies as everyone needs to go when they are drinking. It was the fact that you came out but Charlotte did not that raised suspicions. What did you hit her with? And how did you try to conceal what you had done?”

“I did not hit her I was as shocked as you when I heard Charlotte had been attacked”.

Alex laughed, “you are a complete joke, you really are. You cannot deny the proof that I have just shared with you but from now on I want you to leave Charlotte and me alone. I know you work together but I am going to press charges with the police for you to communicate on work issues with Charlotte and nothing more and then I will be pressing charges of assault so do not think that you have heard the last of this”.

What could Louise say to that? She was tearful and upset at the words Alex had thrown at her but she was trying to kid herself and deny what she had done but those were facts she had to face to. Why had she attacked Charlotte?

“I think I have said and heard enough and you had better get back to work but you have not heard the last of me”, with that Alex closed the door. He had a desire to slam it but he had to remember he was in the office and that action would not have been deemed appropriate.

Alex went for a quick coffee to calm down before returning to Charlotte’s bedside. He certainly did not want her feeling any tension when she stirred. The coffee had made him feel better so he returned to the hospital and what he saw made him very happy.

“Well hello you” greeted Alex. Charlotte was awake, she was not sitting up but now conscious of where she was. Of course she was confused as to what she was doing in a hospital bed so had to asked Alex because she could not remember very much.

“Why am I in hospital?”

“You had a little accident when we went out for a drink and you banged your head but you are going to be fine”.

“Was I that drunk?” asked Charlotte.

For the moment Alex did not want to tell Charlotte the truth; that could wait so simply said, “no you were fine but you accidentally slipped on some water in the ladies and unfortunately hit your head. Charlotte was satisfied with the explanation but Alex really did not like deceiving her.

‘What do you mean hit my head? Will I get over this accident’.

“I mean just that, that you slipped and hit your head’, Alex hated lying to Charlotte but whilst she was still recovering it was best that she did not know what had really happened to her.

I am not sure but I am sure the doctor will tell you that in due course. For a while take the rest and relax”.

Alex knew that was probably easier said than done for Charlotte and he prayed that she would not recall what happened to her for a while but he had to admit she would have to recall the events so that Louise could face the consequences. For now though it was better she should not know and get better before she had to face questioning from the police.

Alex was requested by a doctor to leave Charlotte’s bedside whilst he examined her. Alex reluctantly went to sit in the waiting room but he was too fidgety to be able to relax, he did not want to leave her alone for a second, he was her protector and after her attack he was worried that something else might happen to Charlotte.

Half hour had already passed by and Alex was still waiting to be able to see Charlotte. It was an unpleasant half hour, as all Alex could remember was the confrontation with Louise and he really was not sure if he could remain civil with her in the office when he returned to work.

“Ah Mr Burton”, Alex was snapped out of his thoughts by the doctor who had been examining Charlotte. “Miss Adams was a very lucky young lady given what she has been through and though she may have some slight side effects, which could include nausea or irregular sleep patterns; she is already on the road to recovery. She will need lots of rest but she will be fine. What I cannot guarantee is that the cut to her head will heal fully. It is possible that there may be some scarring”.

“When can she come home then?” asked Alex.

“If she continues to progress, the way that she is then a couple of days”.

“So she will be home for Christmas?” Alex was excited by that thought.

“Yes she will be but as I say she will need to rest but that does not mean she has to just lie in bed all day. She can do things as long as they are not too exerting for her brain”.

“Will she need to be off work for a while?”

“Yes she will and I will write out a note for her HR department so rest assured her work will be fine with her absence”.

It was a few days later that Charlotte was allowed to leave the hospital. Alex had picked her up with just one more warning advice and that was for a while Charlotte might have memory problems but they would hopefully not last long. Alex was asked to be patient with Charlotte. There was no doubt in his mind that he would do that and he would definitely make sure that she relaxed and had nothing to worry about.

Alex took Charlotte to her house, as he thought it would be more comfortable for her to be in a proper bedroom and not one in his house boat and he agreed with Charlotte that he would nip back to his later for some personal belongings and stay with her.

Charlotte really appreciated all that Alex was doing for her but she was a little sad when she thought how she had been hurt because of jealousy of her relationship with Alex.

Charlotte did not know that Alex had, had confrontations with Louise but she was soon going to find out.

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