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After a dinner disaster, Julian was forced by his own parents to go on a Cambodian cruise ship and make friends of his own for the entire month. The ship will be going around the world for an entire month in July. Will he be able to make friends of his own in only a month in a massive cruise ship?

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June 29th Wednesday: Dinner Disaster

It all started in Malta in Valletta. It was a sunny day. There was a red radio CD player on the desk of the living room.

Somebody wearing shorts and a T-shirt takes the radio player and gets out on the garden. He sits on the bench, puts on his sunglasses, and opens the radio. He takes out his CD and puts it in the radio. As the song starts playing, it was "Paradise" by Coldplay.

He sits on the bench properly and simply relaxes. However his mother then shows up and stands in front of him blocking the sun. He lowers his sunglasses down and says hi to his mother.

"Julian East what is it that you think you're doing?" Asked his mother.

Julian looks around him. He looks at the radio, the sun, and the a plate of fruits.

"Relaxing?" Sarcastically said Julian.

His mother smiles at him and tells him to postpone it since some guests are coming.

"That's a bad joke." Sarcastically said Julian.

Julian's mother chuckles and tells him that he might have fun with the guests. She then tells him that he might make a new friend.

Julian tells her that he's not interested in making friends with these type of people, and that he's already enjoying his time relaxing in Malta.
Julian's mother tells him that he'll have fun with them.

As she was about to walk away, she tells Julian that Brad is coming.

"You're kidding... right?" Frustratingly asked Julian.

Julian's mother tells him that he might have fun with him. Julian tells her that Brad always talks about things Julian doesn't care about.

"Well that's because you don't talk at all. Honey you really should start talking more instead of staying quiet around others." Said Julian's mother.

He then tells his mother fine and that he'll try and talk with Brad.

"There we go! Now let me see you laugh!" Said Julian's mother.

Julian starts laughing and smiling at the same time with his mother. While both were laughing, she walked inside the house. And instead of continuing laughing, Julian began sarcastically crying since the guests are coming.

Later on, Julian gets in the house and sees most of his family in the kitchen.

He has six siblings. He has three brothers and three sisters.
His brothers names are Andrew, Luis, and Marcus.
While his sisters names are Stella, Piper, and Mia.

As Julian walks into the kitchen, his mother tells Marcus and Mia to stop running around the house and to get dressed.

"Jack stop reading the newspaper. It's 2022. Nobody reads it." Said Julian's mother.

Jack is Julian's father. While Nicole is Julian's mother. Jack tells Nicole that people nowadays still do read on the newspapers.

"Yeah. People who are as old as you." Sarcastically said Andrew.

"Did you just call me old?" Asked Jack.

"Do you still read on the newspaper?" Sarcastically replied Andrew.

Jack then takes the newspaper and rolls it up. He throws it at Andrew, however Andrew then ran.

Stella comes down the stairs yelling for her mother. She tells Nicole that she doesn't know what to wear. Nicole tells Stella to just wear anything, and that the guests are coming in twenty five minutes.

Piper then shows up and tells Nicole that she can't decide whether to wear blue or purple. Nicole who is still preparing the food tells Piper to just wear blue.

"But I want purple!" Said Piper.

Nicole then tells Piper to just wear purple.

"But I want blue too!" Said Piper.

She then tells Piper to wear at least something.

"I'll wear red!" Said Piper.

"That fixes it.' Said Julian.

And so she went upstairs. When she went upstairs, Luis shows up wearing soccer clothes and holding a soccer ball. Nicole tells Luis to change his clothes and to put his soccer ball upstairs.

"But me and Tony are going to play soccer when he comes!" Said Luis.

Nicole tells him that when Tony and the rest of the guests come, he has to play out on the garden.

"Deal! Thanks mom!" Said Luis as he runs.

Nicole then looks at Julian and sarcastically asks him if he isn't gonna complain.
Julian sarcastically tells her that he already has with not liking the idea of guests coming over. Nicole tells him that guests come here often and that they have fun.

"No. You see, *fun* is where I sit out on the sun, listening to Coldplay without people bothering me." Said Julian.

Jack then tells Julian that he can make some friends when the guests come.
Julian tells Jack that they're the same people that despise milkshakes.
Jack then tells Julian that people can agree and disagree.

Julian stares at Jack and yells "Millshakes!"

Later on, the guests came. Both Julian's parents and the guest's parents were in the living room. They were talking about the East family having a family trip to Belgium.

The mother of the guests asks both Jack and Nicole if they're staying in Belgium for a whole month. Nicole says that in two days it's the first of July, and that they're planning on staying in Belgium for the whole month of July.

While the parents were in the living room, both of the East's children and the guest's children were upstairs in Andrew's and Julian's room.

Both Julian and Brad were sitting next to each other on the floor next to Julian's bed. Brad kept talking about Star Wars.

Meanwhile, Julian was just getting annoyed cause of how much Brad is talking about Star Wars.

Julian then tells Brad to stop talking for a minute. As Brad stopped talking, Julian asks Brad how about they talk about something else. Other than Star Wars.
Brad says that he'll give it a try. He then asks Julian what does he do for living. Julian tells Brad that he normally sits out on the sun, listens to Coldplay, and simply relaxes.

As Julian was about to keep talking of how relaxing it is to sit out on the sun, Brad interrupts him by calling Julian 'boring'.

Brad tells Julian to just keep talking about Star Wars.

"Unbelievable..." Frustratingly said Julian.

As Brad was talking about Star Wars, Piper interrupts and gets in the room. She gives Julian a paper bag full of donuts.

"Mia was looking for these donuts!" Whispered Piper to Julian.

Julian whispers back to Piper by thanking her.
Piper gives him a thumbs up and walks out of the room. As Julian was about to hide his donuts, Brad takes the whole bag of donuts from Julian and throws them out of the window.

"What the f-" Yelled Julian.

Brad interrupted him by telling him that he doesn't like donuts.

"Well I do!" Yelled Julian.

Nicole from the kitchen yells that dinner's almost ready. As Brad gets up, he tells Julian that it's just food and not to take it personal.

Brad then walked away leaving Julian alone in the room sitting.

"Just food?! Oh he's gonna pay." Alone said Julian.

He then gets up and leaves the room too.

While everybody was in the kitchen, Julian asks Brad where will he be sitting. As Brad pointed where, Julian thanked him.

Brad then looked away. Julian takes out his super glue and glues Brad's spoon, fork, knife, cup, and plate on the table. The only thing he didn't glue was Brad's bowl.

He then hides the super glue in a drawer desk next to him.

As Nicole puts the soup on the table, she says that dinner's ready. And so everybody sits down. Julian was sitting facing Brad.

As they all poured the soup, Brad tries to take the spoon off the table. However he couldn't. He tries and tries, but he couldn't get the spoon off the table.

He then nervously chuckles and pours some orange juice. As he poured some orange juice in his cup, he tries to take the cup off the table. However he couldn't. He even pulls it aggressively. Everybody was looking at him. They were confused to what Brad is doing.

Brad nervously laughs and says that he'll just start with the spaghetti. As he tries to take the plate off the table, he once again couldn't. He then tries to take both the fork and knife off the table, but he still couldn't. Everybody was still looking at him confused on what's he doing.

Tony who is Brad's brother asks him what's he doing.

"Everything's stuck! I can't get anything off the table!" Yelled Brad.

Brad's mother tells him to show some manners.

"What manners?! I can't get the plate off, the spoon, the cup! What else? The bowl? Let's see!" Yelled Brad.

As Brad pulled the bowl aggressively, soup came all over him. That's because Julian didn't glue the bowl on the table.
Brad then sees Julian laughing at him. Brad stands up and accuses Julian of what just happened to Brad.

While Julian was laughing, he sarcastically tells Brad to be glad that he didn't super glue the chair too.

"What the f-" Yelled Brad.

Julian interrupts him by sarcastically telling him that it's just food and not to take it personal.

As Julian gets up, he walks away from the table.

"Enjoy your dinner." Said Julian as he was walking away.

Later on, the East family and the guests are at the door. Jack apologises for what Julian has done. The guests were saying that it's all okay. However Brad began to yell that it was never okay and that he is never coming back here ever again.

Julian was upstairs. He was listening to what they were talking about.

After he heard that Brad is never coming back here, Julian was happy.

"Oh finally..." Alone whispered Julian.

Nicole tells the guests that in two days, they'll send pictures of Belgium to the guests. And so the mother of the guests thanked Nicole. They all then said goodbye.

After the door closed, Julian was about to go to his room. However Stella stopped him.

"I can't believe you Julian. Because of your stupid prank, Alice won't come here again." Said Stella.

Luis then comes and blames Julian as well.

"If you've never done that prank, Tony would still hang out with me! But you ruined it!" Said Luis.

Andrew then comes.

"Couldn't you just let that one go?" Asked Andrew.

Piper then comes and tells Julian that he's going too far with his pranks.

"Julian, we'd appreciate it if you'd stop pranking people you don't like. Because of tonight, they might not even wanna hang out with us." Said Piper.

Julian tells them all that he only pranked Brad, not everybody. They all then started arguing against Julian that it doesn't matter, and that he shouldn't have done it.

Both Jack and Nicole then came up stairs and stopped them from arguing. Jack asks what is the meaning of this.
Stella tells Jack and Nicole that Julian keeps making it harder for them to have fun. And so everybody agrees.

Marcus and Mia then show up out of nowhere.

Julian tells them that he doesn't need everybody going against him over dinner disaster.

Julian then says that they should be glad that he did it anyway.

"Know why? Because Star Wars sucks! It sucks! Nothing fun, just sucks!" Yelled Julian.

Julian was about to walk away, however Stella then says something.

"Do you have any idea how hard is it to make friends?" Asked Stella.

Julian turned around and snapped.

"No. No! Do you have any idea how hard is it for *me* to make friends? Look at all of you. You all still have a bunch of friends to hang out with. You all can make any new friend in under twenty four hours. But what about me? Look at me you guys. I don't have any friends. I don't hang out with anybody. You see Marcus and Mia? Marcus is six years old and Mia is five, and they have tons of friends. And I tried giving Brad a chance, I really did. And you know what he did? He called me 'boring' and kept talking about things that *he* likes. Which sucks by the way. And when Piper gave me the bag of donuts for me to hide, he took the bag from me and threw it out the window. I made that prank on Brad. Not on Tony, Alice or anybody else. And if they're really gonna stop hanging out with all of you just because of my prank, then they were never your friends in the first place." Said Julian.

He sighs and walks into his room. The entire East family were just upstairs feeling bad for blaming Julian and complaining.

Later on, both Jack and Nicole were in the living room sitting alone.

Jack tells Nicole that he's going upstairs to check up on Julian. Nicole tells Jack that it won't work. He asks her what does she mean. Nicole tells him that if one of them goes up there to check up on him, Julian will lie to their faces that he's happy without any friends.

She tells him that they need a plan.
Mia holding a baby walkie talkie asks Nicole on what is she holding. Nicole looks at Jack and gets an idea.

While Julian was up in his room laying down and staring at the ceiling, Marcus and Mia show up.

Mia runs to Julian while Marcus being sneaky hides the baby walkie talkie behind the computer.

Marcus then runs to Julian too. Julian sits up and holds both Marcus and Mia and laughs with them.

Julian asks them what are they doing in his room. Marcus says that they don't want him being all upset.

Jack and Nicole are downstairs in the living room holding another baby walkie talkie and listening to what they're doing and talking about.

Mia asks Julian why is he sad.
Julian tells her that he's not.

"You're lying!" Said Marcus.

Julian chuckles and says that they caught him.

Julian tells them that he just has no friends.
Marcus asks him why.

Julian tells them that he doesn't really know. Julian starts saying that he might not have any friends because he's not even trying.

"Maybe... maybe I have no friends because I'm not looking some on my own. Everytime whenever guests come, nobody hangs out with me. Maybe I'm just not being open. I don't know. But I do know is that, I have no friends because I'm not on my own and I'm not even trying. Maybe I should start going out in the world more often. I feel like I wanna try to find friends without anybody's help. We've lived in Malta for our entire life, we've all travelled to many countries... but I have none. I need to be on my own." Said Julian as he kept looking at the window.

Later on, all eight Jack, Nicole, Andrew, Stella, Luis, Piper, Marcus, and Mia were in the living room together.

Julian was upstairs.

Nicole tells them that now that they know Julian wants to have friends in his life, she says that they need a plan.

Stella suggests that they could keep switching Julian schools. Jack says that they've tried that before, and that they've made zero progress doing it anyway.

Piper suggests that Julian could hang out with their own friends. Nicole says that Julian wants to find friends of his own, and that he won't accept that idea.

Luis suggests that they could move to another city. However both Stella and Piper started arguing against Luis since they don't like that idea.
Jack tells them to calm down. Jack says that they'll have to find a new place to live in and find a new job if they move to another city.

Nicole looks at Andrew with the laptop.

Nicole says Andrew's name. She tells him that he has been quiet and looking at that laptop for a few minutes.

"Do you have any ideas of how to help Julian? If you do, we could really use them." Asked and said Nicole.

Andrew turns his laptop around and shows her a website of a huge cruise ship. Andrew says that they can send Julian to that cruise ship 'alone' for a whole month.

Jack asks what will that do. Andrew says that for what he's hearing from them, Julian doesn't just 'want' to make friends of his own. Andrew tells them that Julian 'needs' to make friends of his own.

Andrew tells all of them that Julian can live on that ship for a whole month while they're all in Belgium. And in August, they'll see if Julian actually made friends of his own or not.

As Nicole was looking at the pictures of the cruise ship, Jack denies on using Andrew's idea. However Nicole interrupts.
Nicole tells Jack that Andrew is right. She tells him that Julian has to make friends of his own without any help. Jack tells her that they won't see him for a month.

"If we don't use that idea, Julian might never have any friends." Said Nicole.

Jack sighs and says that he's in for that idea.
Nicole asks Andrew when does the ship come to Malta and what's it called.

"The ship is coming tomorrow at six AM and leaves at ten AM. It's around Italy right now. Oh, and it's called the Royal Paradise Ship." Said Andrew.

Everybody then was silent. Nicole tells them all in the living room that tomorrow at eight AM, they'll take Julian there and sign him up for a month. And so some of them nodded
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