Difference Between

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The world is complicated and people even more so. Everything in the present and future is nothing but intimidating and unpredictable, and Ashlyn Artwell doesn't know any other way to navigate modern life than to consume every piece of history she can find. If history can repeat, personalities can, too, right? History might help Ashlyn, but not everyone finds her historical obsession endearing. Especially not her soon-to-be step-brother, Marcus Halloway. Ashlyn figures the best she can do is avoid Marcus and keep referencing history to her heart's content. But all that changes when she ends up tutoring August Nightspade, Marcus' best friend. The more time she spends with August, the more the present doesn't seem all that scary. But that doesn't stop Ashlyn from clinging onto history when she doesn't trust herself to make her own personal history. And the more she clings to history, the more she realizes the difference between past and present. Cover credit: @readerforforever on Wattpad

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Author's Note

Hey, readers! Thanks for giving Difference Between a chance. I hope you enjoy it and take whatever you may need from the plot and characters to help you along the complicated journey known as life.

Just a heads up, this book has footnotes. Inkitt isn’t exactly footnote friendly, so I’m sorry if it feels inconvenient to flip/scroll to the end of the chapter to read any footnotes that might appear, but I promise that the footnotes are actually necessary.

You’ll know if you stumble upon a footnote if the word is bolded and is followed by an asterisk (*) or two.

Without further ado, go to the next chapter to start reading Difference Between. As always, vote and comment if you like what you’re reading (and I hope you really do enjoy the book).

- words_for_food

Disclaimer: The novel’s plot and characters are completely fictitious, but there are mentions of historical figures and moments ranging from Alexander the Great’s rule to the Cold War that are true and accurate as far as research has been conducted. Other than these historical figures and moments, any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Copyright 2021 Tiana Pham. All rights reserved.

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