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Amabel Ray Doll’s closed-casket funeral was the next week. Her parents were torn and they finally cracked. Everyone saw through the charade.

Her dad eventually stopped seeing the other woman and decided to work on what he had with Amabel’s mother. He encouraged her to stop drinking, and today is her one-year anniversary of staying sober. They had Amabel buried right next to Tobiah, and they visit the graves often, telling their children about all of the good things in their life. They apologize for their actions, their parenting… they said they should have known better. They had turned into their parents, something they’d sworn never to do.

Mark Doll quit his job as a doctor and decided to help out Sarah Doll at the bakery. It has really flourished since then, and it’s usually packed with customers.

The drunken man that had killed both of the kids was arrested thrown into prison after pushing Amabel into the street.

Dahlia was at the funeral. She never thought Amabel would be the type of person to die young, even with the situations that had been at hand. She didn’t know her long, but she feels horrible about everything that happened.

Dahlia’s family prays for her every day, and Sarah and Mark have gotten extremely close to them. At church, they don’t hide anything from anyone anymore. If they need help, they go to the pastor or his wife for counseling and advice.

And they know that both of their children are watching from up above, proud of what they’ve turned into. Especially Amabel, who had seen what no one else had.

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